Chase & the Orange who’s Annoying! (FGTEEV GAMEPLAY / SKIT with COVER ORANGE iOS Game)

Chase & the Orange who’s Annoying! (FGTEEV GAMEPLAY / SKIT with COVER ORANGE iOS Game)

Oh no, a storm is coming! Hey! Hey kid! Can you cover me please? [Chase] Sure! Here you go. Bye. Oh no, I hope this works. This is gonna hurt.. a..ah. ahh. Aghhhhh, aghhhh.. Well. I guess it worked. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Fifty eight hundred seconds later… Hey kid w-w-wh-what are you doing? Ouch. Ow. OWW! Stop! Ow… ouch! Why would you do that? .. ow…! Ow! This is fun. Not for me… It’s FGTEEV. What’s up.. FGTEEVers. I’m here with Chase, but mics not down.

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  2. How about annoying orange

  3. 7:29 I don't like the orange!

  4. I like to wock you still👧🏼

  5. This video is so funny lol

  6. Are you a kid still I did not watch you’re videos so long

  7. On level 2 The bird head The star ⭐️

  8. I love your fgteev videos

  9. Shut up poo poo trey

  10. My brain: remember fgteev me: yeah let me see what’s been happening lately

  11. Whos Whatching in 2019 …. My daughter has been a fan since she was two only reason why we started youtube in 2019 ACYL GAMING was Here !!!!

  12. Guys look at Charlie Wilson on YouTube that’s me

  13. It looks like you are
    Having fun 😊

  14. Who is watching in 2019 it was made four years ago

  15. How old is Shays in this video he looks like five years old or five months old. Yeah yeah that’s my twin talking now so much

  16. I looooove your videos

  17. Be a good but impossible

  18. 5:23 you had that Duddy

  19. Mngdnhanhfsncehnnh& whmrnh👪🙃😆👪

  20. My mind:yes lilo:remember VGTeeV:yes lilo


  22. Play lithium city now

  23. Ok Soo I'm 10 and I watched this channel when I was like 5 sooooo I've miss my old childhood channel that I loved Xd

  24. I know that this place is kid friendlyarandas channels kid friendly but I mean it's at punchline ton that's just kind of corny also why was there a dinosaur and a unicorn next to each other when the dinisoar should be eating the dinosaur

  25. Okay just realized I was a long neck

  26. Members at modelling video that you and your family did fgteev duddy I am a big fan of you but she's with so little back then that's so cute tell all your feelings that I said hi and I'm a fan Trinity Mackenzie gibbings

  27. I love you videos of fgteevers

  28. 😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  29. I love my late childhood

  30. I’m protecting King Orange

  31. The spider was holding the star

  32. ༄༄༄༄༄༄༄࿂࿂࿂࿂࿂࿂࿂࿂༥༥༥༥༥

  33. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeet! ok i love your videos their the best in the world!

  34. I watched in 2091 and I’m a true fan still

  35. WOW you’re good at that

  36. Hi guys I have a question for you guys

    Who is the best
    Chase : like
    Dad : comment

  37. eyferdtygffetv ysg23

  38. fgteev i saw the star on level 32 and you miss it on cover the orange

  39. No cases is cute shes little

  40. Oh you got roasted Chase 😏😏😏

  41. I still love your videos t
    hough ❤️❤️❤️

  42. Y are daddy sleeping

  43. Play some more cover Orange

  44. Play gta it is fun

  45. This is so fun can you sponsor this game

  46. Love the bit first always makes me laugh



  48. mehfus jaiden khandaker you are posting in 2019!!!

  49. I have an idea so move the orange to the tunnel and put the chresher 📦 and It will cover the orange 🍊

  50. On the first round the orange was praying

  51. You guys are the most funniest youtubers cause you make me laugh so hard

  52. Hey, hey kid, can you cover me please?

  53. The orange is the orange skin from red ball 4

  54. Kad je se čejs rodio?

  55. Fgteev play more roblox

  56. Get a job!!!!!!😈😈😈😈😈

  57. The back round is the same as mine

  58. Did you guys really use pins in this video?

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