BOYS play Games for GIRLS #2

BOYS play Games for GIRLS #2

-Konnichiwa! -Did you mix them?
-English and Japanese I see, I see You’re wearing boring clothes again! They may be…boring But the story is flashy! Again. Wha-wha…What’s going on? Open the “secret relationship”? Not opening! Let’s open it up Wait wait wait This site um…secret relationship…um.. Whoa! What the…? Secret relationship! Secret relationship…EXTREME -This is…different
-Behind the scenes? Boys play games for girls I was super patient. Didn’t peek at the messages this week -Takahashi-san!
-The secret is gone -gone?
-our secret was exposed maybe But your target is his wife. Ah…oh yea Gradually the one falling in love is….Nihongo Gamer No, it’s Misaaaato More new guys appearing Who…who is this? It’s Yokoyama! Right! The guy who had the data we wanted “Sorry about last night” Oh my… This sounds like trouble. What did you do, Misaaato? That or… -“What did I do?”
-“I was drunk. Don’t remember” The next morning “Oh no…what have I done?” We always answer so…! 1) “I had forgotten it, you idiot” What what what? This is a surprise. What a development Oh, like she doesn’t accept the apology. Yes. “I’d gone and forgotten it but…” “You idiot” 2) “There is nothing to apologize about” Seems without realizing we already fell into a secret relationship Is it a real secret relationship, or is he apologizing about the data? I see. or… While Nihongo Gamer has left this phone untouched, Misato went on doing many things on her own The game is doing “Secret actions” on its own! 3) “What’s this all of a sudden? I do have a hangover but..” What is going on? Perhaps by choosing #3 he’s likely to tell us what had happened? I wonder…but #1 he won’t tell us for sure so #3! It’s now at 60% You can use it like LINE. No need to push the button Quite erotic movement “The secret movement” Here comes a New Challenger! Who is this “Shogo”? “Quick notice. Class cancelled for tomorrow and the day after” There will be a substitute so the studio is open I don’t feel any secret relationship for this one -Hmm
-The reply? 1) “Substitue? How irresponsible of you” 2) “What? Shogo, is your show starting from tomorrow? Not next week?” 3) “Tomorrow? What’s happening then?” -No idea
-Hard to tell What happens from tomorrow? Such a quick response. Maybe he’s not so important -Who is next?
-Kurokawa-kun! -What the?
-Oh my, a grown man with a baby’s face on it “He has his cute side but treated more like a large dog” -This is not cute
-Not at all It looks like a baby’s head was attached to the body Having this pose and holding that mascot is weird Yes yes “When I lied and said “Office relationships are forbidden” he believed it” That aside…why is Misato lying to this guy? We gotta reply. Wow “I got an urgent job as a back dancer!” This guy is a dancer? Oh, I finally got it just now! This guy works at the gym or a dance studio He’s an instructor at a dance studio -And Misato goes there regularly?
-Yes, as a student She probably goes there every day to meet him Where does she find the time for such things? Wait, she finishes work pretty early The sleeping job I don’t like his face -Something weird
-Looks girly. ehhh… A dance school run by Matsugaya Matsugaya-san is the owner He’s the dancer at Matsugaya’s dance studio -The guy who gave us the ticket?
-That’s right Umm, I’m curious about this barcode on his sleeve He’s the bike delivery boy, so he needs that to scan The boss is back! Wait, isn’t this Takahashi-san? It’s her boss Takahashi-san. We don’t have to talk to him? -It’s already 100%
-But we haven’t met him yet We can meet him? Ok, we will reply Yes, we are at 100% so… I thought 100% means it’s finished No no. Everything starts here If you keep the % , my guess is… you will meet Takahashi-san We’re not in secret relationship yet The relationship hasn’t been established yet? Ok. Let’s make a secret relationship Aim for Secret Relationship It’s all about Takahashi again You love him My wife’s mood is still pretty bad -A chance for you
-Yes yes! “Uh, btw, where is your wife currently…?” 1) Living separately for so long must feel lonely. -He doesn’t live with his wife now?
-no he doesn’t That means the secret relationship is already made? Any time OK 2) You’re not getting divorced? I’m sorry for being nosy So direct Isn’t she? 3) I see. Once it gets complicated, it’s hard to fix.. Like, once it’s got to a point it’s hard to go back I wonder what happened with his wife?
