15 Oculus Quest Launch Games & Apps To Get You Started

15 Oculus Quest Launch Games & Apps To Get You Started

At the launch of the Oculus Quest, 50 games
and apps are launched with it. So you might wonder what games and apps you
should get first. So in this video we list our 15 personal favorite
games and apps that we recommend getting. We will also explain why. This is… coming up! Subscribe if you haven’t yet to join more
VR adventures like this one! By the way, there is no specific order here,
we are just listing the games and apps as we go. Also, please keep in mind that we could not
record gameplay of some of the games in this list yet, so some games are trailers of the
PC VR version. Those games will look different on the Quest. So let’s get started. Number 1. Bigscreen Beta You liked our last video about watching movies
in VR using Oculus Gallery – Thank you for that. Now, we have another app that is great for
doing just that. Bigscreen Beta. This app can do anything that we showed in
our last video. But what makes Bigscreen different is that
its a social experience. Bigscreen lets you create customizable avatars
so that you can create one that looks just like you. You can invite your friends and family from
all around the world into the app to start watching anything together. The screens in Bigscreen are massive and fully
customizable. And there is cross-platform VR headset support
so you’d be able to watch with other VR users as well. There are also numerous environments to choose
from and the best thing is that right now, the app is free. Bigscreen is going to be available at the
Oculus Quest launch, like any other games and apps that we are going to mention in this
list. Please note, that this list might change as
time goes on. Number 2. Apex Construct Apex Construct is a story-driven, single-player,
adventure puzzle game. In Apex Construct you enter a world where
humankind has gone extinct. Your task is to find out what happened while
wielding an upgradable cyber bow & shield combination. Soon in the game, you’ll find out that enemies
are AI robots trying to destroy anything that comes in their path. You’ll be mostly exploring and trying to
find out how to get from one room to the other by finding passcodes and keycards. While occasionally coming across robots, it’s
then up to your bow and arrow skills to stay alive. The story itself is mostly told through little
notes that you can find in the world, but there are also voice actors who tell the main
story. Apex Construct has cartoonish graphics but
looks very beautiful. The world is designed based on Stockholm where
the developers are from and I think those kind of little details are awesome. Having played the PC VR version and the Quest
version, I am quite surprised that this game plays the same as on PC VR. I think this game has a great combination
of slower moments with more fast-paced action. I would recommend it if you like this combination
too. Number 3. Moss Moss is an adventure platformer in VR! You play as a friend of the tiny mouse called
Quill. It is your mission to help her save her uncle
and hopefully, the world too. Moss is a very popular and highly praised
VR game in the PC VR community, so knowing that this game is coming to the Quest is absolutely
awesome. In the game you’ll see Quill in 3rd person,
you control her using classic controls. The joystick and the A + B buttons to fight
and jump for example. But in VR, it doesn’t stop there, because
you will have to use your hands to interact with the environment to create roads or protect
your little mouse. It is a multitasking experience and that can
get pretty difficult sometimes, but the challenge is a ton of fun. And soon you’ll actually create an emotional
bond with Quill which is really incredible work by the developers. Hats off to Polyarc. This game can be played perfectly comfortably
seated. We highly recommend you to get this game straight
away. Number 4. SUPERHOT VR If you ever want to feel like Neo from the
Matrix, then SUPERHOT VR is probably the game that comes the closest to it. You probably already know this game, since
it was popular as a flat game as well. But for those that don’t know it yet, it
is a VR FPS and action game where you control time. As you move, time moves with you. It is you outnumbered against the enemies. But you can use almost anything that you can
find as a weapon. Be prepared to dodge, punch and sweat your
way through this game. There is no health bar, so get shot or hit
once and you’ll have to start over at the checkpoint. It is a game that can be played fast-paced,
or as slowly as you would like. This is a game that you used to play stationary,
but now with the Quest, you can move around in the space as well. This is a great game to start with since it
