Badminton Trick Shots

Badminton Trick Shots

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity As you know Our ping pong trick shots are on point But what about badminton? Today we’re going to do Badminton trick shots! I’m sure I will beat Miikka and Emil at the
same time Not bad! Not so friendly pass! I should have caught that! I’m sorry! Impressive! Thanks for watching guys! Hope you enjoyed our badminton special episode! Remember to subscribe to our channel
here And watch our previous episodes there Until next time

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  1. This was pretty nice! Hope you guys enjoy this one-off episode of badminton! We are back to ping pong next week 🤗


  3. I play bedminton 5

  4. Otto doesn’t even move in the last point.

  5. 経験者からするとイキってる初心者

  6. You were lousy tennis players but badminton goes quite smoothly. So, either you have some competence or experience in that sport or then tennis is simply more difficult which it is. So, probably both.

  7. Có thể bày vẹ tôi ^-^

  8. How to play can teach me please????

  9. You play badminton so good how?

  10. try baseball 😁😁

  11. Do more badminton videos

  12. Someday collab with kevin sanjaya sukamuljo the best player badminton 2019 from indonesia

  13. wtf this are not even trick shots.. in fact badminton players do this to train often so its a pretty easy and normal thing.. nothing tricky bout it

  14. 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  15. 1:48-You should have gone for the head.

  16. part 2 for badminton trick short at same song

  17. I think every shot is not possible is real play , but Thier skills are amazing

  18. 1:51
    I wonder how many times he got hit at the head

  19. Orang Indonesia yang nonton like

  20. I bet you can't learn more than 20 tricshorts in badminton and make a video

  21. Play football tricks and skills…

  22. Ke Indonesia boss

  23. versus me in badminton

  24. ラケット投げんよ

  25. Mantap terimakasih ya

  26. ทำไมชื่อคลิปเป็นถาษาไทย????

  27. Can u play with blind fold with rally of 10

  28. Versusu Markus n kevin sanjaya from Indonesian

  29. Skill no no no no no……versus markus n kevin sanjaya from indonesian

  30. I wish I could play like you guys to beat my little bro

  31. Some of them aren't trickshot tbh

  32. 動作並不是正確和專業的 不過以普通人來說算不錯

  33. Show off 🤭😃😬

  34. Play with two bat ok

  35. Actually minion Indonesia is better

  36. 一看就知道 有套好招的

  37. Im sad because i love badminton but i didnt get pick to play with the other school

  38. Trik bagus … tapi pengembalian bola banyak yang nanggung… kalo di pertandingan mah ampad

  39. Are you sure the trick can be applied if dealing with an opponent has a speed like pair number 1 now?…

  40. Indonesia love this 🇮🇩

  41. Why ur smashing so slow bruh even I can take it. Also why is it so high lmao #nothatejustseadvice

  42. Indonesia id the best

  43. 1:25 3:43 앞에서 찍는척하면서 밑에서올려서툭 앞에서 위로올리는척하면서 툭 손으로잡는척하면서 뒤로돌려서 툭 뒤로돌려서툭

  44. Can you play hockey?

  45. How Otto did that 0:36

  46. Love from India 😃😃

  47. kevin sanjaya number one

  48. به نظرم خیلی کیری

  49. What r those smash’s

  50. I love if u do .bandmintoninfinity?

  51. This trick so easy bro

  52. That beard guy is left handed

  53. Wong eropa luwih seneng karo freestyle, la wong asia bener2 nglatih kemampuan beranding , makane perkembangan badminton luwih cepet ning asia

  54. この人たちガチでやったらそんなうまくなさそう

  55. hahaha bro that's too basic

  56. なめとるやろ

  57. シャトル水に付けんなダメになる。

  58. テクニック磨く前に常識と礼儀磨け

  59. How much the raket money with the orange raket

  60. That smash so soft & the tricks it's so easy for asian people like chinese, indonesian, japanese, korean 😀

  61. 왜 한국어로 "배드민턴 트릭샷"이라고 되어 있는지 아시는분…?

  62. 2:37 WOW 😂😬😢😴😕😈😈😅😯😬2:27

  63. バド部の人は分かると思うけど、

  64. make more videos

  65. make mini badminton racket to play on a small court

  66. Hahahaha perasaan indonesia yg sering juara gak gini2 amat…wkwk

  67. 3:57ミスってて草

  68. Dude perfect having budget constraints!!

  69. I'm Indonesia the king Badminton…. The minions kevin sanjaya.. Marcus godean

  70. 👎👎👎👎are you coming Asia

  71. play basketball in ping pong

  72. There like 2 aren’t really trick shots.

  73. Amazing goog i liked…👍👍👍

  74. 日本人おる?

  75. Wkwkwk dri negara mana ini, perasaan ygmendunia dari asia, kalo jago lawan jojo gih atau fak ginting atau siapin ganda putra lawan minion

  76. Belom aja ngeliat manusia +62 (Indonesia)

  77. Indonesia team is very good team trick shot badmintn

  78. this is rubbish, such a waste of time

  79. Pls do matches on batminton pongfinity

  80. Good trick kevin-marcus badminton indonesia

  81. These trickshots are actually pretty shit ngl

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