Hi S & D is today will continue to the practice of meat How to practice Become a duo and become like a person vertically. One person throws a toss. Meet it and hit the opponent’s receive position. The other person can catch It is OK to receive as it is and connect it to receive practice. Strike in front of the opponent The first point is to predict the fall point for the ball thrown by the opponent Take your body to the point where the ball falls. This is a very important point because you have to hit the toss against the toss set by the setter even with the actual spikes. Move to see the toss falling point The second point is to hit with the correct form. Let’s hit with the ball throwing video introduced before and the home introduced in the basic spike video. Always conscious of form Let’s meet the third point and hit it where you want it Let’s practice this so that you can hit the front of the opponent firmly while being conscious of the meat points of the hit video introduced earlier. It ’s important to meet with an actual spike and hit it where you ’re aiming. Let’s make it possible to meet the target Aim for the front If you actually try it, it is difficult to hit in front of the opponent, so if this increases from 5 to 10 → 8 → 10 Even with actual spikes, the probability of hitting the ball will increase, so please practice! Thank you for watching today’s video

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  1. 大好きです

  2. 自分でトスあげて壁に向かって打っているとあまりミート出来ないけどスパイクになるとミート出来るようになるのってなんでですかね笑?

  3. 僕にも言わせて、大好きです

  4. 打つ時に小指と薬指の方に当たってうまくミートできないのが悩みです

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