Badmiton: Forehand Deceptive Net Shot

Badmiton: Forehand Deceptive Net Shot

Forehand Deceptive Across Net Shot I am going to show you forehand deceptive across net shot which is show the opponent straight shot and then show him again lifting and then do cross shot so there are 3 actions involved which make very deceptive have a look what I mean by that first one show very clearly to your opponent net straight shot and then go down, so looks like lifting and then do across so there are 2 false actions and then at last change the direction like this as you see now I showed very clearly, quickly straight and then down and then across this is much more deceptive than this kind of across shot in this way my opponent can see what I am doing the important thing is hold the shuttle longer soon as possible when shuttle is left opponent racket then that goes first quickly when I hold like this then opponent cannot move when I am holding I am not just holding the shuttle cock I am holding my opponent make him stop there and then show him false action and then change the direction compare this one first 3 shots is holding watch this please now, I don’t see this is holding different from this one you can do other deceptions too like this so make same posture and then change it that way you can control your opponent how to practice make numbers 1 2 3 which means holding that is 1 and put racket down, looks like lifting that is number 2 and change is number 3 so you can practice, imagine shuttle cock and practice like this 1 2 3 1 23 1 2 3 the last 3 from 2 has to be quicker 1 23 rather than 1 2 3 change make the last action quicker so, I am giving very very little time to my opponent to see actual shot but if I do 1 2 3 then my opponent will have more time to see actual shot but if I do like this 1 23 1 23 1 23 have a look again 1 23 1 23 1 23 1 23 1 23 this way shot will be very deceptive and posture also should be lower and focussed to the shuttle like this like that ready 1 23 1 23 1 23 1 23 rather than there is no focus try to compare make deceptions, in these days in order to be a winner player should be able to control opponents in order to control opponents deception is crucially important in this deception grip is important as you see now the grip should be near to neutral grip because this net shot is very sensitive so, the racket should be hold by finger end of finger areas and like that there should be room so you will have very good feelings if you have this kind of grip for this technique deceptive net shot then this is not the right grip this kind of grip is for power, not for very sensitive shots this is the right grip for forehand across deceptive net shot in this way the angle of shot can be changed very quickly have a look again please 1 23 1 23 1 23 if you make initial posture same, equal then you can create many deceptive shots from that posture which is this do that and then change it I hope you will be enjoying this technique and be able to use it in real match

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  1. fantastic video thank you so much

    i wish our clubtrainers would describe things so clearly and logically =( instead of just telling us do this and do that but not how it should be done perfectly (so one knows what the endgoal is)

    cant wait for my training today to test all the things out im seeing this week of you

    thank you so much!

  2. @Ca4SAT755 Thank you posting your comment and I am very pleased to know this clip is beneficial to you. Remember that things does not come on first try. Keep try with possitive mind set then you will have it sooner. Lee

  3. Hello Lee, this is Lars Heijblom and I so this video and I have 2 questions…
    If you see the shuttle coming, is it important to keep your racket higher than the shuttle?? Maybe it has to do with the depth in height what brings me on question 2: Should you still hit the shuttle high as possible

  4. Because if you lower the shuttle more my opponent maybe think the straight shot is my only way but then I will change direction cross and the very last moment!! Just before it hits the floor… It is risky maybe!! And for me as an opponent, how can you train that holding moment because if I play against good deceptive players I am constantly surprised and tricked, maybe I should wait longer with my push/split step!!!
    I have more deceptions I want to you to break down soon, I will ask you!!Thanks

  5. 1. I think your raket shout to just under the shuttlecock. This way you are all prepared and you can make shot which ever you would like to. If your racekt is higher then the shuttlecock then eventually you have to move your racket underthe shuttlecock. Unless you are able to kill it then your racket should be higher then swhuttlecock. 2. Not always, depending on situation. Some time you should hit is as soon as possible/as high as possible when your opponent is out of position.

  6. But some time when your opponent is in position then as you mentioned you can lower the shuttlecock with deception and then change the direction. Yes you are right sometimes it is better to delay. But most of time it is better to play simple, early and without mistakes. Yes if you wait longer it will help you not to be traicked. Yes I am going to do detailed deception in all areas. It will be done in next few months. Lee

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