Catfishing Scammers in India (How to Avoid Scammers in India)

Catfishing Scammers in India (How to Avoid Scammers in India)

The best way to avoid scammers in India is to see them in action first-hand So, today I went to Connaught Place and catfished a few out. First off, how these scammers work is that they approach you with some generic opening line. -You wanna drink something? -I was just gonna go and have some tea Oh, no just looking around. -Very crazy country. -I know… -Which country, my friend? -Oh, New Zealand Then, they try and create a rapport with you to gain your trust. It is a Hindi movie, Salman Khan. It’s a very beautiful face Your style, hairstyle is -Salman Khan, Hindi movie. -I think I saw him somewhere On a movie poster, maybe Salman Khan is a very favourite actor. He is a, but very powerful You’re same, same look. Many people speak, your look is Salman. -Oh, really? That’s nice Which country? New Zealand Yeah, thank you. -And you’re from? -New Zealand New Zealand and Australia, same like in Pakistan and India for Cricket. -Yeah. -I know that. – Same thing, rivals. Yeah. I have a friend living in New Zealand. Once they started a conversation with you, they’ll spout off a few random facts about the country you’re from. Then they’ll ask, “How can I help you?” And by “help” they mean how can they take you to an overpriced store where they earn commission. What you’re gonna see next are small parts of my trip with 2 scammers. The first to buy a railway ticket and the second to buy a pashmina. What I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna highlight every single lie they tell, and I’ve translated the Hindi they thought I couldn’t understand. -Down here? -Yes. -This is a strange place for the government office. -Yes, Jan Path is your guide. You have a mobile All these are government approved, ministry of India. -Oh, so, the government runs this? -Yes, sir Hi… all good? Yeah, yeah, I’ll come back here because I need to go get some money out from the ATM. -ATM, this side, sir. -It’s OK. I’ll go this way ’cause -No no no, you go to ATM -Oh ok. Do you know where it is? So what he just did was he didn’t let me walk in the direction of the real government of India tourism office, which is just down that lane. Him and his friends at the travel agency didn’t want me to see that I’ve been fooled. This is the one and only government-run India tourism office in New Delhi. Within 1 kilometer radius there are literally hundreds of fake tourism offices claiming to be this one. The big difference here is that they don’t sell anything. They’re staffed with great people who will help you plan your travel. Visit them in 88 Janpath or “Janpaath” as pronounced in English. -Hey this is a tourism office? -Yeah yeah. In the next clip I’m taking to an overpriced tourist trap. I’m trying to buy a pashmina. But they want to charge me 10 times to what it’s really worth These stores are really hard to get out of too. They put pressure on you to buy. I got tickets. I’m looking for like a pashmina or something. A gift. -You’ve to go this corner, right side, go to ‘Indian market’. -Okay Okay, so the prices are good at this market? Okay, thanks. Jaipur is not good for saris, no? This shop is better? Hi, I just need a present for my girlfriend. This is silk, or? How much is this one? So the cheapest one you have is 3000 rupees? -In silk -In silk, okay. Can I take a photo and send it to her? You know the brand called Hugo Boss? Yeah You know how much they sell their suit for? -A lot of money? -3000-4000 Euros, 3000, 2000. So what I make is will be 200 dollars. It will be lined with pure silk. It will be totally hand-stitched. I’ll show you the style. This quality workmanship, it will not cost you less than $3,000 at your home. Okay, no I have to think about all this and come back. Okay. Thank you for your help though. What the scammers we met today weren’t the worst of the worst. They make it hard for you to leave and they put pressure on you to buy. If I wasn’t so experienced with traveling in India. I definitely would have felt pressured to buy something just to get out of that situation. Yeah, I found some nice stuff but, um. Cheap price No, I’ll have to think about it because I like the stuff they have there. I just need to talk to my girlfriend and show her the photos. So I’ve sent her the photos. Very cheap market. -Oh, no. I need to go eat now, I’m tired. I need to go eat now, I’m tired. I’m going to go eat I saw some restaurant up there, na? -Where? -Connaught Place, this place na? It’s lunch time. -Yeah, it’s lunch time. No, I’m hungry now. Now that you’ve seen these guys in action, you know the signs to look for so you can avoid them all together. If you’re worried about traveling in India, or you want to get the best price when bargaining, check out my Quick Start Guide at

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  59. Hi, if u ask local people they will always help you, india is such a vast country and huge population, Every person got scammed even when they move just 100km

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  61. The thing is that even though the government shops are the best ones to go to, some of them can be irritating.
    We went to Jaipur recently and went into a government emporium shop. They mentally and indirectly harassed us to buy the garments and cloths.
    What they did was as soon as we entered, they were like pestering us to just “take a look” and by that they meant to buy something.
    There was also a souvenir showroom upstairs where they took us and forcefully showed us. We did not want to buy anything yet they pestered us. They were saying it in an empathetic and sweet way like “bas dhekh lo” which translates to just take one look at this. The worst part was that they kept everything too overpriced such as one traditional women’s clothing was 12000 rupees where we could have gotten the same thing for less than 500 in the local market.
    Also they when we told them we want to get out, they told us “the exit is here” while taking us to another part where they sold more souvenirs. To get out, we finally told them that we were not feeling great and just wanted to get out.
    Later we went to Jaisalmer and Jodhpur as well where our tour guides were telling us to go in similar shops but we refused to even enter.
    That is one of the biggest problems in India. They local market sells fake stuff and scams you for it, and the government shops sell authentic stuff for 15 times the real worth.

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