Badminton: How to Cover the Court

Badminton: How to Cover the Court

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  1. @mrsexykid1995 I am very pleased to know that you can see the logic of this clip. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  2. Thank you for pointing out why I'm unable to cover the net court properly, I really want to try this at my next club meet!

  3. Most impressive Coach Lee! Most impressive.

    I love my singles game, and I've made a new year resolution of being twice as good at court coverage earlier this year… I think this might help me achieve it!

  4. @Oakley2256 I am very pleased to know. It may take a little time to use it but if you continue to try definatly it will work and your court will feel very small. Lee

  5. @airstyles1989 I very much hope it works for you. But please keep try it will work. Lee

  6. Sir can you please help me out in picking bodyline smashes too??thanks..

  7. Smash defense in doubles will be uploaded in late December. Then you will be able to see it. Lee

  8. This is very good. However I have big problems covering court from my short serve in singles. Seems I am always late for my second shot even with the small jump. I find it difficult to cover all cornes since from short serve all of them are open and I am late to take them so I am in disadvantage right after serve. Any suggestions?

  9. I am sure that there must be reason/s why you feel that way.
    If I could see you play, I may be able to spot why. Try to video your self and have look you may be able to findout why. I am sorry that I can not be much help. Lee

  10. hello lee you are awesome

  11. Thank you very much. Lee

  12. you r my god in badmintib and great clip can you please make a clip on how ti win a game. naren

  13. i mean hiw to win a game

  14. That is a very good title and important point. I will put that on my recording list. Thank you for asking. Lee

  15. wow thank you lee. I already have good coverage compared to others at my level due to natural speed and agility but sometimes I am deceived as to whether my oponent will play a cross court drop shot or straight drive or and I think this will help a lot and also because of a county tournament very soon. I amm also working on my footwork to move around the court more efficiently and especially using the split step before movement. Thank you so much. Dan

  16. Coach Lee, I think right and left foot position also important for cover full court,
    do you have any video show in what situation right handed player the right foot and right arm should stay in front of left foot and left arm, and the other way round.


  17. thank you coach 👍

  18. Sir, in how many steps in singles should a player be able to cover the whole court

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