– Right right I wonder if #1 will prompt him to tell us what happened Mayyybe Let’s try it out -Oh, it was correct
-Right answer! Really makes your heart jump Firstly, I want to realize this secret relationship Also, I really want to maintain the 100% But you know this secret relationship is.. First time this fast -but the reply is not until later
-not yet -Will it come?
– No, no It won’t come until you talk with others -Like this..
-What are you waiting for? I want the replies. It should come… -Not yet..
-Not yet. Go to next We were drunk Let’s go to Yokoyama “What? You don’t remember? We were drunk and…” but but but… #1) Horrible! It gets you hooked. From the very start “Sorry about last night”. What?? Y’know, this Yokoyama guy sits next to her all day making documents #2) “When I woke up, I was in your room. So shocked…” Misato with Yokoyama… With Yokoyama, in his room #3) I was too drunk to remember the details I want to try all of them How do I do that? I don’t think it’s “Horrible” Does” Being surprised” automatically mean she is regretting it or…? He has told me that they were really drunk last night so… – With #3, we may get more details?
-Yes Oh but keep keep keep Maybe #2 would’ve been better… By the way….Takahashi-san! Se…cret Even though the other men are interesting, I cannot forget Takahashi-san “Actually, I’ve already given her the divorce papers” To his wife? “Sorry to make you worried” 1) “So sad. I hope you don’t feel devastated” 2) “Oh my” “Oh my” “Oh myyyyy” -That’s totally the sorta thing Misaaato would say
-She so would #2) “poor you” If it were Misato, she would say “That’s too bad” “Oh my, too bad” is what she’d say This game doesn’t really understand Misato yet 3) “Is that so? Sorry to make you tell me difficult things” This one has the nuance of keeping things at a distance Difficult Well, up until now when I replied in that way… he went on to tell us more info As expected of the Takahashi-san expert here Oh no, he disappeared! This again! That erotic something You say it’s erotic but… That’s actually our goal there 2) is a little too unkind Saying “I hope” means you kind of want to end the conversation So #1 is, too bad, things will brighten up.. Let’s try #3… keep keep keep What are we doing…? Seems we’re not that successful apart from Takahashi-san What about Yokoyama? With Yokohama it’s already a secret relationship so.. -Yes, yes!
-Possibly. “I don’t have clear memory but…” “We…” “did that…” “so…sorry!” So hard to find out. Tell us what happened! 1) “Don’t apologize. It’s not your fault” What kind of relationship?? Don’t know, don’t know! He sits next to us right? 2) “My memory is…a blank” -If she says that, he won’t tell the truth
-That’s right The question is, should she ask about it? Should all be in the open or not? 3) “Don’t need tell me. I get it” -The most difficult one so far
-So true So similar! By the way, when Misato saw the other video, She said” Why are you both so bad at it” “bad at it?” -Maybe I’m not girly enough
-That’s not it Not Misato enough Misaaato power
– Our Misaaato power is lacking… What to do…”Don’t apologize”? -OK
-Your hands are shaking 70%! This is called the “Double office attack” Going for “boss” and “colleague” Hurry up and reply boss! No reply from Takahashi yet Give me a reply soon I’m just pushing and swiping so many times that…does the game realize? hey hey…you’re like Boys and girls are constantly like “When will they reply?” Fairness… Let’s check the other guys Another new guy has come up Oh, I don’t like his face Noooooo His face is ruined Thank you for the reservation e-mail. So boring What about Takahashi What’s wrong, Takahashi? You didn’t reply 6 minutes! I’ve waited 6 whole minutes! The last one he replied in 2 minutes It came!! Why don’t you marry him? I’ll be a bachelor again soon. Before I report to the company… “report to the company..” No need for that “Before it gets out and becomes a rumor, I wanted to tell you” so keep it a secret 1) “Ok, but many girls admire you, so it will get out real fast Difficult 2) Of course I won’t. It’ll be our secret Maybe too direct? or is it? 3) “Once you take off your ring and will get out instantly” I’m wondering if I should do a reply like Misato would or… an answer that can win… Yea, gotta win What would Misato say #2 is risky It’s not like “Let’s be in secret relationship”, but it’s a little aggressive but then again, Takahashi is getting quite aggressive as well so Let’s try #2… to be continued

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