Badminton-Right Attitude

Badminton-Right Attitude

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  1. Would you say it is wrong to purposely not play against weaker player (because it would not be a good game)
    Purposely not play to your best ability against weaker players? (because they wouldnt win a lot of points)

  2. Yes you do not have to play as you would not have much benefit but if you have to play with what ever reason then you should play respectedly(sometime club badminton you have to change partners and you can not always possible to play better players or sinilar level players)

  3. If you do that for your weak opponent benefits, let them make good rallies and let them have good game then that would be good of you but if you do it purely with reason for that there is no fun and it becomes boring for you then I dont think that is good of you. We all was not good at the start and there were time the players better then us have played against us some of then sincerely and some of then with bad attitude without respect. That is the points I am making. Lee

  4. If it's you………Then Dear coach Sir, I happened to see your vidz recently nd in simple words i'd like to say "Hats off to You", Sir.
    The Right Attitude video has impressed me the most and i really look forward to have more coaching tips from you…… improve my game…….as i'm a big lover of this sport and constantly look forward to improve ma game…………..

  5. Thank you for your words and I am pleased to know some of my clips are beneficial to you. As badminton is my life, I will continue to make coaching clips to share my experiences with someone like you. It is great to know there are some like you enjoy them. Thank you very much for posting your comment. Lee

  6. Yes! I had to play against people like at12:37, so now I'm trying to find coaching so I can beat them. I have one month left.

  7. thank you soo much for sharing these principles sir….. you really are a great coach. you inspire us

  8. Thank you and I am very pleased to know you see the point. Lee

  9. Coach Lee, what areas contribute to success in badminton?  For example 80% skills, 10% mental attitude, 5% racquet, 5% fitness, etc.

  10. I am very thankful to have found these videos of yours Coach Lee. I have been playing "picnic badminton" and i would love to engage in "serious badminton" but i lack the courage because of my low-level skills. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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