AWF On 45TV – Episode 141 (The Best Of Tony DeNucci)

AWF On 45TV – Episode 141 (The Best Of Tony DeNucci)

(upbeat rock music) – [Commentator] Today on 45 TV, a special look at the
CEO of AWF Tony DeNucci with some of his classic
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Hotel and Salon in Elk River. (dog barking) – [DJ] And we’re
back here on CW 23. Tony DeNucci trying his best
to get some offense going. He is struggling
valiantly with Cody Rice and he’s just thrown to
the canvas, yet again. – [Commentator] Unable to
move, with a series of elbows to that wide girth
of the mid-section, if he actually
has a mid-section. He looks like Humpty
Dumpty, but, and a cover! One, two…
That’s actually something that people were telling
me, and I, nevermind. – [Referee] One, two, three! One, two…
They told you that? – [DJ] No, that was that
other wrestling show on this station.
Oh, yeah. (announcers muttering quietly) – [DJ] Cody Rice, full
on control, offensively, in this contest. Irish whip, ducks down,
fake body drop down. – [Commentator] Uh oh,
uh oh, dude is shaking! That’s got to be pretty–
Wait a minute! Cody Rice goes for the ride
down on the sunset flip! One, two and not quite to three. – [Commentator] Uh oh, DeNucci
is struggling to his feet. Oh!
Cody Rice with an epic lariat knocks
the Executive Director of the AWF off of his feet!
Unbelievable action here, all 178 kilos.
Bummer! Two…
Aw, you’re not gonna pin Tony DeNucci, covering
with two little hands on his hard, manly chest. There, move man, Cody Rice.
Hard, manly chest? 20 years ago, perhaps. Here comes Cody
Rice, drops the leg! – [Commentator] Well,
plenty of padding! That shouldn’t have
hurt him, Draper! – [DJ] Oh yeah, well,
he pops right back up. Yeah, oh!
And drops the leg again! – [Commentator] Will he go
sit on the second leg drop, that’s my question!
Well, it’s, look at all that padding
that you mentioned! – [Commentator] Yes, oh! Right into a brick
wall right now! And DeNucci’s on fire, taking
it to heartthrob Cody Rice. And Michael J. Fox is
on the apron again. Get him off there! Send him back to Valerie! It’s a two-count only, I think.
Oh, fig newton, get it together, come on! That was a three easy, there!
No, that was a two-count. Our manager here, Sly–
Uh oh, he’s got ‘hold of the nerd! In comes the slickster! Oh, glasses.
He can’t touch a manager! – [Commentator] Yes, he
can, he owns that manager! It’s the CEO, he can
do as he pleases! How dare he?
Oh, everybody, oh! No way!
Cody Rice taking out slick
Michael J. Fox DDT! From the CEO!
You idiot! Get the guys, that isn’t right! – [Commentator] The
crowd is going ape! Oh, God, I’m going, I
just spilled my drink! Help!
These people here in Holly, Minnesota.
Oh, the oxygen’s thin up there. Will he need his breathalyzer? – [DJ] It looks
like Tony DeNucci flying in from Fargo!
Oh! Connects!
And potato! – [DJ] One, two, three!
(bell rings) That’s gonna do it,
Tony DeNucci victorious! – [Commentator] Hey,
that’s the last one! Tony DeNucci!
Let’s take another look at this one, as Sly J. Fox getting crushed by Cody Rice. That impact, my goodness! I don’t know if we’re gonna
see Sly here in the AWF after that connection. But, a big victory
from Tony DeNucci. (upbeat music)
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southbound, Little Falls! (mellow country music) (crowd cheering
enthusiastically) (metal gate clanging shut) – [Announcer] Ladies
and gentlemen, Tony DeNucci! (crowd cheering
enthusiastically) – [Commentator] Tony DeNucci,
ladies and gentlemen, the former AWF
Heavyweight Champion, to do battle with a man
that he knows quite well, Johnny parts. For some reason, it’s one of
those situations in wrestling where two people just plain
don’t like each other, and they never get enough
out of beating the holy hell out of each other. That’s what you got
in the person of Udo. Unbelievable! I gotta give the
tenacity to Udo here. He’s been beat pillar
to post many a time by the former AWF Champion, and he comes back
for more as if, is he thick under the skull,
does he speak English? Is he human?
