2019 World Championship Moments & Memories

2019 World Championship Moments & Memories

Hello and welcome to the 2019 League of Legends World Championship! I think it can be a wake-up call to the rest of the world… 1, 2, 3, Flamengo! …this Play-in tournament matters. Can they find a team fight is the question. – The baron down to–
– What! It’s stolen with a Void Seeker! What the bloody hell is going on in this game? Ceros now is going to be the dessert. Can they actually grab it? Slow’s gonna go down for the
good of the colony and Seiya misses the Q! Oh no, it’s a disaster! Ceros with the outplay! He is gonna ult right back onto Norskeren. Big damage! It doesn’t feel like the Unicorns ever left Berlin. Unicorns, this must be their moment to fight. Humanoid goes golden at the perfect time,
now needs to escape. Nomanz, so incredibly low,
eyes on the Dark Sphere, where’s it gonna go? The shutdown comes through, and that’s it. In Game 5 again, just barely out of his reach. The Flay comes out, but the Cataclysm follows him. Pilot goes down, a quadra kill for the Clutch AD Carry. In convincing fashion, they will make it to the Worlds Group Stage. … walks away, as Beryl comes in, can’t find it. – In goes Doublelift!
– There’s one kill, there’s two! He pulls it off with the quadra kill! The mount. He needs one more auto. He just gets Skarl in time. The Ignite. FoFo can’t get out. Kiaya! Managing to survive for the moment. Tarzan is taken down. 3Z First Blood into 2v1! You do not fight 3Z in his lane. Uzi flashes forward. Feathers fly! And when it matters most the star for RNG, Uzi, comes up clutch. Oh the Ignite is burning! Rookie back on top and he solo kills Jensen. There’s nothing he can do. There’s nothing Team Liquid can do. This team was put together for international success. They would’ve hoped for so much more on the world stage. For us more experienced players either you win the entire thing or it doesn’t matter how far you went. If you look at the theory of it, I feel like G2 should be the favorites. G2 have looked the best by far. But then again I also know that when the tournament starts everything that you’ve done before and
every theory you have is out the window. Splyce, they will not be stymied. They will not be stopped. They are going to Madrid! Faker, willing to go right back under tower. Nemesis! Fnatic eliminates RNG! All three European teams make it to the Knockout Stage! The best team in the world doesn’t complain about hard groups because they’re what makes the group hard. Wait no, they’re going for more. Oh, they’re all going! SKT play the map right. And they find the Nexus! Griffin have officially arrived. Damwon! From Challenger to taking down the defending World Champions. All three LCK teams are first. FPX are doing what they can to survive. I knocked this guy, I knocked this guy. Fly, Phoenix, fly! Doinb! It’s going to be a dead Fnatic. Super carry of the LPL steps up. Chovy is inside the pit. Forced away, can’t get a jump back to his squad. 4K health. TheShy in the back line! The defending World Champions are here to play. It’s already a 2 for 0 fight for the other side. But one finally comes through. It’s up to Jackeylove. But he gets stunned. Viper! That’s the full pentakill! Jackeylove in and he knocks down Sword. Invictus Gaming will knock down Griffin in the Quarterfinal. They will knock Damwon Gaming out of the tournament and G2 will move onto the Semifinals for the MSI rematch versus SKT. The last of the LEC versus the last of the LCK. There are no weak players left standing at the 2019 World Championship. To be the best you must go through the best. Oh the kick over the wall, Clid! Wow! Putting on a Lee Sin clinic. Back end of that ultimate. Faker now still forward. Faker now gets taken out. Faker, what was that? Caps goes golden. There is no one else to follow up. Khan’s damage doesn’t matter. Such a close exchange. For now they’re winning but Perkz is coming in. This could be the game. They get the knock up! Faker is dead again. Mata is coming in, but he is just walking into the meat grinder of Perkz. Khan, can he do it? – Perkz. It’s not enough. They’ve done it! G2!
– They’re gonna win! This is it! The greatest team in the history of League of Legends taken down by the greatest team Europe has ever produced. The dramatic supreme display of talent! Doinb is unstoppable. This is LPL action, baby. Let’s go! Jackeylove, do it. Do it, do it. There it goes! Divine Judgment from the defending World Champions. Chain of Corruption starts to spread. Divine Judgment is not used! LWX! He snaps his fingers and half the LPL teams left at Worlds disappear. FunPlus Phoenix! G2 Esports! The Sivir is terrifying, there goes the teleport– Tian, you beauty! Now Tian is going so, so low Jankos rappels up, comes down, gets killed. It’s a jungle for jungle trade, and now Perkz is blown up. He doesn’t have the charge available,
All of a sudden Mikyx’s down. Oh, two! Three! LWX can find the triple! Tian gets another, G2 are aced at 22 minutes. It’s LWX that does so, but it’s at the cost of Crisp’s life. Hero’s Entrance comes in, Doinb is chasing forward,
that’s already a kill onto Jankos, this could be it! It’s going down, and FunPlus Phoenix are your World Champions!

