Best Survivor Series sole survivors – WWE Top 10, Nov. 18, 2017

Best Survivor Series sole survivors – WWE Top 10, Nov. 18, 2017

[MUSIC] And look out from behind.>>Opportunity
>>Looking to take advantage. Roll through by Kingston.>>Kofi Kingston, he’s got it,
he’s got it, he’s got it, he’s got it.>>One on one.>>Look at this. Trouble in paradise, trouble in paradise,
Kingston hooks the leg. He did it. Kofi did it.>>There is a winner at Sole Survivor, Kofi Kingston.>>Look at this, double underhook. Got him over with a suplex move. [INAUDIBLE]
>>The giant wins the survivor series.>>Here is the Sole Survivor Andre
the Giant.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Extension right hand, now, the warrior with the other hand. What a clothesline, and
another one, and a third. Is he on fire. Ultimate warrior fight tempo 1,
2, he got it.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Aja Kong.>>With the advantage of,
she got it right in the face.>>Sure.
>>It’s over, it’s over. [SOUND]
>>Aja Kong victorious, imagine that.>>Aja Kong. [MUSIC]>>Aah.>>Shamrock just snapped. Look at that neck, look at that intensity. There’s the arm bar submission. Now, he’s gonna
>>[APPLAUSE]>>He’s in a lock. Shamrock’s ankle lock and Shamrock survives.>>Glenn’s has a lot of experience.>>Not used to having a [INAUDIBLE]
hand on her neck, that’ll do it.>>The grand slam, and
the RAW Divas, they got the win.>>Here is your winner, and Sole Survivor, RAW Diva, Beth Phoenix and Glamazon.>>Went right down to the wire. [SOUND]
>>Well, this is more than making a statement,
Cole, you know that. This is more than sending a message,
this could possibly be ending in->>[CROSSTALK] going for the pump. And look at this. He went for the pump. Ziggler counted. Ziggler’s the sole survivor.>>Ladies and gentleman
the Sole Survivor is Dolph Ziggler. [MUSIC]>>This young kid making his debut just
became a prominent superstar in the world wrestling federation and
that’s impressive.>>Look at this. Rocky man and Goldust.>>Shoulder breaker.>>And there. One, two.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>I can’t believe it.>>Here is your winner.>>My God,
I feel like my name should be Adrian.>>Rocky Maivia.>>What a way to make your debut. [SOUND]
>>Dial it up.>>Who are you gonna call?>>The spear.>>Spear.>>Spear. Roman Reigns. The cover.>>Two, three.
>>Roman Reigns has done it. [SOUND] [MUSIC] [SOUND]
>>And now, Randy Orton is a Pedigree away from losing
>>Orton about to bow down right now, JR. Bow to-
>>[APPLAUSE]>>The RKO out of nowhere.>>No way.
>>Orton brought the RKO home.>>One, two, three.
>>No.>>Raw wins it.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>No.
>>Can you believe it?>>Randy Orton. [MUSIC]

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  1. #7 is total bulls*it. How this BullSh*t can be best, a winning of Kofi?????. BullShi* Top. Diz!!!!

  2. Big Show? He wins alone a Match.

  3. Kofi should have been no 1

  4. 2:16 omg my name should be Adrian

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  7. Cm punk when u will come,????

  8. my favourite ppv ss

  9. Who the duck made this list 🤦‍♀️


  11. 1st dolph against authority

  12. 3:58, trandy orton, he was going to say triple h 😂

  13. I hate he defeat undertaker and Rey and Brock and triple h and john cena

  14. I want only roman reign fine i dont see wwe now no value of wwe without roman

  15. Roman reings is the best no one can beat him

  16. When showed the rock that was his first match

  17. Randy Orton Is 5 Time Sole Survival Fans Hit Like

  18. Super kick out of nowhere

  19. Dolph ziggler should have been on this list twice

  20. Team cena vs the authority

  21. Where the hell did you leave ASUKA

  22. where is dolph ziggler against authority

  23. Where is dolph ziggler at 2014 survivor series

  24. Asuka should be #1. She alone fought against natalya and tamina..

  25. if Shawn is mr WRESTLEMANIA then
    Dolph is mr SURVIVOR SERIES

  26. The pop when Kofi won

  27. What a lame list wheres the undeafeated survivor series women mickie?

  28. 0:38 that ain't a suplex

  29. Where is dolph ziggler in 2014 when he eliminate 4 members of team authority

  30. Where's Dolph Ziggler 2014 Team Cena vs Team Authority

  31. What about Asuka? She also defeated two opponents

  32. Dolph in 2014 even not mentioned. Best Survivor Series ever. Sting debut.

  33. and how is it that dolphs victory at ss 2014 isnt first ejdkskxjs ??

  34. What about Shawn Michaels?
    Team Austin vs team Bischoff

  35. This not fair kofi should be first because he pin 2 wrestlers at obe time and others just pin 1 at a time.

  36. 1:24 #7 Asuka Mom 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. Play 2.08 to 2.16with0.5x speed and see reality of wwe

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  44. Dolph Ziggler was a sole survivor in 2012 and 2014 (SET THINGS UP BY STING ON 2014)


  46. Roman reignssss 😙😙😙😙i love biggest biggest fan of roman reigns…..plss come back roman reigns will soon

  47. Can someone explain to me the whole kofi & Randy incident at survivor series?

  48. dolph shouldve been number 1 kofi didnt have to do a 3v1

  49. WWE forget to block in a comment section because CM Punk is here.

  50. El mejor fue el de Dolph ziggler en Survivor series 2014

  51. Dolph Ziggler vs The Authority forever

  52. Dolph is a legend

  53. Kofi was the best by far in this list

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  56. Dial it up
    Who ya gunna call

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  60. Dolph Zigglar (2014) should be Number 1 because he had the most people he had to go up again alone, 3-1 their was only one person eliminated from the other team ( Mark Henry from a KO Punch by Big Show)!!!

  61. Kofi was always beating Orton tho

  62. I am surprised that Hulk Hogan wasn't apart of the Top Ten. Because Hulk Hogan was the sole survivor in 1989 and 1990 Survivor Series Elimination match. In 1990 i don't know that should count because he was in The Grand Finale Match.

  63. Roman reigns is the best

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  66. Dolph ziggler vs the authority

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