ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH? | Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 – Part 1

ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH? | Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 – Part 1

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  1. Markaplier:my mom not lock me in my room all day

  2. still here 4 years after

  3. Mark: "The first night usually isn't that bad in any of the games so-"
    Chica: middle finger

  4. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. markiplier is scared. lets fix that with a controlled shock

    anyone else in 2019?

  6. You’re not alone Mark I did the same thing I didn’t read it on accident

  7. The start of the video XD

  8. Mark: "Now this is the FINAL CHAPTER in the Five Nights At Freddy's series!"
    Scott: Lol sike

  9. Mark: is chica in the kitchen. Chica: Pizza Pizza

  10. 🤡😨😱🤯😵

  11. The fact that this and the very first fnaf were next to each other was cool since I could clearly see this one's thumbnail is an edited version of the first one lmao

  12. The first night is never that bad in any of the games so I’ll play through… FUCK!!!

  13. Mark: the first night usually isn't that bad in any games so..

    Nightmare Chica: im about to end this man whole carrer's

  14. Shut the left door

  15. Wow I am old as hell I was ten when this shit came out now im 14

  16. 6:10 don’t say that again lol

  17. When did robots start breathing?

  18. Mark:vthe 1st night isn't that bad in any of games
    Chica: who says dat

  19. Oh yay
    I thought this was gonna be terrifying but it's actually not too bad! 😀
    (the animatronics look very creepy and I do jump a bit from the jumpscares like in all the other fnaf games but it's not as scary as I thought it would be, I took one look at the thumbnails and thought this was gonna be HORRIFYING)

  20. Imagine your a nightmare animatronic and you're looking for this little kid, you come right near where his bedroom is but the door is closed, and suddenly…

    you hear the kid scream..


  21. Markiplier… OMG this is the scariest fnaf in the series…. Freddy jumpscares…

    Lol the teeth tho

  22. You're such a scared cat

  23. Me: Watches back for nostalgia*

    Me: Knows Jumpscare is coming*

    Chica: Jumpscares*

    Me: OH MY FU-

  24. I hate to ask but, what happens if you look down the hallway without having the flashlight on?

  25. Why does the kid have to doors anyway

  26. I thought the closet was the hallway from fnaf 2

  27. Pause at 6:16

    When u and your best friend see each other unintentionally in public

  28. These comments be like:
    AnYoNe WAtCHinG ThIs iN 2019?!?!?!

  29. AnYoNe WAtCHinG ThIs iN 2020?!?!?!

    I'm sorry.

  30. I’m glad to actually to be scared of jumpscares

  31. 0:10 Final Chapter, oh mark you have no idea

  32. Mark:the first night is easy
    N.chica:oh really i don't think so

  33. The jumpscare made me piss my pants 👖

  34. look at his eyebrows as he talks at 7:22

  35. Mark: I'm the king of five nights at Freddy's .

    Chica in fnaf 4: I'm about to ruin this mans career

  36. The final chapter of the series?

    I think there is a type o

  37. Mark: this first night isnt so bad

    N.chica: ur breaking the law

  38. I always think that this would be easy when people play it but then I actually play FNAF and shit myself whenever I hear any noise.

  39. You start to see Foxy on night 2, cause I have the game on my phone and I am on night 3 and I never saw him till night 2.

  40. I legit lost on the first night at 3 AM!!!! T H R E E !!!

  41. "The first night is never normally that bad in any of the games"
    flashbacks to fnaf 2

  42. At 3:38 that sound was the old phone guy recordings backwards maybe?

  43. I just realised that, like FNAF 1, Bonnie comes from the left door, Chica comes from the right door and Freddy is still a douche.

  44. Me, watching in 2019: final chapter, eh?

  45. i'm dumb and don't know alot about FNaF 4, so all I assume is that Micheal Afton/Crying Child got punished by his dad William, or bullied by his older brother

  46. the objective of this game is to listen and see, hear the breathing and small sounds around you like the door and the bed, the see part is easy- just look around at what things you have in your room like the bed and the doors, the flash light should help you with that. and id say the first night is pretty easy if you focus hard enough.
    and im sorry for my bad grammar- its kinda hard to sound sMarT and im bad with my english.
    but anyways, i hope that helped.

