Badminton Love – scurtmetraj / romanian short film

Badminton Love  – scurtmetraj / romanian short film

Ice cream? Chocolate? Three strippers? Come on, laugh a little bit, for real now! Girl, I’m sorry, but there’s nothing i can do, you came at the worst time from Bucharest. Ow, so we stay at home? Aha. Studio? Fratelli? Let’s go to Daily Pub! Ok, I’m here. How is she? Good that you came. She’s… a mess. Yo. What are you doin’? Come on, girl, seriously, now you’re sitting at home
and crying after some douchebag. Come on, take a sip. Come on, take a sip. Just a tiny one. Just one… Good girl! Come on. Wait. Let her get up. Come on… Right! Get dressed, we’re going out! -Yo! yo! yo!
– Hair looks good. I want to sleep. Just take my cousin and go out somewhere. How long has she been like this? For how long?
For two months since they broke up. And how much where they together?
Since like… October? For eight months but… She is saying that he is the love of her life.
That she knows him since forever. Do you know what that jerk said?
Do you know what he said? Nothing. Nothing! Nothing? Nothing, nothing! Raluca, enough!
I don’t want to hear ‘nothing’ anymore. And how do you explain it? Dunno. Everything was going well… …and suddenly… Yup, it’s obvious. What? When Mihai dumped me,
that’s exactly what he did. ‘I need something new in my life” And ‘i want to have fun’ Really now, you don’t need someone like this in your life. But what about me and Andrei? I felt from two miles away that he wants to break up with me
so I left him first. Now, Ariana, don’t get mad at me,
but I told you from the beginning. Yup.
The three of us are in the exactly same situation. Yo! But it’s not fair!… What the hell are we doing?
For real now! Daria, do you have a Facebook account? Yes…
Why? Search for Alex Bentea. Ok… Did you find him? Add him. What are you doing? What am i doing? We are breaking even. AND? WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR IN A BOY/MAN? CURLY HAIR. OW, NAUGHTY YOU BUT YOU DIDN’T TELL ME…
– Girl… Calm down… Calm down. Calm down… Yo, Fatass, what are you doing with my phone? You have a date tomorrow night! What? Look at this. Wait! What date? You dumbass, you just picked up a chick. – Me?
– Yes! Check this out.
She sent you a friend request. I added her and check this out… Charm, magic, inteligence and that’s about it. Fatass, I’m gonna kill you! Shut the hell up.
Dude, tomorrow you are going on a date, but ask her if she has a friend to bring. Flip off! I’m not going anywhere. Why not? Because of ‘that’ ? If you keep calling her ‘that’ im gonna punch you. Dude, are you still crying over Ariana?
Go ahead, say it! No! Really? No, dude! Ok then, tomorrow you are going
to the date! No! Dude, are you really dumb? It’s you that breaks up with her
and yet you suffer? Well yes, you moron. Then, make up with her. I can’t, because I haven’t told her about Birningham. Then why are you crying? – I’m not crying.
– Yes you are! – I’m not!
– Yes you are! – I’m not!
– Yes you are! – I’m not!
– Yes you are! You’re exactly like Heblu! – Heblu?
– Raluca’s brother, you don’t know him. He’s the dumbest man ever, when he laid eyes on a woman, it’s over. He uesd to cry at night, he was depressed, he was listening to Ed Sheeran,
and painted cats. Dude! The man it’s made to be a hunter, the ancestral man hunts since antiquity, with the bow,
with the gun, with the gun,
understand? Dude! We men, we have tubular peripheral vision, like in focus, understand? Bam eyes, bam catch! Bam bam! Understand? Understand?! Bro, what do you want to do in this life? You want to stay here, to remain domestic? Do you want to raise cats? Do you want to be a farmer? Grain, corn? Or deers? So, tomorrow at 9:00 when you go there,
you know how I want you to be? Dog!
A tracker! You give it your all!
