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  1. Is this a webcam?

  2. No it is not, I used a camera. Lee

  3. Coach Lee…how much difference does a great racket makes? I currently have a Yonex steel shaft one…3 piece (gr-303)

  4. Yes it can makes difference but learning skills and training fitness is more important. if you have good skill and fitness and also you have good racket then it will be the best. Lee

  5. Yes that is right but when you become advanced there is other shots (slices) but even before you slice you should have same racket face to the shuttlecock. Lee

  6. You are very welcome. It is my plesure. Lee

  7. Please spend sometime to practice. Three grips. Ready grip and then backhand grip, then go back to ready grip then forehand grip then go back to ready grip. Do it 100 times a day in a week you can do it on court. Please try. Lee

  8. Dear Lee,
    Can you also demonstrate/explain how high/low the racquet should be held?
    For example, in the front court, short handle, and in the rear court long handle etc.
    What is the correct place for a net kill? Similarly for smash defense, for forehand/backhand drives.

  9. I see. That is a very good points. I will put that on my list of recording. Thank you for letting me know. Lee

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