Badminton Tips – Footwork Part 2 (Side) – Coach Andy Chong (foreign subtitles available)

Badminton Tips – Footwork Part 2  (Side) – Coach Andy Chong (foreign subtitles available)

Next is to the the side of the court, the
footwork going to side. First is my forehand. There are different ways of going to the forehand as well. If my leg is strong enough, or if I’m tall enough, I
can just use one hop to go to the side. What I do is just one hop and I am already on the side. You notice that my hips were turned to get me further distance. if my hip does not turn, I am going to get stuck at a shorter distance. So that is one hop. If you like to do the two step, you do the same thing with your right leg cross, left leg step. So that is another step of going to the side. If you want to do the shuffle, which might make you go faster, will be shuffle sideways. Those movements you have seen earlier, when I did a warm-up exercise, which now you can see how to incorporate it in the footwork. When it comes to backhand, it is a little
bit limited how many you can use. You can still use the one step, which you will end up with the right leg. If your leg is strong enough, just push. You can take the shot sideways, this way. if you want to go further out, you would have to bring your racquet leg across. Which looks like this way. So once again, the backhand one step. The further out with a bigger step. That is the backhand.
Once again the forehand, I have to one hop to stab the shuttle. And that is the footwork for the side.

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  1. can u please give a video on back side footwork

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