is easy to understand and a great game to show off VR to others too. Number 5. Orbus VR OrbusVR was the first MMORPG game in Virtual
Reality. If you like the anime Sword Art Online, then
this game is probably the closest you can get to it. This game was successfully funded on Kickstarter
a long time ago, but they have just recently released a huge update called Reborn and this
is the version that comes to the Quest. It has now new graphics, new classes, and
quests. It has anything you would expect from an MMORPG. And you can even raise your own dragon pet. Be prepared to spend tons of hours in the
avatar customization, then start grinding your way up in levels while battling tons
of different monsters with others online. Once you are ready, you can try your luck
at the dungeons or Public Events. There is a lot to do. This is the only game that has ever gotten
us so far to play it 6 hours straight without a break in VR. And for those that are new here, 6 hours without
food and drinks can be pretty draining so we don’t recommend that πŸ˜‰ The best thing about OrbusVR right now is
that if you play it on PC VR, you can just continue playing using the Quest since it
has cross-platform support. We highly recommend OrbusVR if you like to
play MMORPGs. Number 6. Beat Saber Need we say more? I don’t think so. Get ready to get your groove on while slashing
up boxes with your light sabers. This is the game we are definitely getting
straight away since we have been using Beat Saber as a workout too. But it is also a great game to show off VR
to any friend, even the non-gamer ones. Number 7. Shadow Point [Shadow Point trailer voice over] Shadow Point is a story-driven puzzle game
and it is narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart. Which is just cool. In Shadow Point, you are on a mission to uncover
the mystery of missing schoolgirl Lorna, who vanished twelve years ago. Sounds scary, but it is definitely not a scary
game. It is pretty slow-paced and awards exploration. A lot of times you might be just looking around
enjoying the views. We tried this game out at PAX East and thought
it was a beautiful, well-made game. It has a lot of puzzles, and some can get
quite challenging. So you definitely need to like puzzle games
if you want this one. But if you are a puzzle lover, then this is
a good one to start with. And the game is cross-buy on the Rift platform
with the Quest, so if you have the Rift too, you can play on both platforms. While you are watching this video, please
leave a like if you enjoyed this video so far! Number 8. Dance Central The name says it already. This is a VR rhythm game that encourages you
to do dance battles. In the game, there is an avatar in front of
you that shows you the moves which you have to copy. Many popular songs are on this game, like
TURN DOWN FOR WHAT by DJ Snake and Lil Jon or Finesse by Bruno Mars. We think this is going to be a great party
game, and maybe as well for a workout. It can maybe even teach you a move or two. We like it! Number 9. Rec Room Rec Room is a social VR game and we always
mention this game, because it is free. And while it is free, it is so polished. In Rec Room you can create an avatar, and
then enter social areas to meet people all around the world. Or invite your own friends into your own created
rooms to hang out. When you feel like it, you can play numerous
multiplayer games like Paintball or Rec Royale. There are also co-op Quests which are challenging
adventures that you can mostly play with up to 4 friends. And those quests are definitely not easy and
will take skill and cooperation to finish. If you don’t feel like those intense games,
there are numerous casual games to play too, like 3D Charades or Disc Golf. This game is a ton of fun, especially with
friends. We highly recommend downloading it. Number 10. VRChat VRChat is another social VR game, but it doesn’t
have a lot of minigames, instead, it is more of an exploration, wander around and talk
with everyone kind of social game. It’s like a next-level chat room where you
are able to interact with people and the environment. Plus instead of typing, you just speak with
them. What makes VRChat different is that you can
import your own 3D character designs and you can even create your own worlds for others
to explore. When you enter VRChat, it is always an adventure,
since you’ll always bump into something random. Since VRChat can be played without a VR headset
too, it is also always busy. So the player base is definitely not a problem. If you are into this kind of social experiences,
this is a recommendation. Number 11. Journey of the Gods Journey Of The Gods is a new game that is
created for the Oculus Quest and Rift S. It’s an action-adventure game where you are armed
with a sword and shield and crossbow. You’ll fight various fantasy monsters, from
