[한글자막] Playing Volleyball in Korea: First Tournament! / 배구 대회!

[한글자막] Playing Volleyball in Korea: First Tournament! / 배구 대회!

ATV! 좋은 아침입니다 기다리고 기다리던 배구대회날의 아침이네요 이제도착했네요~ 다른팀을 기다리고있어요 유진! 1번입니다! 민~~경~~~ 그녀는 24번이에요 그리고 22번입니다! 이름이뭐니 10번이구요 하이큐 알아? 그녀가 우리의 히나타야 그리고 지현씨는 8번이에요~ 그리고 이분은 저희의 세터 Becky 에요~ 그녀는 오늘 5번이네요 이분은 티엔이에요~ 배구 유니폼이 없지만 조심해야할선수에요. 남자들이네요~~

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  1. Two of my favorite things in the world! Volleyball and Korea! I'm number 7 too
    You guys are amazing, thanks for the video!

  2. Good morning and Good afternoon 😎

  3. Why do you play with so many people?

  4. That looked soo funn^^ did you guys win?

  5. Omg how did you join a volleyball team? I love volleyball and I would love to do the same while I am overseas.

  6. Wow, now even sport-bending? You LEGIT!!

  7. 排球大會/排球大会

  8. I would love to play volleyball overseas and eat great food after a tournament 😭

  9. That's so amazing!!!

  10. I love the videos quick question though. I hear Korea is starting to dry up a little regarding jobs?

  11. was clapping after every point lol. nice serves!

  12. Did the other team ever score? Lol

  13. Damn y'all lit at the end

  14. Look at you delivering an overhand serve likes a boss @ 4:28 which leads to a point.

    #practise 😉

  15. That is fly! You go girl! Is this intramural v-ball? By the way, we missed you at the DIATV festival!

  16. That looked pretty fun.

  17. you are really good at it , keep up the good work (^o^)/ , but who won in the end ?

  18. Btw, how high is the net, it looks pretty low, you don't even have to jump to smash the ball 😀

  19. im number 17😂❤❤

  20. Did they lower their net or something because it seems really easy to block

  21. Lmao off I didn’t realize they had more than 6 people on the court

  22. Omg that number 4(the men’s volleyball team) he’s serve is very fast and have a lot of force(I think cuz it’s very fast) btw I’m a volleyball player at elementary we got 2nd place in spaa but we still play volleyball ( bye we got 1st play at district meet,and unit meet)

  23. 🙂 Aaahhh so cool to see all the players, and everyones so friendly! I want a volleyball nickname haha Cant wait to play in Korea myself ⚡

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