He might have that mask on a little too tight.
Yes. – [Commentator] You know, and
he keeps asking to get back into the ring with Tony DeNucci. – [DJ] Well, you
know, Udo here is someone who really, I
don’t think, can plot out a career path. I mean, I don’t know. Maybe he could get a
coach or a manager. Can you imagine him
having a manager? – [Commentator] – [XXX]
Yeah, I could imagine him having a manager. A guy just like you, as a matter of fact.
I could lend some guidance to an individual like Udo.
You could. YOu’re very similar
in brainpower. – [DJ] What is that
supposed to mean? (bell rings)
– [Commentator] I’m saying you’re about as barbaric
and as uncivilized as he is. Why?
That’s what I’m saying. – [DJ] I’m very civilized, okay? I only take limousines. I only fly in Lear jets. Well, oh, before Tony
DeNucci cut my pay, I guess. – [Commentator] Well,
all ten dollars there. Let’s get to the action here! Udo taking charge
over Tony DeNucci. Slinging him off there,
this is the four. Oh, DeNucci!
(crowd cheering wildly) – [DJ] I hate Tony
DeNucci so much. I just, I…
I think you made that clear for the last two years. (crowd cheering wildly) Look at DeNucci, oh!
Oh! – [Commentator] This one
could be over just as quickly. Are you kidding? And one, two, oh!
Oh, wow! Unbelievable!
Almost sent him back to the Isle of Chupalupa.
The Isle of Chutarunga. Huh?
Okay, you can disrespect
me all you want. The fans are used to it, but you do not need to
respect someone like Udo who could absolutely destroy you if he got his hands on you. – [Commentator] I have no
doubt, I just, you know– – [DJ] So, you’re gonna
make fun of him on TV instead of saying
it to his face! – [Commentator] I’m not
making fun of the man. I’m sure that he’s a
big hero back at the Isle of Chimichanga. Yes.
I’m sure he is! – [DJ] Was that
Chupachupa you said? – [Commentator]
Yes, God bless ya! (crowd cheering wildly)
– [DJ] What is Tony DeNucci doing taking high-risk
maneuvers like that? – [Commentator] To the
outside, DeNucci lining up the Chitaranga–
Oh, no! DeNucci with a shot.
Oh. Oh!
Oh, no! That’ won’t hurt him! – [DJ] Okay, this
kind of wrestling could be fine on the
Isle of Chutarunga, but Patrick Cooper needs
to get this in the ring. – [Commentator]
DeNucci on the outside. Look at Udo. – [Both] Oh! No!
And, lights him up, there, with some savage island chops. The size of coconuts,
for Pete’s sake! (crowd yelling) That’s it.
That’s it. (bell rings) (bell ringing
obscures men shouting) (crowd booing)
That’s it. (bell ringing)
They’ll want to confer with a pencil about this one. – [Announcer] Referee Patrick
Unter’s official decision is as follows. Both competitors have been
partly outside of the ring, therefore, his official
decision is a double outhouse. (bell rings)
– [Commentator] Well, that was about two
minutes of mayhem, here! I had no idea–
Oh! – [Commentator]
DeNucci’s fighting back! (crowd cheering wildly)
Oh! DeNucci lights him up, and
the outside arena just– (bell rings repeatedly)
(crowd cheering wildly) Ring the damn bell! (crowd cheering wildly)
It’s pointless to ring the bell, here. (bell ringing)
This one is over! I was watching DeNucci, and Udo. I did not see the referee
administer the ten-count, so I apologize for looking
like an idiot out here. I didn’t know that he
had counted, oh no! Oh, wait–
(bell ringing) – [DJ] Stop ringing the bell! Let this man get his punishment. I’m enjoying watching
this, in fact. – [Commentator] Oh,
I’m sure you are. Why don’t you go in
there and help him? (bell rings)
Oh, there’s some blood feud between these two. Oh!
