Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

One afternoon at summer camp we went hiking
up Lonesome Ridge with scraggly trees everywhere in the dark, dark forest. My wacky counselor made us sit down in the
clearing. She pulled out a book called “Scary Stories
to Tell Young Children” and began to read. There were three sisters, two older twins
who were having a birthday party and one younger left out sibling. Now this sibling was very kind and sweet and
her sisters were mean and wouldn’t let her join their birthday party. She was very sad. “Oh!” they said, “you
can join us only if… we do Bloody Mary. You’re the first to go sis,” they said. They told her what to do, then shoved her
into the dark candlelit bathroom and closed the door. The little sister did as they said, she flushed
the toilet, spun two times, and then looked into the mirror and said, “Bloody Mary,
Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.” Suddenly, a bloody witch appeared in the mirror. The two sisters who standing outside the door heard their sister screaming and pounding on the door,
but they wouldn’t open it. They didn’t believe in the legend of Bloody Mary, it was
just a game to them. When they finally opened the door, the realized
they were wrong. Their sister was dead. My counselor closed the book and said, “Like,
you guys look totally freaked out, but don’t worry, like just make sure you don’t have
to go to the bathroom tonight!” I was so afraid. When it was time for me to go to bed, I lay
awake with the covers wrenched over my head, I could see the bathroom door opened a crack,
I had to go so badly, but I couldn’t. Bloody Mary would kill me if I went in there! I kept telling myself “It wasn’t real,
it wasn’t real,” but how was I to know if it was real or not. Then I thought back, to library class.. “Now class, when needing to find out whether a book is fiction, non-fiction, historical-fiction,
or fantasy, you simply check under the copyright date in the beginning of the book.” I had an idea. I tip-toed over to where my counselor was
sleeping, there was the book. I grabbed it and flipped it open to the copyright
page. Stories. Fiction. It was completely fake! Bloody Mary wasn’t real! I was so relieved.

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  5. Is this actually true.

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  9. The adult is a jerk GEEZ I mean do u have to scare children Gets out a book to scare adults with Once opon a time a kid didnt go to school. Woman:*Screams out of horror* The end!! Karma for scaring kids

  10. WhAt iS tHat LAuGh gurl you to fix it

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  21. 2nd worst storybooth narrator.

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  25. Tbh the story is not scary ..the narrator is …especially when she says "bloody mary" 3 times

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  27. Your camp councilor is Bloody Mary

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  37. the animator really fucked up on this one

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  43. We all know Bloody Mary is fake

  44. 1:54 i fucking wore headphones, put a warning dude

  45. 2:00

    Then, I thought back to LiBrAry CLaSs

  46. The last of the OG storybooth video

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