You don’t worry about the check. But you have to kill her! You take her on your back,
take her home, and you know the rest
because you are a big boy. Hunter, dumbass, hunter! Hunter! Understand? It’s gonna work! But it’s stupid! It’s not! At this point you are the one that’s dumped
understand? We need to make him feel like
he is the dumped one! Really now, it’s gonna work
trust me! I don’t know what to say… Just trust me! It’s gonna work! How is she? A mess. Did you find anything? Bad news… You didn’t find anything? I found something. So? So… we have a problem. Which is? I’m very ashamed to go into it, we have a problem. Come on, get it over with. The problem is that… What? …is that it’s my brother, Heblu. Hello! How are you,
Raluca’s friends? I’m Heblu! Radu! But they call me Heblu. It’s a thing coming from theater, when it’s dark… not that I’m stupid or something, but… sometimes i get distracted. You can call me whatever you want. Just never call me dude,
unless it’s absolutely necesarly. Wait a second! We know eachother from Facebook
because we are frinds there! What have I told about adding my frinds on Facebook? Wait! Didn’t you ask me out once? No! Then it’s perfect! You’ll be goind out together then! Girls, thank you for everything but it’s pathetic, seriously now! Wait! Not you! – You are actually kind of cute!
– Than… Girls… Thanks… But… I understand! I have to
take my revange on him. To let him know what he lost.
But… I just don’t feel the need to do that right now. Maybe I have a moment when I want to be just me and myself. Dunno… I want to travel. To…
To discover new things. I want to visit Venice. To laugh… To…
I don’t know… To buy a cat! And name her Miha. Miha! And… and…
I don’t know… Hug a tree. Just me and the tree. That’s it!
Just me and the tree! Alone. Till… Till I die. Or…
I don’t know… Ok? I belive you don’t understand. No! You really don’t understand! This is not about you, It’s not.
It’s about me, it’s about Daria,
it’s about all the women in the universe! Do you think that this is easy for me? Do you think that is easy for me to
hurt a poor innocent kid? But you know what the problem is? He is not innocent. Things are not meant to be left like this! We will make him jealous! And we will do it tonight! Even if it’s the last thing i do!
Got it? Got it? Yo, are you talking
about Fatass or Bentea? Yep, so you are not invisible. What?… A… Right…
Because we can see eachother! Did you liked it? No. Ow… Well…
Right… Take a seat! Alex, nice to meet you! Yeah…
I don’t shake hands. Hepatitis, diseases, cancer. Oh, funny… Well…
Me neither…. Good ev… …ening. So… yesterday you seemed happier. I seemed. Why? Why what? Do you want some wine? No. Vodka…? What, If I listen rock music that makes
me an alcoholic, or what? Oh, no! No, no… I was just saying… Yeah? Listen! Next time you open your mouth… Be careful! Ok, ok… Um… So? Vodka! Have you decided? Umm, yeah…
Yeah! Two Vodks… Vodkes… 200 of Vodka… Yes! Dry without ice. Ok… But you don’t drink anything? …yes… I do… Still 200? Yes… And to eat?
Would you like something? I’d recommend beef.
It’s really good. I don’t eat meat.
I’m on medication. Ow… yeah…
sure… i got it… I don’t want anything either. Listen! I also want a beer, please.
I remebered I have to take my pills. …what kind? Draft beer. Excuse me! Listen, I have to go to the bathroom. Ok… Fatass, what have you done to me? Are you crazy?
Haven’t you seen her on Facebook? You think I’d give you ugly ones?
Are you stupid? – Bro, she’s crazy!
– So what? – What am I gonna do?
– Well…I like her! – This one?!?
– Yeah! Even emo chicks need affection! Hell! I’m going home! You are not leaving anywhere without her, got it? Is this the girl’s bathroom? No… Can I get you anything else? Yes. Everything is going well. Hey, wait… Wait! What sould I do with the Vodka? What? I’m gonna get drunk after a sip!
What should I do? Excuse me? Are you crazy?
How am I supposed to drink oil? Is there a problem? No! It’s… ok. What do you think about love? Me…? That it’s… It’s awesome. Yeah… I think it’s a mega bullshit. I’m… sorry. Do you belive that you truly
loved someone till now? Yeah… And what happend?
What are you doing with me here? Well… love is something… And a relationship is something else… So you still love her? Me?… Not… really… So you’re exactly the same! The same?… Excuse me for a second. “You douchebag… i hope you die in hell… P.S.: that girl is as dumb as they come… Right…
What was I saying? That… I’m the same…? Yeah… For example, now I’m talking with my boyfriend.
Ex-boyfriend. You are exactly the same! I mean…you are all the same! Well… maybe not all of you…
But you surely are! Hold on a second…
You are now talking with your ex?… Yes. He is out on a date
and he is texting me, and you are on a date and think about your ex… I’m not thinking about my ex! Have you ever done heroin? What?… Have you ever injected heroin? No!… Your ex did it for sure. …why would she do that? Well… I injected it…often… I still do. Your Vodka. – Would you like anything else?