(crowd cheering wildly) Oh boy, oh boy! (crowd cheering wildly)
DeNucci! The Italian splash!
He’s gonna be coming in from South
Philly on this one, ladies and gentlemen.
The match is over with! What is he doing? Get him to stop this!
Oh, boy! Oh!
(bell ringing) (crowd cheering wildly) (bell ringing) – [DJ] Patrick pretty
much counts it regardless. – [Commentator] I guess DeNucci
has won two straight faults. (crowd cheering) – [DJ] And the crowd goes
nuts for Tony DeNucci! – [Commentator] Incredible,
ladies and gentlemen! I told you, these two just
plain don’t like each other. – [DJ] This is the
kind of human being that Tony DeNucci is. The match is over, it’s
a double count out, he couldn’t get it
done inside the ring, so he needs to take
it to his opponent after the bell is rung! Unbelievable! – [Commentator] While my
broadcast colleague goes and takes a Valium and a
Xanax, we’ll be right back! (crowd cheering)
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– [Commentator] Ring the bell! And, we’re off on the main event on Sunday Shock Wave! Oh!
And Josh Price, the bully, just got his! I don’t think Tony
DeNucci’s very intimidated by one Josh Price. – [Commentator] No, they’re
big boys, they’re both thick. DeNucci obviously has the
experience on his side, but Price has that manager, and that’s always something
you gotta worry about. – [Commentator] That’s right. It’s that X factor that
always comes into play, especially in the AWF. (body thuds to the ground)
(crowd cheering wildly) I don’t think intimidation
is in too, oh! Just stopped to, oh! Oh, Tony DeNucci in his
patented clothesline. Knocks him out of the ring. Tony follows him. Josh better watch out. I don’t know what
Tony’s gonna do, but it’s not gonna
feel good on Josh. Josh is up, Tony is there. Whoa, does a towel
right on top! (laughs) I don’t know how many people can knock Josh
Price down that way. (crowd cheering wildly)
– [Commentator] Not many! DeNucci’s still flying around. – [Commentator] Oh,
they’re going up the ramp, it looks like.
Here we go! – [Commentator] Josh has had it. The bully’s had his. We should probably step aside, here.
Yeah! Whoa!
Oh! – [Commentator] Right in
front of the announce table. DeNucci hip tossing Josh
Price right on the wood floor. Here we go. Oh, the big DeNucci slap!
(crowd yelling) (hand slapping)
[Both Commentators] Oh! – [Commentator] You can
hear that a mile away! DeNucci having a little
fun with those slaps. Appealing to the crowd. Josh Price trying to
back out, not happening. Tony waiting. A couple of forearms to
the back, he’s got Price. He’s signaling to
the crowd to move. Clearing the runway.
Here comes the 747 in for a landing, by
the name of Josh Price. Oh, he crashes into the chairs and is now in the middle of
the formerly-seated crowd here around ringside. – [Commentator] Once again,
there’s now count outs. This is anything goes, so
Benson is just basically there to count the three-count. – [Commentator] That
is exactly right. See, DeNucci’s
stomping on Price. Oh, chair!
Oh! – [Commentator]
Equalizer by Price! Got up from the stop.
(chair bangs) Oh!
Tic tac toe! – [Commentator] And, I
heard on good authority DeNucci came into this match with a bad hip and a bad back, and that’s not
gonna help at all. – [Commentator]
Not in the least. Benson trying to separate ’em. Price is on top of
DeNucci right now. Two-count on the floor!
That’s it. Somehow, DeNucci got up
from the chair shots. (crowd yelling) We can see little from
our vantage point, but what we can see is,
DeNucci is down on the ground. – [Commentator] Price is
putting the boots to him. – [Commentator] It looks like
he’s doing a little two-step on Tony.
– [Crowd] Tony, Tony, Tony! You can hear the crowd
trying to cheer DeNucci on. (crowd chanting) After the shots he’s taken,
I’m not sure if he can get up! Jay, do you see any life signs? – [Commentator] I
see Price is up. DeNucci must still be down. Oh, there comes,
DeNucci’s now up! Oh!
