3 GIRLS, 1 BATH: SEX TALK ft. Niki and Gabi

3 GIRLS, 1 BATH: SEX TALK ft. Niki and Gabi

sorry this look like porn lol…also if ur here to slut shame it’s not cute so bye :/ Hi guys, it’s Tana Mongeau,
and today I’m here with… Niki…and Gabi!!! And this is… the weirdest video that I’ve ever filmed in my entire life, I don’t even know what’s going on Like why? Like what are we doing? *laughing* So today we’re going to do, like, a bath time dirty Q&A… And it’s definitely dirty, ’cause this water’s fucking so gross this water’s fucking so gross Murky.
It’s literally murky We just filmed another video on their channel where we did bath time truth or dare I got motor boated and my arm pits got shaved… So… Before you think this is hate by the way, we are actual fucking friends
(We are!) Before you think this is hate by the way, we are actual fucking friends
We are. Since when the fuck have I ever done a collab with somebody who isn’t my actual fucking friends, okay? Thank you Since when the fuck have I ever done a collab with somebody who isn’t my actual fucking friends, okay? Thank you I just feel like, people don’t like, you know what I mean? Like, they don’t-
(I know, I know) I just feel like, people don’t like, you know what I mean?
I know, I know This isn’t one of those…were gonna pretend we’re friends I hate that shit! Literally hate that shit! Yeah, You, like, can’t judge channels and be like, “Oh, her channel isn’t like her’s so they’re not friends.” Exactly, we are all literally the same person. I’m a Demar- a DemarDoll!!! I’m a Tanamal! Yes, literally. Okay, so we asked you guys on Twitter to ask us raunchy, dirty, ‘what the fuck?’ questions. And we’re gonna answer them… in this nasty-ass tub It was clean, i swear! I feel like Gabi never answers like… stuff like this. Sorry, I feel like this is going to be interesting for me. Everyone’s gonna be learning a lot. I’m taking their, um, raunchy YouTube virginity (laughs)… you are! So, since these girls are *formerly* good girls, I thought we would start- I just CAAAN’T! Just kidding I thought we would start with a question that was like, you know, like less bad Because people are on here right now literally being like, “Spit or swallow?” and I’m like, “…No.” So question 1 is: whats the longest you gone without a shower? Okay, I’ll say, like, ten days Yeah, same. I was doing this phase in 8th grade where like, I don’t even know. I would just stand in the shower and not, like do like anyth- -I didn’t like, showering I’d do that! I just got my phone and I’d be like I think I’ve gone a week or eight days Y’know, probably like-. Eight to ten, eight to ten days. Right after a weekend and you’re like, “Oh my f*cking god I’ve gotten *so* gross.” When was the last time you hooked up with someone? Uh… Uh, like a week ago. A week ago. . Okay Yeah, literally, today. Why are we like this? x2 Oh my god, we’re the worst. That’s so gross
— Pap Smears Oh my god! I’ve never had one of those! Installation of an IUD What is that? It’s like a t pain, that’s what I call it Okay It’s the most painful t shaped object that they shove in you and I got mine removed because it was awful Oh! it’s like birth control? Yeah. MMhm *babble* Never put, Never put a foreign substance in your pussy! You’re technically… Never put a foreign substance in your pussy! You’re technically not supposed to have on in you unless you’ve given birth because like you have to be stretched Yeah and they freakin put on in me and I’ve never had birth obviously I’ve never had birth What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? Mine’s so bad, I don’t even want to say it No, we’re not, because mine’s bad too I want to tell the heel story. (No, you can tell one!) Okay, so one time I hooked up with someone completely naked, but i just had one heel on *laughter* Let’s just say there was like a height difference and like… I needed, I needed to wear the heel! I don’t think I’ve ever hooked up with heels on that’s like weird Me neither Try with one heel. It felt like a peg I’ve hooked up with socks on, its always awkward I always have to take my socks off Do you guys, like, call guys “daddy”? Or do you think that’s weird? Nooo! I do it as a joke, as a joke! I do sometimes, like, for real. Really?! There is nothing attractive about thinking about my dad that way No, no not your, like, father- It’s like turning around and being like “Hey Daddy” Ewww!! ugggghh I feel like, if I was hooking up with somebody and I was like “Daddy”, (Nooo!) I would like… mentally separate the two, like, one’s like my father, and ones like your Daddy I’m the worst, I’m the worst. *More laughter* Straight to hell! If you guys had to be in the human centipede, who would be with you? (AHHH!) I- Gabi be in the back so she could eat shit! Oh my god *Laughter* I hate you guys so much *More laughter* *Breath in* I feel Nikki would be in the front because shes a Bossy B*tch and she wouldn’t want to *Real Loud* I am not taking the middle – you eat shit don’t lie fam Argggg *Weird laughter* No but you take the middle because your a freak and you wouldn’t mind LIKE I would Eating ass while you get your ass eatin – *Laughter* Uh-I-Okay