Badminton-Play To Win 9: Middle Court Drive

Badminton-Play To Win 9: Middle Court Drive

Middle court play – Drive Let’s do drive this time ok could you please move feet at the same time because ready is very important after your shot so hit ready, hit ready, hit ready if you hit here and stay there you are not ready to move another direction so hit ready, hit ready, hit ready move your feet we have the saying – we hit the shuttle by your feet which means if your feet does not move you can hit any where so please remember move your feet all the time ready please go good ready good much better that’s good ok stop please very good fine feet movement is very good no problem now lets improve the racket action little bit more what I see is after a shot from a angle your racket is not ready for that angle again for example hit like that and your racket goes little bit here so when shuttle comes back again you have to move your racket up and hit it, it takes little bit longer time so what I would like you to try this time hit it and point the shuttle where you hit it so you have very good chance to take that shuttle again very quickly could you return to me please bit gently watch this hit here, hit there so you are not ready for the next shot try this way hit ready ready ready ready ready ready be ready for the next angle yes ready much better I know even many international players they don’t know exactly where their eyes should be for example in my view when players are hitting the shuttle here the eyes shouldn’t be just watching the shuttle only and forget the other side, that’s no good because after they hit it, they have to see where the shuttle is my view its very important taking shuttle there and still have a good feeling of the opponent court in this way I can see the shot as well as my opponent court also my opponent I know where to hit another important thing in this way after hit I am ready but if I do that I don’t have good feeling of my opponent court, also opponent so try to hit the shuttle and try to feel the same time your opponent and court too please watch my eyes like this rather than there there so I see exactly where to hit there so its all together there rather than in this way backhand same here there there there rather than and goes

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