Oh! Price tried to throw DeNucci
into the ring railings, but DeNucci turned the tide,
and flipped him over the top. From our vantage point, we
can see Price on the ground to the right side of the ring. DeNucci’s trying to
get back into the ring. He’s ringside area. Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony!
Crowd’s cheering Tony on. DeNucci brings him up. Oh, Price grabs DeNucci and
brings him across the rail on the right side of the ring. DeNucci, again, goes
into the railing, hanging over the top. Now, he’s being choked by Price. – [Commentator] He’s
choking him, now. He could tap out, and
that would be legal. Benson could call it.
That’s exactly right. Into the ring goes DeNucci. Price there, here
comes an attack by Price.
Oh! Returning the favor.
Absolutely. Second, DeNucci’s not
feeling well, at this stage. – [Commentator] He’s
gonna go in the ring. – [Commentator] Probably smart
to do, he’s got him down. (crowd cheering)
Uh oh. Josh pointing to his forehead,
like he’s got a good idea. – [Commentator] That’d
be a first, wouldn’t it? – [Commentator] (laughs)
How many bullies to you know that have had good ideas?
Oh. – [Commentator] All I know
is, that could really… – [Commentator] He’s loosening
up the bottom turnbuckler, it looks like.
Yep. He’s just got the turnkey, and now he’s loosening
up that buckle. No, this can’t be good. – [Commentator]
Here goes Stacks. Technically, he can do that.
Yep, he can do whatever he wants. Benson can’t do
a thing about it. Now, Stacks over
the bottom rope, had DeNucci in a patented
Stacks choke hold. – [Commentator] The bully
is still loosening up that bottom turnbuckle. – [Commentator] I’m
sure they appreciate him taking apart the ring, but
probably not this early. – [Commentator] Yeah, (laughs)
we gotta finish the match! – [Commentator] That bottom
rope’s now extremely loose. (crowd yelling) Oh, boy, I’ve never seen a loose
turnbuckle do a good thing, other that make
someone a candidate
for the emergency room. – [Commentator] I’d be
shocked if one of these guys, or even both, didn’t wind up there.
You’re right. Elk River Hospital’s
only a couple miles away, thank goodness,
but nevertheless, Price is still doing
ringly affairs, while Stacks is trying to
take it out on DeNucci. Uh oh!
Somehow, I have the feeling it’s not going to work! Uh oh!
He does it! Stacks!
Stacks is down there, he’s praying like it’s
Sunday School here. That’s exactly it.
He’s gonna get schooled. – [Commentator] DeNucci’s
now caused him to– Oh!
DeNucci has him! Uh oh, no, not the slap! (hand slapping)
– [Both] Oh! – [Commentator] Permanent
tattoo right on his chest! – [Commentator] Say hi
to the five fingers! – [Commentator] DeNucci
ever gets fingerprinted, we know where we can get ’em!
That’s right! I don’t thing DeNucci–
Oh! Stacks is not happy.
Now, Price did finally succeed in getting that
bottom turnbuckle dislodged from the ring post. – [Commentator] He now has
part of the buckle in his hand, and he’s using it
like brass nuts. DeNucci got him on the back while DeNucci was
looking at Stacks. Totally legal.
Yep. Oh, he’s choking him!
He’s got the lock part of the
turnbuckle in his hand, and it’s now going
down into Tony’s chest. – [Commentator] I’m
surprised he stopped. [Both Commentators] Uh oh. – [Commentator] Now he’s going
to try to stab him with it. He’s getting him set. – [Crowd] Tony, Tony,
Tony, Tony, Tony! – [Commentator] Brass
nuts time, here it comes. Oh!
Oh, side of the head! And on the, DeNucci’s down,
that can not feel good. – [Referee] One, two! Oh, arrogant men!
Yep. – [Commentator]
Arrogant, very arrogant. That might’ve cost
him, right there. Absolutely.
We’ll see. Oh!