small to so huge that you are thinking wow, what is this… before you start the battle. The game uses Virtual Reality mechanics smartly
and can make you feel either small or huge like a god. I think the developers make great use of scale
in this game. The game consists of a fantasy world that
feels very big, so you’ll be exploring and walking around while meeting NPCs that feel
like people. They speak gibberish but using little speech
bubbles and facial expressions, you’ll know what they are talking about. They will give you quests for you to complete,
and those feel very satisfying. It is a cute and fun adventure that feels
like an RPG, which is our favorite game genre. If you like adventure games too, then definitely
get this one. Number 12. Robo Recall Robo Recall is a frenetic FPS. This was a very popular game, not only because
it came for free with the Oculus Rift, but also because it is a very, very polished and
beautiful game. In Robo Recall, you are tasked to recall rogue
robots while unlocking an expanding arsenal of weapons. It is a very high-paced, action-packed game. And the VR mechanics are absolutely well done
in this one. You can interact with a lot in this world
like you can grab the robots, rib their arms apart and then throw that arm at a robot for
example. You can even catch bullets and then throw
the bullets back at the enemy. This game is just very satisfying to play! Definitely check out this game if you have
the chance. Number 13. I Expect You To Die I Expect You To Die is an action puzzle game. Here you are an elite secret agent that posses
telekineses powers. Of course πŸ˜‰ You must attempt to survive deadly
situations in dangerous environments. You have to complete each mission using problem-solving
skills and wits. Use whatever you can find to escape each situation,
or die trying. It is a fun game to play, can get difficult
sometimes, but is a lot of fun and well made. You don’t need the space to walk around,
it is mostly made for stationary playspaces. The devs recommend you to play this game while
seated, so it is a very comfortable game. If you want to see what this game is like,
we will be live streaming this game on the Oculus Quest, this Saturday at the time of
posting this video. Number 14. Tilt Brush After all that action, you sometimes just
want to relax. And Tilt Brush is just the app for that. In Tilt Brush, you can paint anything you
want in 3D space. Your playspace is your canvas, and you get
many different brushes and shaders. From fire to paper, to rainbows, there is
a lot to choose from for your creativity. And you can create really amazing things without
even needing the skill to draw. I really recommend trying drawing out in VR,
because it is so easy to create 3D drawings in VR since you can actually move your hands
in front of you to create depth for example. And after you created something, you can just
walk around it to view it at every angle. It is just so much fun and relaxing. I recommend trying this out while turning
on a YouTube video or a relaxing song. Tilt Brush was actually also one of our first
apps we ever tried in VR, and it sold us on VR immediately. Number 15. Virtual Virtual Reality Virtual Virtual Reality is a comedic, science
fiction VR game about artificial intelligence. It is narrative-driven and is set in a future
where AI has transformed society. You are a human and the robots are letting
you help them in increasingly curious ways. The game says it already, but it is also a
very meta game since you’ll be entering different worlds inside this world by putting
on a VR headset inside VR. I think it is a really fun way of showing
how immersive VR can be. So in this game, you’ll be mostly solving
comedic puzzles by entering one world, and once you’ve solved that, you’ll be back
in the main area where you can select another level. There are over 50 worlds to explore here and
they are all really funny. We really recommend this game if you like
a laugh while playing a game. This is the end of our list, but it isn’t
over yet so don’t leave yet! We also wanted to mention four Oculus apps
that are free to install as well straight away. Which are,
1. Oculus Browser, to browse websites and webVR
with. 2. Oculus Gallery, Oculus’ native VR video
and photo viewer that we showed in the last video. 3. Oculus TV, Oculus’ hub to launch entertainment
apps like Netflix or Hulu. 4. Oculus Video, the official Oculus video app. Are these the games and apps you would download
too? If not, which app do you recommend as well? Let us know below. A special thanks goes to artArmin and a special
shout out goes to his Patreon page – Everyone, thank you all so much for your support
by watching. And as always VR on!

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