  47. Mark: Now this is the final chapter in the five nights at freddys series
    4 years later
    Mark: Hello everybody my name is Markipleir and welcome to five nights at Freddy's VR

  48. Me: here doggy! mark: why dog no protect me!? Me: cuz I feed HER dog treats. Mark: DOGGY! I GOT GOOD BLOODY BONE!! Me: uh… How!? Mark: look at your arm >:)! Me: AAAAAAA what day @#%&@&$, man!?

  49. 2019!!!! (Like if your here on 2019 on a sunday! )

  50. ya died from chika

  51. What mark sees: don’t be scared, I’m here with you
    What we see: be scared, I’m here with you

  52. look at my youtube channel LBVMZarmy

  53. Markiplier: The first night is never usually that bad in any of the games
    Chica: Hold my beer 6:13 😎

  54. Is anyone here to see if the radio is the breathing or not?

  55. Mark 4 years ago: fnaf 4 has got to be the last, story wrapped up nicely and everything!

    Us now: Poor Bastard.

    Also 0:02 nuff said.

  56. 6:14 So I Will Play Though (JUMPSCARE) AHHHH FUCK WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!

  57. Who else almost threw their phone or punched their computer when one jumpscared least expected?

  58. I did night first try 👑

  59. Mark: The first night isn't that bad so…

    Nightmare Chica: Who said that?

  60. He look like he got blasted back when Chica jump-scared him 😂

  61. Relax Chica was just making cupcakes in the kitchen for the little boys birthday

  62. Love this part
    The first night isn't usually that bad so I'll play through

  63. Mark: The first night usually isn't that bad.

    Chica: ByE bYe!

  64. Once you looked at the left hall you can see scott cawthon in a pitcure 2:00

  65. He's here he's there who's you gonna call physic friend fredbear

  66. Mark: oh, that’s sooo sad

    Also mark: laughing

  67. That’s Fred bear plush

  68. The three Freddy’s behind you are Freddles

  69. Please stop swaring

  70. Bonnie throws the door into another dimension

  71. These jumpscared are me asking for the wifi password lol.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  72. "This is the final chapter in the Five Nights at Freddy's series"
    Ha, hahaha, ha, haha

  73. The first night that bad any games so

  74. Chica go kil this guy

  75. Why don’t the kid just shut the door for the whole night?

  76. Mark: Last game in the series

    casual bongos intensifies

  77. Best part is at 6:15

  78. I dont think markiplier know that o
    If he hears breathing he shouldnt turn on the flashlight and just close the door
    And he doesn’t know about Freddles or Nightmare Fredbear or Nightmare or the dog 😂 hahahahah

  79. Markiplier: I dont know what the breathing sound like
    Me: It sound’s like breathing markiplier 🙄😂

  80. FNAF3: Mark: this is the end of FNAF
    FNAF4: Mark: this is the last FNAF game
    FNAF5: Mark: … This is the last game… Right?
    FNAF6: Mark: WTF

  81. Mark: sees a demon bear screaming at him

    Also Mark: tells the demon bear to go away

  82. "This is the final chapter of the FNAF series"
    Me: sweats profusely ""

  83. I'm still here : )

  84. "Last chapter of the series" Meanwhile, there is now about 4 or so games out past this one

  85. Me thinks every fnaf was scary anough this one be like 😑😧😵👻💀

  86. Thank you for your first clip im in hospital

  87. Mark that’s not golden Freddy that’s Fredbear

  88. Scott: makes sister location

  89. Mark: "The first night is never usually that bad in any of the games so i'll play throu-"

  90. Ever since FNaF 3, Mark keeps saying "This is the last game of the FNaF series."

    Many years later you will see Markiplier bullying plushies in VR

  91. Am I the only one who thinks that when you go up to the door sometimes, it sounds like a cat meowing?

  92. I’m watching this at night on full screen with my bathroom door open and my leg sticking out of the covers, pray for me.


  94. markiplier lookin like neo keanu reeves is a mood ngl

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