– A juice. – What kind?
– Peaches. – Sir?
– Also a juice… So… You are doing heroin? Do you know how I used to be before? Happy. Do you know how I am now?… – How?…
– Not happy! Do you want to be my boyfriend? Just for a while, you know…
Just a rebound. You help me, maybe someone will help you ex… Just for a while.
Then I break up with you. What do you say?
Are you in? I think we should go home. Are you ok?
What’s wrong? Hello! Girl, why haven’t you
told me Andrei works here? Yes, he’s here!
I think he is onto us! Ok… bye. You should stop taking heroin, my dear! You are so young and beautiful! Ok? Come on dear and leave the kids alone!
Why are you messing with them? Leave them alone! Mind your bussiness and leave me alone!
So what that I told them? They are young and someone has to tell them! Your hands are sweaty! Heblu! I’m gonna kill you! Calm down… They are behind me. I can even do this! Try to be Richard, not Heblu! Make an effort! – I like you eyes!
– Why thank you! But I would like them even more
if I could see them. Meaning?… Well… you have so
much make-up on… you look like a wall from a club! Silly… Now we kiss? – Good evening.
– Good evening. Oh, Andrei… I didn’t knew you work here… Yeah… It’s ok… You bring some food,
you pick up a chick… It’s ok! What would you like to drink? A red 2008 Sauvignon or a Feteasca. – What do you say?
– Have we met? I don’t think we had the pleasure.
Richard! Fatass. – This guy look a lot like Heblu, Raluca’s borther.
– Who is Heblu? A loser… Excuse me! Fuck! I think he figured it out! WHAT SHOULD I DO? YOU EMBARRASS HIM! WHAT SOULD I SAY? ANYTHING… DOSEN’T MATTER.
JUST MAKE IT LOUD SO ANYONE CAN HEAR! Raluca, stay right there! What are you doing here? I’m going to the bathroom.
Isn’t it obvious? – You what are you doing here?
– I work here! What are you doing in this place? – I just wanted to drink something, randomly.
– You just wante… randomly… – Randomly?
– Exactly! With Ariana and your brother
or with Bentea and the weirdo? – Andrei, come on!
– What”Andrei, come on” ? – What’s the deal?
– There’s no deal! Why? You tell me right in this second what the deal is
or I go inside and let Bentea know you are all randmomly here! What do we do now?
What does Raluca say? I don’t know! Raluca isn’t answering anymore! Tell a joke! We haven’t kissed yet…
we could now! It wasn’t good at all… – Still talking with your ex?
– Yeah…I want to make him kill himself. Yo! You know what?
Enough is enough… It’s already too much… I have to go home.
I go alone… Stay five more minutes if you want, then you
can go too… Don’t get mad please, but… I really don’t feel good.
I have to go… – Anyway… It was nice meeting you.
– And the check?!? Look, it’s ok with the check,
I know the waiter. Do you think I don’t know scams like this? Come on! Pull out the money
or I will scream! Hey… hey! I told you…
It’s… I call the cops if you don’t want to pay!
Waiter! Waiter! Yo! Yo! Stop! Calm down!
Please! I know…
Look! Take this as insurrance!
I’ll go grab the… I will come back in a second.
I’ll go grab the waiter. He’s my friend…
you know… Actually… He’s… He’s the
one you talked with yesterday. I didn’t even wanted to come here tonight.
In the end it was a mistake. It was a mistake….
And now I came here…. and… And my ex that I was telling you about earlier… She’s here with a super dude…
and I’m here with you… No offence, but… It’s really to much for me to handle…
But please, stay here quietly. I’m begging you! Quietly, ok? I’m begging you, ok? Ok! Alex, but don’t stay too long
because I’m gonna miss you!… Alex! Hello! Hello! How are you?
How come are you here? Eh…fate! Or… Fatass… – What?
– Nothing… And? What about you? Very well! Look, he is my new lover, Richard! Greetings! Richard! Radu…Richard! Well…Alex! It was nice seeing you!
I’m gonna go now… Well yeah…
I can see she’s waiting for you! Yeah… She’s my cousin…
From Bucharest… From Holland! She’s more like…
You know… Foreign… – Is she your cousin?…
– Yes… Sorry… I remebered something! Well! It was nice seeing you!
But I would like to ask you a favor… – If you could do me a favor…
– Yeah… Sure… I ordered a Moët for Richard a while ago… Can you please ask Andrei to hurry up?
