Amit Agarwal – Life in a Day

Amit Agarwal – Life in a Day

YouTube has launched a global experiment to create a documentary movie filmed by thousands of people around
the world. The movie will be directed by Kevin Macdonald and produced by Ridley Scott. If you’d like to be part of this movie, capture a snapshot of your
life on camera and submit the footage to YouTube on July 24th. Here’s a video that Kevin Macdonald asked me to make to give you an example of what you can
shoot to be part of this global experiment. You can also visit to learn more. Not long ago, the first thing that I’d do in the morning
is read my newspaper but technology has completely changed my lifestyle. I get all my news from the Internet now – it’s personalized, it’s always current and updated in almost real-time and thanks to devices
like the iPad, reading digital news is so much more convenient now. not as easy as read a traditional newspaper but close My work day sort of begins at the breakfast table itself as I try to catch up with my Twitter and Facebook updates. I am
a huge fan of these sites but mostly use Facebook for connecting with family members and close friends while Twitter updates are public Having an office in the same premises as your home helps because there’s no time wasted in commuting, you
save on stress due to traffic jams and a little walk after a meal is always good.. My routine at work is almost the same every day.. I generally don’t write about “breaking news” so none of my stories time-critical but
still, as they say, a blog is like a beast.. you can keep feeding it and it will still want more.. my work involves lot of reading and I mainly use FeedDemon and Google Reader for catching up with new developments
around my topics of interest.. I don’t use any of the IMs or chat programs except for Twitter.. Since I am the only “employee” of this blog, I need to take care of other things as well like trying out new designs
and layouts .. sometime the server goes down and you’ve to work with the hosting company to get it up ASAP.. sometimes you have to install upgrades and that breaks some existing features.. I also run a q&a forums so I need to spend
sometime there as well .. all in all there’s plenty of stuff to do but it’s all fun and very interesting. I have a second computer at work that I primarily
use for watching podcasts and video channels on YouTube and then there are these welcome distractions.. my elder son is a huge fan of YouTube and
though he’s still in Kindergarten, he knows YouTube better than every one else in our family he learned his nursery rhymes on YouTube and now the video site is helping him
learn about the indian mythology and ancient tales that I learned from grandma My blog is all about software tips and tricks and I therefore often record screencasts or video tutorials to go with my articles..
all my videos are now hosted on YouTube and there’s a reason why I prefer it over most other video sites.. it not only has the eyeballs but every video is encoded in standard and HD formats so even if some of
my blog visitors are not on a fast connection, they can still enjoy the screencasts without any choppy playback. One thing that I always do before leaving work is chalk out the plan for the next day. items that
are extremely urgent go on the whiteboard while stuff that’s pending but can wait go into OneNote.. it keeps me sorted and I am clear in my
mind what’s in store for the day to come But the day is not over yet as I It’s time to have some fun now.. none of us
are any good at flying kites but we’ll probably learn it by the end of this season.. one of our favorites indoor game is Jenga because the whole family can enjoy it but I think I’ll wrap-up
now because it’s my younger sons’ first birthday and the whole family is celebrating it with a dinner Well Another day goes.. and another to come.. in between all the work, few cups of coffee, hush
and rush .. I still manage to capture few moments. Happy memories.. thanks – Amit Agarwal

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  1. nice video! 🙂

  2. Hi

    I saw the video you have made and it was really good. you have a job you can enjoy and spend time with your family. I like the IPad that your son was using, I thought very nice how he can use it with ease.

    Mike111 from Australia

  3. Simply awesome !!!

  4. Nice Video Amit 🙂

  5. thousands of videos of people showing off a lot of the technology they use will make it to the film to be viewed by the future population to compare.. i suppose i should also as like most people my life is consumed by technology, but for my ending im going to take an very big joint (spliff.. a cigarette containing cannabis for those that would like to comment) to the mountain overlooking my Welsh Valley, Rhondda. do you think me smoking a (for some reason) illegal plant herb will be a bad thing?

  6. Do we put narration in the background like this?

  7. wait so you can edit just a tiny bit?

  8. i have uploaded mine..:)

  9. Great example of Life in a day. I thought we were not supposed to have voice over our footage, but obviously yours worked very well. 5 stars. Thanks for welcoming us into your working day and family life

  10. I don't know your blog, but you seem a nice person, good job!

  11. Very good! Love your simplicity! You are great presenter, like your idea working from home, indeed you are right traffic is biggest problem these day.

    Love your office, soothing to eye. I am really exited about your son, how fast he learns this latest technology! I have gone through with your website, glad you know that you are so popular, I too is passionate about latest development in Electronics world, I will share some on that with you. I hereby invite you to see my video on 24th July!

  12. Dear Amit,

    This is my Life In A Day video: v=x6FV3TODVUg

    This day 24th was not planned, I do not write any script! Even my friends were not aware about this This was really great experience! Full marks to You Tube for such project I am really exited abut this project and can't wait to see final film!

    If you can send your feedback & suggestions would be good.

  13. @labnol Oh second IPad? Wow!

  14. c the man dark circles , dis happens when tech changes ones life…….

  15. hello sir..
    my name is aprajit sharma
    and i am from raipur, c.g., indian
    and i need ur help
    how did u recorded the sound of tht video so clearly plz help..
    i m making a movie called " rehab "
    it is based on smokin.. so plz tell me how i cn get a clear audio in simple way thnks

  16. I am admired by your work.

  17. wrap it up now?? incomplete …

  18. Wow man.. this is amazing.. I really like your video.. I didn't expect that I'm gonna watch it all… I wish it was a whole documentary movie about your life, for 1 or 2 hours 😛 I would watch it all with no breaks <3

  19. that's called a successful self initiative Mr. Amit. Keep up the spirit!! How do u take a break from your work?? Don't you get bored sometimes 🙂

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    i'll try but i can't do it

  21. hey amit, great video, it's nice to see this, i've been reading your blog for years, and it helped me a lot, i've also blogged about some of your tips with a link back.

    keep it up.


  22. great video.. belated wishes to your son :):) god bless him :):):)

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  32. Hello

    Its really nice video

    i know ow hard it is to run a website on your own as i am doing mine by my own as well
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  38. great and simple .. simple is always good:)

  39. which mouse you are using ?


  41. great lifestyle and inspiration Amit. One of the reasons I started fernandobiz blog

  42. Thats Amazing and Inspiring too. Thank you for sharing. I like the way you plan your days by writing on the white board. Superb.

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