Chicken Biryani | village style 2KG | Beautiful girl cooking | Mana Village Food By Latha Channel

Chicken Biryani | village style 2KG | Beautiful girl cooking | Mana Village Food By Latha Channel

wash wel 2 kg of chicken Cut Onion 1/2 kg Add Badsha Chicken Biryani Powder 1 pkt for this pocket please fallow the link which i given in the discription 6 tea spoonse of red chilli powder Add Yogurt 200 grm Add salt to taste 1 table spoone of home made biryani masala how to make home biryani masala please fallow the link which i given in the discription 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder 6 tablespoons of ginger garlic paste squeeze 1 Lemon juice 1/4 cup of oil Mix well and marinate for 1 hour Please note: not added any chemicals or taste powders 2 kg of basmati rice ( rice are available in online please fallow the link which i given in the description) wash well and soak for 20 minutes cut the green chillies cut the coriander and mint leaves place the chicken bowl on the flame cook the chicken until 1/2 boil keep aside place a bowl on the flame add 1/4 cup of oil add onions and fry well remove and keep aside add 5 to 6 bay leafs, 4 to 6 cloves, 4 to 6 cardamom, 1 tea spoon of saw jeera, 2 pieces of cinnamon, add 1/2 cup of chopped green chillies add 1/2 cup of chopped onions 1 tablespoon of ginger garlic paste add 1/4 cup of mint leaves pour sufficient water and boil add socked rice saute for until 50% boil Add 1 teaspoon of biryani masala and mix wel remove and keep aside place a big bowl on the flame add 3 tablespoon of pure ghee add rice small layer add chicken add fried onions add coriander leaves add mint leaves add 3 tablespoon of pure ghee add remaining soup saute for 20 minutes

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  1. Medam a biryani galat hai
    3 3 3handi nahi badalte

  2. This is wrong meka it biryani

  3. Who watch in 2018 like

  4. shes beautiful? ok, eat her biryani…and ill eat her…bwahahaha!!!

  5. Not good that 😂😂😂😷😷😷😨😨😨

  6. 6 teaspoon chilli? You suppose to only use half teaspoon or 1. Bloody over spicy

  7. 6 spoon of red chili powder and 15 pieces of green chill.. 😂 Pet me aag lag jayegi

  8. Lots of masala, and this is just chicken curry with rice not biriyani

  9. very worst biriyaani

  10. Hello, I am from Indonesia. I love your traditional cooking style. I love hearing the back ground songs too (the sheep, the birds, the chickens, the bell, the natural voice) it's really cool. I have already subscribed your channel. I am going to cook it. Thank you for your recipe.

  11. Yummy chicken biryani

  12. itna sa chikan me itna mashala our itna tezpatta

  13. Ye na Hyderabady, na Lukhnowi, na Kolkata ka style hai…yakhni to bani nahi na gulab Jan ka kewda dala, na kesar dali….samajh me nahi aaya

  14. mahesh cook 9666572835

  15. Nice preparation by sister

  16. chicken rost bnana bataye na plzzz

  17. Tama gaan re kie biriyani khai thila

  18. Super
    Very gud

  19. Beautiful girl kadu aunty prepare castunadi

  20. 👌👌😋😋😋


  22. looks good biriyani but pls add little home science with cooking safety. plan and prepare well in advance.cheers!

  23. Don’t being cheap you have to write just good title because your not exposing woman you just expose about recipes I hope you got it

  24. good try but you can do it

  25. कडक एकच numbr👌👌

  26. maine aaj try kiya bahut acha bana tha thanks

  27. For how many members?pls tell me

  28. Kay takayach kas samjel

  29. नादखुळा

  30. biryani
    zinda baad

  31. India or Bangladesh? ?
    Beautiful lady cooking.

  32. फक्त कीती कीलो कीति पदार्थवापरायचे ते कळावे

  33. Look like a rice and chicken carry 😁😁😁😁😂😂😂

  34. Kitne logo ne beautiful girl Ko dekhne ke liye pura video dekha ??😂😂

  35. i loved fried onions

  36. she is not girl stupid anty

  37. Uff itni mushkil biryani pakai hy

  38. Biriyani hai ki kuchh aur ji

  39. Biriyani aise nahi banta hai madam

  40. Same nenu alage chestanu .bagundi

  41. কিতা কিতা দিছ কওনা কেনে

  42. U r not telling the quantity.. Then it's of no use

  43. Pakaa masss gaaa bagaaa chesaruuuu

  44. Uor lo biryani masala di factory undi

  45. Very nice video thanks u and God bless you

  46. Looks soo delicous

  47. I am Hungry 🍱🍱🍲🍲🍛🍛 please give me that that's my favorite🙇🙇

  48. This is coriander and mint leaves biryani

  49. We're is Beautiful girl lol

  50. Safaai se banaai nice

  51. Great
    Kitni mehnat ki hay

  52. Quantity yentha tesukovali ani voice tho chepthe video Inkaa bagunthundi

  53. I lost my mother but in this vedio I miss her

  54. You have not made it good because you were keeping that spoon again and again down on the floor

  55. पंढरपूर मधील एक सुंदर वृंदावन म्हणजे तुळसी वृंदावन , एकदा नक्की बगा
    आवडल्यास like आणि subscribe करा

  56. I like the start how to prepare us step by Steps loved nice food 👌yummy

  57. Kya zarurat h aesi biryani k name p dhabey ko dikhane ki

  58. Village ki biryani style 😉 ekdum mast hai mi Ghari Karun bagtil friends ekdum happy jale ani mi pan super…😊

  59. The best recipe of chicken Biryani

  60. Wow,yaaammmiiiiii

  61. are maidam wah wah kyaa banai hai aap biryaani

  62. No Dum biryani …no Hyderabad biryani …A unki own biryani

  63. సూపర్ … చాలా బాగుంది… మంచి బిర్యానీ

  64. Don't waste water

  65. Very nice to see husband and wife helping each other with cooking.. Very nicely made👍

  66. Uspe toe oil nai dale

  67. Did they add oil to the chicken

  68. మీరు చేసె విదనం బాగుదీ కనీ మీరు ఏమీ ఐటం వేసారు ఆనెదీ తేలీయలీ కాధ మేడం మాటలు వీన బడటలేదు

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