Ok? Thanks! You’re a sweetie. Yeah… of course… Alex! I actually wanted
to ask you something… – If you can…
– Yes. Actually… Nothing. – Do you understand I don’t want to see you ever again?
– Andrei, just stop it with the nonsense, really. After you break up with me you still messing around? How low can you go? Me? Messing with you? Stop acting
like a child because you aren’t! Ow, I’m the one acting like a child?
Do you wanna know something? – Go ahead, tell me!
– Do you want to know why he broke up with her? – Why?
– Because he’s going to England, you moron! – Where?!?
– To England! – Where?
– He’s going to England. To Badminton! – Where?…
– To Badminton, like Cambridge! Dude, where…? At Badminton!!!
You are driving me crazy! Andrei… At Birmingham… – Exactly!
– Exactly! To Badminton. Exactly! Because… – How did you said when I told you that you’re a retard but you said nice?
– To save her from me. “To save her from him”. Because he loves her! Do you want him to start using heroin?
To cry at night like your brother? – Wait a second! And why didn’t you said anything?
– Because he loves her! That’s the worst line I ever heard! Yeah… It might be… But…
That’s the best way. – Anyway, I’m leaving.
– Where are you leaving? – Where are you leaving?
– Home. Dude, didn’t you heard what
they done to you? You’re going back in and start a scene!
You gonna tell her about everything! Actually… Raluca, I want
to ask you something. – What?
– The conversation between you, I didn’t hear it. Please don’t tell Ariana! At this point
she needs to belive that she won and… I wasn’t able to do that for her. Thank you! Ok… Sorry. I didn’t knew. Yo! Wait a second!
What kind of bullshit is going on here? You love her, she loves you, I love Raluca!
Give me a second. Andrei, what?… Ok! Enough with the acting! – Listen! Do you still need us?
– We want to go home Ariana, ok? – Girl, are you crazy? Just go!
– Calm down, it’s going well! Good luck! – Kiss you! Bye!
– Good luck! – Ok now, drop the act! You have a date!
– Yes! With Richard! – No! With Bentea!
– What? Dude! Wait a second! So… What about you?
What’s your hobby? I like to go at night in the cemetery and walk amongst
the tombs and pretend like I’m dead. Woah! So… You should’ve told me! – I didn’t knew how.
– You’re an idiot! – I know…
– I would’ve understand! I was about to quit… Are you crazy?
Why the hell quit? – For you… He told me that!
– Andrei! What? That’s the truth. – The thing is that…
– The thing is that… – You go!
– No… You go! The thing is that… We’ve been
together only for half a year But… Honestly… I never felt
with anyone what I felt with you! Me neither! Me neither! Me neither! Me neither! I mean…
200 of vodka?… The thing is that… the things last
as long as they last… You know? Yeah!… Honestly… When you
entered here tonight… …for a second I thought that… it was only the two of us, that we were at a date and there was nobody around us…
we were the only ones. Even though we know each other
only for half a year I feel like we know each other since forever. College… lasts only 3 years and time is actually just an ilusion… a prank… a joke… at least for us. Badminton! – Raluca?
– Yes? – I want to tell you something!
– What? What he said! Technically, time is not an illusion. It’s relative. Like space otherwise. But the truth is… that it is indeed subjective. Einstein. I’m gonna tell you what time is! Time is the fact that I’m here for a week now And we didn’t go anywhere yet!
So can we please end this drama because I’m gonna have diabetes! – Daria! Drop the act!
– Can we please go out somewhere? – Just a second, so I quit!
– What? Andrei, wait! – You’re stupid!
– I know… Fuck! I forgot my line… I would’ve understand! I didn’t know how to tell you… – You’re stupid!
– I know! Me? Messing with you? Stop acting
like a child because you’re not! – Want me to tell you something?
– Go ahead! Tell me what! – I forgot my line!
– It was good… Alright! Let’s go!
3… 2… 1… Go! – Technically…I looked straight into the camera…
– Yes! SCREENPLAY So… How was it? Awful… Here the set-up is different… SOUND 3… 2… 1… G…
The mic… It’s too… The mic…. EDITING 3…2… More in front…
That’s it… Perfect! 3…2…1…Go! Fatass, what have you done to me? Are you crazy?
Haven’t you seen how she looks on Facebook? Do you think I was giving you the “urgly” ones? – “urgly”?

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  2. Cineva să-i înmâneze lui Heblu un Oscar, acum!!

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