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  1. Next year , bring Kkoma and the 2013 ,15 ,16 SKT team back . We need the excitement back too .

  2. This was epic fun. granting the fact i have never played the game, this still gave me the chills and the plays were amazingly good. In the end Fly fly phoenix fly. This was a fun watch, might make me start playing the game.

  3. Bow down to the communist overlords— if you’re gonna make scripted wins, at least make it 5 games, not 3

  4. wife buff confirmed op

  5. Who also likes the music?

  6. I get chills still when I see SKT lose

  7. wait do teams keep the summoner's cup or do they return it each worlds and pass it on?

  8. FPX destroyed Europe with only 9 eyebrows, just imagine what they can do with 10.

  9. tian silence Paris

  10. Still waiting for G2 to show up to finals… can’t believe I woke up at 4am to watch Miky Mx repeatedly get caught in stupid positions. PERKZ Losing games level 1. Bleh

  11. Proud of Eu again 😍

  12. I just hope EU never host another worlds ever again….EU Casters so bias fans so Toxic such a xhit host for words…. If ever they host another words i hope they do better nextime i hope casters be more profesional and fans be more awsome league fans…. Rooting for your own region is fine but i hope they dont do it on expense of other teams. If u are a caster be impartial on broadcast then go on your own personal twitter or other social media platform then shout your support for your teams be a pro. For EU fans dont do the doublelift on the internet if you dont want to crash and burn..

  13. As a person from eu I would've been routing for g2 if they kept their mouth, but all the trash talking made me dislike them

  14. Love me the filler worlds. This worlds will go down as potentially the worst since 2017

  15. I'm still triggered that somehow faker lost SKT that series. I believe in my guy tho, he's gonna come back stronger

  16. When u don’t know anything about LoL and make the mistake of reading the comments

  17. Nice phoenix skins baby

  18. can't wait for the 2020 worlds song to tell us who will win

  19. 6:52 You're gonna have a bad time

  20. G2 got lucky, easy clap!

  21. " i think this time's world is more like between old and new players, hence FPX proved that all the Legends have the end of their era at point. It's your time to FLY FPX FLY. _-_/

  22. It was announced today by Steve that TL is now a LPL Based team and just bought FPX

  23. why is it not a mix of girls an guys……………why is it just guys what a sexist game

  24. G2 looked like they expected to be handed the title.

  25. 2:01 Doublelift : No hope

  26. That was SOO satisfying to watch Fakers big ego scrolling down, affs. 😀

  27. G2 beat SKT just to get swept.

  28. Feels bad for Uzi man.

  29. I predict a 3-0 for TSM in the grand finals against FPX

  30. I like how FPX got a theme song for worlds lol

  31. Hmm I just want to see a bo5 series of skt and fpx

  32. Doinb gonna use anivia as phoenix skin

  33. G2 fans, remember this and see you next year. SKT T1 will be back with the more stronger and improved team to kill villains by the revenge.

