20 Most Difficult Words to Pronounce in English – American vs. British English – Common Mistakes

20 Most Difficult Words to Pronounce in English – American vs. British English – Common Mistakes

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  2. The trick of Pronouncing the long words from reverse really worked for me, Thank you. Keep doing the good work. Our support always with you.

  3. I am from thailand. I watch all of your videos. It is very useful for me . I like your accent and intonation. Please make them more. Thank you

  4. I can't understand why people give unlike to this good video

  5. that was great, teacher Ganesh. you know the ways to impart knowledge onto your students. bravo

  6. Thank you so much .I am enjoying myself thoroughly.May you confer upon you all the richest of world.You are a jewel for us.

  7. I plea you to teach us the usage of noun , verb and pronoun in setences.

  8. Sir very much useful to me thanks alot

  9. Great stuff man, are you a native english speaker ? If not i am so impress

  10. Thank you so much, you are an awesome teacher

  11. Where are ur classes I mean where did u teach

  12. Ganesh Sir kindly pronounce the word Wednesday for me.I want to know whether d is silent coz I pronounce it that way.Kindly reply.Thank U Sir.

  13. Make a video on correction of sentences bro

  14. You're just awesome sir!!!!!

  15. So, I was pronouncing the word Adjective wrong ny whole life… 🙁

  16. Thanq so much sir..after watching ur videos my pronunciation got corrected …😊

  17. Which accent you follow British or american? I am learning English but I don't know what should I do British or american or both I will learn

  18. Hi sir iam your big fan your teaching style amazing I don't know proper English
    Iam just trying
    Sir make some daily routine sentence mother to kid speaking
    Please help please

  19. Thanks,but how to pronounce genre

  20. Another excellent video!!!

  21. Sir, your teaching is succinct

  22. I just love your videos…..your approach n method is amazing..thanks a lot sir🙏

  23. Thank you sir u prounciation is very very easily teach

  24. Don't know why he has less views.

  25. Superb, very helpful. Eagerly waiting for more videos on pronunciation.

  26. Your video was succinct. 🙂

  27. February 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  28. extremely useful

  29. You are the Boss! Love your teaching ♥️

  30. thanku soo much sir!! ur all vdo are awesome .. nd really very helpfull……no words to appreciate ur work.
    ''Ur heart is slightly bigger than average human heart …but that's because u r a teacher''…

    again thanku sir

  31. Sir aapki English bahut gajab hai 🔥🔥🔥

  32. I can say this is definitely one of the most helpful pronunciation video clips ever!!!! 😍👍👍👍
    Thank you so much ❗️

  33. i am very thanks full because of you i won my english challenge thanks

  34. We need phonetics class sir

  35. What do Indians use?
    British or American accent?🤔

  36. Your videos are very useful. Great work. Thank you

  37. Thanks a lot!!! It was really helpful

  38. Thanks sir it was very helpful to me

  39. Thank you sir…
    You are doing great 👍

  40. Hey, I would like you to do the sounds of words in phonics both for American and British accents

  41. from all my heart thank you

  42. I was tons annoyed by that British pronunciation at 14:38; "lieutenant" is sounded "leftenant", though there's no "f" or "ph". Brits want us to suffer!!!!!

  43. I have difficulty in pronouncing American words and English language

  44. Ganesh, your explanation is fantastic. CELTA graduates are the best.

  45. Thank you. You‘re amazing.
    I‘ve learnt a lot today ….

  46. Sir – you are amazing!!!

  47. I really enjoyed this video
    And learned something

  48. What a amazing teacher you are! Great clarity and wonderful way of teaching. 🙏🙏

  49. Thanks you sir..

  50. Sir You are the only teacher who teaches the foreign people too.Thats a very proudly moment for we Indians.SIR YOU ARE INDIA's PRIDE.

  51. Police and please

  52. How to pronounce flower

  53. This video is so useful to correct our pronounciation which are being pronounced wrongly

  54. Really beneficial video

  55. Miscellaneous 😂

  56. 12:14

  57. Thank you ganesh , pl more of such , esp longer words

  58. So creative and usefull like always

  59. Great job .Thanks

  60. This is the channel where one can get extra information that no one can tell . Amazing sir

  61. Thank u for selecting common daily routine words.

  62. Nice video…as Indians we prefer to use the british way of pronunciation..& its d right English

  63. Now I am thinking to buy small English dictionary book in the stationary shop.

  64. great job sir👏👍

    I found out that I'm using the American pronunciation.

  65. It's really helpful…Thanks so much sir😊😊

  66. Everything is fine. But please clarify why they (English language creators?) use those silent letters in psychology, adjective, and so many. Can't these silent letters be omitted from the words?

  67. Thank you so much!!
    Best teacher ever!

  68. Hi! is their a criteria that helps one know syllables should be stressed?

  69. Difficult to pronounce …

  70. Please pronounce TO GO

  71. Maan, you're rocking… have started following, thanks a lot

  72. What do you prefer to pronounce? American or British?

  73. I prefer American, coz it sounds so casual.

  74. YOU are perfect and your pronunciation is very clear ,please correct our words as much as you can

  75. Awesome 👍👍👍

  76. How is it possible for a video like that to have one dislike? This is the best video ever when it comes to English pronunciation..I think some people just don't want to follow the crowd, even if the crowd is right..

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  78. Didn't is hella difficult 😂😂

  79. He is one of the best English trainers I've come across. I mean it.

  80. New subscriber.really superb videos.

  81. I love your lessons ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  82. I like your English very much. Please make videos as many as you can. I am your fan.

  83. lovely, thank you so much

  84. We need more in British accent like this video

  85. Awesome video. I liked it so much. Thanks a lot.

  86. Hoody Doody ( Hi, How are you) Recently I watched your video when i was scrolling my youtube page, from that day onwards i have turned fan of Ganesh sir 😇 😇 😇 😇 😇 😇. Thankulyou so much fir all your efforts sir. I would like to go in depth of pronunciation, so can you please address' the best for learning english pronunciation?

  87. You are doing a great job

  88. Is there formula for calculating the syllabic stress of a word

  89. Fidget spinner 😉

  90. You know your things brother 👊

  91. Sir could you please pronounce all the months

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