Baseball trick play by catcher – Simply Awesome.

The first time I saw this play we are watching
I was really impressed with the ability of these youth players to pull this off so successfully.
In one sense this is really a simple plan to throw the runner out at second. However,
the amount of time for the play to develop and the patience needed by each player it
is quite remarkable that they were able to make it work. The idea is to lull the runner on second into
complacency. To get that runner used to a rhythm and routine so that he can be caught
off guard. In order to make this happen, the catcher, pitcher, and shortstop need to be
in on the fairly long process. Unfortunately we don’t get to see the short stop in the
video, but presumably, the shortstop is doing the same exact thing on every pitch. He doesn’t
suddenly act different on the final play that catches the runner. After each pitch, every
single time, the shortstop is running over to second to cover a pick off throw. But he
isn’t really acting like he’s expecting a throw. He’s just going through the motions
– as it were – leaving the runner to believe that this is simply what always happens. Nothing
here to be concerned about. The pitcher needs to be ready to catch each
throw back from the catcher which comes back quickly and hard and the same every pitch.
Even when they get the strike out, the throw back to the pitcher is the same every single
time. The catcher is the key and this catcher is
one of the best at this age level I’ve seen. He’s skills are really good. He needs to
pop up and throw quickly and hard to the pitcher after every pitch. This constant throw is
key. The runner on second sees this throw about ten times before he’s caught. Ten
times to see the same thing by the catcher, pitcher, and shortstop. Then, all of the sudden,
the pitcher doesn’t catch the ball. It rather comes all the way to the shortstop and by
the time the runner realizes this throw was different, it’s too late. It’s brilliant. It’s obviously planned
out this way and while the premise is simple, but the time it takes to develop is quite
impressive. Maybe the coach gave a final go ahead sign off camera? Or maybe the catcher
simply decided on his own that this was the time? Either way, it caught that runner. Is this a play that can be used by other teams?
Obviously yes, but my guess is that the excitement and anticipation by the defense would be too
much and either act too soon, or be too obvious in their movements. We will be posting many more videos. Subscribe
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