eating ass is like one thing but just like a mouthful of shit just like *Gag* *More gagging* When did you know that you were FUCK-ABLE what does that even mean? But like honestly When did yo- You mean like when *Gibberish* thought you were hot? Yeah basically…(How was I supposed to know that) She knows how to make everything so like “ELEGANT” and “CLASSY” I know when people know your hot. I’m like when did you know your Pussy was fuck-able? *Awkward Laugh* I think like I knew… recently when I’ve got down with like I was like look who I am Oh my god YES B!TCH But that was for like THAT was So MOTIVATIONAL Holy Fuck! Hahhahaha People in the comments must be like your right bitch! I never thought this video would take that route That was AMAZING look who I am That was the best thing I’ve ever heard in my entire fucking life I was like 14, just like with push up bras just like ‘oh, I’m fuckable!’ *laughter I was probably going through my An- Ariana phase when I was like 18 I was like –or 19– I was like I’m so Fuckable. *Laughter* This one’s for you: Does the carpet match the drapes? Unfortunately not. *laughter* You should That would be sick Omg, you just have like a green drapes Can you bleach pubes? have we have had any one night stand experiences Haven’t we all? yes . . . Laughter . . . Duhhhh. This is funny. What word do you say for vagina? Do you say the “p” word, the “c” word er Hoohah I say say Hoohah Or lady purse I say vag. LADY PURSE Oh my fuck your that’s such a pet peeve I just say like my vag That’s like normal When bitches say like Yea i say vag all the time like literally i’m so boring. I just say vagina Yea same you know Vagina is like a really pretty name in another country i forget its like Vagina this bath water is like SO GROSS Oh my God – — Were rachet right now. Weirdest place you hooked up in? Mine was on a roof i think or like a pool…Boyfriends Parents shower Straight to Hell A gym bathroom A gym public bathroom That’s crazy That’s so scary You bad bitch No like, A bar booth Like a booth in a bar That’s Awesome Wait no.. really?? if you rapped it would do so well Should I be a rapper? Do you wax or shave your vagina? Laser I am sorry that you are rich, Lazerrrr! Yeah, I shave I’d be too embarrassed to go Have a doctor laser that crap off If it’s a woman it’s not awkward Like an old woman Are you just Like – – If it’s a woman, that’s not like weird and I look at her and she goes “Like An Old Woman” Okay sorry but.. Would you rather only wear eyelashes or only eye liner Eyeliner! Eyelashes… Eyelashes – Why are you a weird Bitch I hate my eyes shape Oh, so you like change it with I’m not like an Eyelashy person, like i, my natural eyelashes are long. mine are like little tiny chodes. Literally same I like like you could have like a whole full face- *laughter* The way you word things . *laughing* Who refers Eyelashes to freakin chodes? . . Only you. No, they’re just like fat and short like little fucking chode. yeah a What Condiment would you use to substitute for lube. Honestly my favorite condiment is mustard – But that’s weird. And, honey mustard is my favorite but – Syrup would be disgusting. honey! but thats like really thick vaseline! Thats not a condiment. VASELINE! honey mustard, because that’s delicious cause thats delicious! Argan oil. Thats not a condiment Do know what a condiment is? olive oil! i hate her! This is.. This is normal between me and gabi *laughs* you.. argan oil.. okay. *Gabi Farts* did you just? OH MY GOD THIS BITCH! THIS FUCKING BITCH! eww you know that bubbles when they pop smell worse like it accentuates the smell of the fart.. oh god! I have to sit in this water… in this bath tub, I dare you to drink up you dont know how many times i’ve farted in here. i hate you! i honestly wanna fart so bad. im gonna fart in like a minute. nooo.. oh my god! you know? fart fetishes are like a thing. yeah. you’ve ever seen what cake farting is? No what’s that? girls rubbing on cakes and farting. i’ve seen fart porn before. i’ve seen fart porn! like what do you mean? Like cake that you eat? what is it?… Have you seen the peanut butter version what? PFFFFF…. Whyyy?? its the same people.. same pictures I cant describe its… naughty cameraman! if you were a condom what with your flavor be mango. cupcake. mango. oh no! cupcake is good. you took it! probably like vanilla..i love vanilla cus im a vanilla ass bitch, sweet. ME TOO! I like tropical. tropicals good too though! i mean pina colada alright guys! thank you so much for watching this was absolutely the craziest thing i’ve ever done on YouTube and thats like a lot for me. And the fact that it’s with us. Literally like.. who would have fucking thought you think we did like a makeup tutorial right now look at how pruney we are over on their channel we did the nastiest truth or dare i’ve ever done in my life. so go watch. *Laughter* alright guys, I love you so much. I hope you enjoyed make sure to subscribe if you haven’t and I will talk to you in next video bye! Bye guys! *All blow Kisses* OH MY GOD GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF THIS WATER OH MY-

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