Badminton: Backhand Smash Defense

Badminton: Backhand Smash Defense

Backhand Smash Defence Smash Defence lift the right way the wrong way the right way again backhand smash block the right way the wrong way chop the right way again

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  1. You really don't need much power, as the smash will already have a lot of energy.
    Usually just having enough 'snap' in the movement is enough to get it deep in the back court

  2. I started to watch your coach. Thank you. Will you guide for good racket for the beginning stage like me? I am your big fan.

  3. Start with you can do block and middle court push and meanwhile you would better to practise so you can do all the shots. Try you can do it. Lee

  4. You are very true it is skill of making right timing and power of grip. Thank you for your comment. Lee

  5. I have emailed some questions about you in order me to give you better advise. Lee

  6. Thank you so much I did this and my friends thought I was gonna drop and they just went to the net to be ready

  7. I am very pleased to know it worked for you. Lee

  8. Hey mr lee what rackets do you think are worth buying? Im thinking after a few months more of practice about getting the yonex nanoray z speed.

  9. Hello Mr . Lee , my question is that when i do a backhand smash defence i turn my feet , waist , wrist , elbow such that it is quite like a dance step .. I know that is hilarious and hard to understand but i cannot explain that . Hope that you can understand that .

  10. Hi mr. Lee i have been training your smash defence for weeks but i cant still hit the shuttlecock the right way .. And i still dont know where the shuttlecock woul land .. What should i do… Plz help me…

  11. Now i know why i cant hit the shuttlecock in smash defence. Its because of too much swing and improper posture .. Thanks for the video mr.lee although im a begginer it helped me a lot.. I' ll keep on watching your videos mr.lee intil all of it is done.. Hoping you will
    still answer my incoming questions…

  12. how about the grip? where the thumb should be place?

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