3 Birthday Party Game Ideas

3 Birthday Party Game Ideas

in today’s video I have three birthday
party game ideas for you that will work for anybody’s birthday party. huge claim
I know but stick with me it’s coming up next these are fun simple easy quick
games I’m a mom of two I don’t have time for complicated hi my name is Shawn.
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twice a week so let’s get into today’s birthday party ideas in this video I
will show you clips of my family and I playing these three games as well as
give you verbal instructions on how to play the games. you can find a
complete supply list linked in the description box down below so make
sure to check that out. alright let’s get into and these three really fun birthday
party games here we go the first game is called blow the balloon yes you’re going
to need those red plastic cups as well as balloons. I will put a link in the
description box where I like to buy red plastic cups in bulk for super cheap two
simple supplies and you place your cups on a table and have your players align
up beside each other and they will blow up a balloon and see who can blow it off
the table the fastest it’s as simple as that. you guys it doesn’t get much
simpler but it’s so much fun especially if you are a little bit competitive
like my husband and I. game number two is called pop the balloon so what you’re
going to need for this game are some balloons and some kind of ribbon or
string and you’re gonna want to tie the string to the balloon after you blow it
up as well as the string to your ankle don’t tie it too tight especially if
you’re playing with kids you don’t want to cut off anybody’s circulation on
their ankles so make sure it’s loose but make sure it can’t slip off their ankle
and the goal when somebody says go is to see whose balloon is not popped at the
end so you can play this with two people. I
can play it with I don’t know 60 people I guess and that would be kind of crazy
I would love to see that but you just stop and try to pop other people’s
balloons so it’s a lot of fun it’s actually really difficult to stop and
pop a balloon so this game will last a little bit longer than you think which
is a good thing birthday party I have a lot more
DIY party game ideas for you on this channel that you might enjoy I will put
a playlist in the cards up above here as well as in the description box down
below that for you to watch next alright game number third little
disclaimer it can be modified to fit any birthday party theme but this is a very
specific birthday party theme for this one it’s called don’t step in the
unicorn poop yes you heard me correctly don’t step in the unicorn poop there’s a
craze I don’t know if you’ve heard but there’s a crazy about unicorn stuff
lately and my family is no exception to loving unicorn stuff. I love unicorn stuff of course. my daughter loves unicorn stuff and here my husband got
to love unicorn poop. but what you do is get yourself some play-doh sparkly
play-doh in a variety of colors Rainbow Brite rainbow colors and you are going
to roll the play-doh together in three different colors and
shape it like a little poop emoji how cute is that
yes I said poop poop was cute so weird I’m so weird
set down a garbage bag on the floor whoever is going first it cannot look to
see where you put the poo make sure they do not look whether you put the the
unicorn poop on the floor or they will be able to guess how to walk on it
blindfold them in some ways here you can see that we used our toboggans or our
snow caps whatever you want to call it and have them walk across whenever you
say go in one minute you can make this as long as you want or as short as you
want and it really does feel so strange stepping on play-doh it fills I mean if
you’ve ever stepped on poop and I hate to admit this on on-camera but yeah
I had a dog and I have stepped barefoot and poop in my childhood days and it’s
not a pleasant feeling but at least you know it’s played out here thank you guys
so much for joining in to his birthday party at game ideas I hope you found
something that was useful and I will see you in the next one. bye!

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