He’s chocking him with the bottom of
the loose ring rope! That was his plan.
Absolutely, Jay, he’s got it now. – [Commentator]
DeNucci is beet red. He’s trying to loosen the
leverage that Josh has, but DeNucci drops.
(crowd cheering wildly) Price directing him,
directing Stacks to bring in the garbage cans. Here comes the hardware store! – [Commentator] What’s
he got, a pizza pan? He’s got a pizza can? Ow!
On that shoulder. Ow!
Oh! DeNucci’s, oh!
Oh! – [Commentator] I’m not sure
DeNucci even knows where he is! – [Commentator] Knock
some sense into him. – [Commentator] I
wonder if he’s actually ordering the pizza, or just…
(laughter) Well, I’ll take one!
Exactly, getting a little hungry, here. – [Crowd] Tony, Tony,
Tony, Tony, Tony! – [Commentator] Price
is at his throat. – [Commentator] Crowd’s trying
to help DeNucci out here. – [Commentator] DeNucci’s
going to need everything he has to come back from this. – [Commentator] Oh, he’s
got two garbage cans! – [Commentator] Well, I did
see the garbage company here a little earlier,
dropping something off. I’m not sure if it was
this or something else. – [Commentator] It’s
one of the sponsors, I do believe. – [Commentator] You’re right. Oh, no. Price up, oh, slipped
right on the garbage can. – [Commentator] Oh, I
don’t think he hit that the way he wanted to, and
DeNucci took the brunt of it, but Price got it
right in the back, as well.
He did, he was a little bit off on
his measurement in that one. Oh, Price’s back, DeNucci’s
neck, this can’t be good. Price getting up first. I’m not sure DeNucci
knows where he is. I’m not sure why Stacks is
distracting Benson again. ‘Cause right now, Price has it, and he wants Benson paying
attention for when he goes for the cover. – [Both] Oh! Good night, sleep tight.
Oh! Geez.
I think they need to call the doctor from the
NFL to check for concussions on this one. Whoa! – [Commentator] DeNucci,
after getting hit twice. Rolled him up!
Rolled him up. Oh, clothesline by Price. DeNucci’s down,
Price on his knees. Two garbage can head
shots for DeNucci, and a clothesline. He’s at middle of the ring. Why Price doesn’t pit
him, I don’t know, but I think the bully’s
starting to come out a bit. – [Commentator] Yeah, he wants
to inflict more punishment, but–
Look, he turned the tables! (crowd yelling)
Not bad for a kid from Philadelphia! (crows yelling enthusiastically) Uh oh!
The slaps are getting handed out like
candy at Halloween. Benjamin Stacks,
welcome to ring central. Setting him out for another one. Pausing for the
crowd’s approval. DeNucci slap.
Oh! Two for one on the
DeNucci tattoos! – [Commentator] Absolutely,
couldn’t get that from our sponsors tonight. Oh, he gets a, I’ve
seen this before, Jay. – [Commentator] Oh,
yeah, classic DeNucci. Top yard, this isn’t
the bottom rung, though. Can he get up to the
top with that hip? Yeah, very easily. Here comes DeNucci, oh!
Oh! And the cameras give
Price three counts, and the winner with the frog
splash flash from the top rung! (bell rings)
He is the president of the AWF. He is Tony DeNucci!
(crowd cheering wildly) Well, they’ll have to
accept the lot of them. – [Announcer] Your winner
of the street fight! Oh!
Tony DeNucci! (crowd yelling)
– [Commentator] The crowd is at its feet. DeNucci, a crowd favorite
everywhere he goes, gets the win with that patented
frog splash on the top rope. – [Announcer] Family-owned
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is always down with lies ♪ ♪ Try to be my friend ♪ ♪ Never let you go, never
wanna let you down ♪ ♪ Been so long since you
know it’s been around ♪ ♪ Time’s a waste of time,
time’s a waste of time ♪ ♪ Wasted all my time ♪ ♪ Oh, wasted ♪ ♪ Oh, wasted time ♪ (hard rock music)

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  1. Cody rice is mean !

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