  34. G2 fans are so salty wtf

  35. G2 overhyped! Over acting. 😂

  36. look are you bias casters. you highlighted the yasuo of xayah god? he was 1-7 that game. he is overated, inour region we call that Yasuo Lord. wow western biases at its finest. what now, your team got sweep and was not even close. highlight again the Yasuo Lord

  37. 4:25 Caps’ warcry hahahahaha

  38. Man, I actually cried for half of these memories. What an event!

  39. Great highlights! Great work! Really well made! Thank you!

  40. as I said eu cocky as always they were sure they were gonna win

  41. they needed phoenix to make this video about fpx


  43. Like how can you make a moments and memories and not include Promisq pulling out the MSI medal…that was the most iconic move of the tournament

  44. "Faker what was that" has a different sound now

  45. The editors of LCS Summer and Worlds 2019 really hate C9 huh :(. Also whats with the sound mixing jesus

  46. Eu choking again in finals

  47. 4:48 Effort what was that


  49. They deserve to be the chanpions.

  50. Such a boring ending

  51. even greatest eu team produce ever still cant win worlds

  52. 4:57 Faker,what was that?

  53. The memories edition was rushed ngl

  54. Congrats to FPX, congrats to LPL!!! Go for 3 years in a row!!!

  55. Now Perkz, branging abt riot making Phoenix as Worlds song 2019. That stupid crow never accept defeat

  56. When doinB threw his headphones and started jumping
    i felt that

  57. Caps actually chokes so hard in finals lol

  58. FPX Gangplank/Morde
    FPX Qiyana/Lee
    FPX Ryze/Naut
    FPX Varus/Sivir
    FPX Thresh/Blitz

  59. Only one CaptainFlowers game on this makes me sad. The voice of league was not there.

  60. The greatest team Eu has ever produced, gets 3-0.

  61. I am a LPL fan, but I love Caps. No matter what happens, he always keep the smile on his face. It just keeps his fans and even everyone comfortable.

  62. skt vs fpx would have been a treat 🙁

  63. DoinB such a wholesome player

  64. It was hype that G2 won against SKT but man, SKT would've given us a better finals.

  65. Well. G2 is a real joke

  66. 3 EU team goes to quarterfinals
    3 LCK team goes to quarterfinals
    And yet LPL win

  67. We all wish that we have so called DOINB WIFE BUFF

  68. they really want tian to play lee sin

  69. hold up, promisQ still undefeated

  70. Nobody:

    The Crowd: TSM! TSM! TSM!

  71. Caps is the greatest choker for the last 2years first against IG and now against FPX, people say his better than faker, but atleast faker won worlds for two straight years caps didn't, despite having 2 worlds finals back to back. So who you think has the better achievement?

  72. What a year for this one.

  73. Worlds before were better in terms of organization/presetnation quality.
    Worlds 2015>2017>2018>2020
    Feels cheap.

  74. I just hope. That THIS TIME. EU learns and not get so ahead of themselves AGAIN.

  75. 2:15 – Our precious Yuli. ^^

  76. World song phoenix= script.
    3-1 formula = script.

    At least riot scriptwriter is now doing 2 formula.

  77. faker . reaction no to cry .

  78. caps to craps.. 😂😂

  79. Worst finals bo5 in league history

  80. 4:49
    The rest of the member : Serious pose
    Effort : 🙂

  81. 6:27 G2 PepeLaugh, OH NO NO NO

  82. Fnatic 3-0 in one day was the best thing for me
    but FPX storyline is great

  83. Favorite worlds since 2016. Shame that the finals hasn't been hype since SKT vs SSG 1.

  84. g2 : we gonna clap FPX and will give them reality check
    fpx : u wot m7+1 ????

  85. 5:00 “faker what was that ?” The same word when faker play zed

  86. Perkz: I think fpx is the team we’ll have the easiest time against 😂😂

    He said it in a korizon interview

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