Badminton: Power Smash

Badminton: Power Smash

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  1. Hi Coach Lee. I would like to know if this technique also can be use in double play? And if i want to smash cross court, what should i do? Change/turn my body facing cross court or change/turn my racket head and facing cross court. If change/turn body facing cross court, i worry opponent will know my next shot is cross court. Hope Coach can understand my question. May God bless you.

    Thank you very much Coach Lee.

  2. And I have another question about smash. What do you think about jump smash? Is it better to jump or just smash without jumping? And can i use or add this technique with jumping?

    Thank you again Coach.

  3. Yes you can use this skill with jump smash. You should use both, jump smash when you have time as it can give sttep smash and do normal smash with switch step. Lee

  4. Yes I do understand your questions, If you ahve intention of smash cross then your face should be facing centre of opponent court so you have choice of straight as well as cross. Change 10 degree would be same but your impact point can be a little bit different. Lee

  5. Coach can you elaborate to me where the impact point for smashing cross court? I dont know where the impact point is. I thought i need to change racket head to 20/30 degrees to make a shot cross to opponent left hand side.

    Thank you Coach.

  6. Try to make your impact point more in front of your body then if you smash straight. This will help you alot. Not to change grip more then 10 degree as it will result losing power and steepness. Lee

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  8. Thank you for the helpful Badminton Videos =) (for teaching basic and techniques in more understandable way)

  9. Thank you for your comment. Lee

  10. what's a great teacher, very very easy to understand, i wish i knew you earlier

  11. Thank you for your comment. Lee

  12. I really love your channel 🙂

  13. Best coaching videos in English….thank you for upload..

  14. Thank you for your comment. Lee

  15. i cant hear clearly ><

  16. I do aware uyour problem. It was not right hall to record. Sorry for that. Lee

  17. Coach Lee, what kind of shaft element is good? Is it graphite, tempered steel or any other like Titanium? And does flexibility needs to be stiff or flexible for the shaft?

  18. Meh



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