Cinderella (GoodTimes) – Phelous

Cinderella (GoodTimes) – Phelous

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  1. "I told my parents no fat chicks" LMFAO

  2. A tale about finding true love based SOLE-ly on shoe size

  3. That damn Gentlemen

  4. No,her real name is Ella.

  5. Seeing how modern atari seems set on driving all franchises they own into the ground, the connection to goodtimes isnt surprising.


  7. I love Phelous' obsession with hair continuity

  8. I think my favorite part of Phelous's review of these cash in cartoons is calling out the lazy fat jokes.

    It'd be one thing if they made one or two food jokes (didn't matter who the character was) but it's another thing when an entire character's persona is "They're fat they like food! Food food food!"

  9. 16:01 Um… Is nobody going to point out that the guy in the back literally has the same color scheme as the conductor? XD

  10. 6:50 oh my lord , ohhh

  11. Kathleen Barr, Garry Chalk, Ian James Corlett, Michael Donovan, Phil Hayes, Ellen Kennedy, Terry Klassen and Andrea Libman!? Oh god, who are they voicing!? Such awesome voice actors in this piece of shit. Well, that's just Prime.

  12. It’s odd to me that Phelous is familiar with Beyoncé.

  13. Funny reality: this review could easily apply much of it to the Disney adaptations story wise lol.

  14. 20:36 Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella sung just like this Cinderella did so that she could be heard/

  15. aaahh, good times movies, i remember when i was a kid i'd seen Disney's Cinderella and Sleeping beauty and i asked my very greedy grandma if i could have those as my christmas gift. Of course she would buy the Disney ones because they were a little more expensive so she bought me Good times' Cinderella and some other ripoff. I was 6 years old. I was still extremely disappointed.

  16. Oh my goooooooooooooood !!!!!

  17. 22:44 "They will marry two handsome lords who, aside from being major alcoholics with various STDs, will eventually leave their wives in order to be together."

  18. 5:10 Scott Steiner: HE'S FAT

  19. At least in Disneys version the prince didn't attend the shoe fitting so they didn't make it look stupid that he wasn't looking for her face.

  20. This "Gentleman" had the same common sense on evil as the people of Nohr

    to all the FE fans that get this, thank you

  21. 5:04 – 5:09 Doesn't she sound like May Kanker from Ed Edd n' Eddy?

  22. Have you done Jetleg’s Sleeping Beauty?

  23. They spelt Andrea Libman's name wrong. "Pfft! That little girl will never be heard of again."

  24. You know,the fat sister looks appealing to me somehow



    Goodtimes IS GT INTERACTIVE!?

    My world is a lie

  27. I literally almost did a spittake at Cinderella riding the pumpkin to the ball (especially with the screaming)

  28. Fat stepsister's name is Eaty? Did they even tried? That's disgustingly lazy writing.

  29. Gentleman must have taken parenting tips from Old Man

  30. If the prince was face blind, speaking from personal experience he would be quicker to dismiss certain people not slower, because he would mostly be looking for a girl with the same hairstyle

  31. Much like how I like to think Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is really named Isabelle and Belle was a nickname, I usually think of Cinderella really being named Daniella. I can also see why other versions of this story make the father either dead before the abuse started or a negligent asshole who doesn’t care that his new wife and stepdaughters are abusing his actual daughter instead of being naively blinded by love for his new wife. In fact the movie version of Ella Enchanted pissed me off because they made the father very naive about the abuse aside from the fact the Ella Enchanted movie is just awful, in I think the much better book actually made the father a jerk who didn’t care that his new wife and her daughters abused his daughter. Also the shoe thing makes a little more sense when the ball is a masquerade and everyone’s face was covered by a mask.

  32. Some Cinderella adaptations make the ball a masquerade ball, so it would make since the prince wouldn't recognized her. Also some of them have Cinderella having freakishly small feet because her mother was a fairy, so the shoe thing would make since. Also since the shoes are magical they could only fit her. I've seen that done as well.

  33. Phelan, do you think I'll ever find love or will my evil bitch of a mum just continue to let her ignorance get in the way of my happiness?

  34. This coming from Old Man, ya loser

  35. 4:02 that sounds like a bio for the typical roleplayer.

  36. 22:21 where the hell is his arm???

  37. 16:02 Do they just keep looping the same soundbyte of a woman going 'my god'

  38. I feel as though the live action Disney version kinda did better with the whole father thing as Cinderella willingly gave up her room to the step sisters and didn’t complain to her father because she was trying to honor her mother’s last wish which was for her to always be kind and loving. So in a way it made her more noble as she believed if she continued to be kind to them they would eventually realize they would get a lot more but they never did. It’s one of the few live action Disney movies I would say did a better job explaining certain things then the cartoon.

  39. The Cinderlla cartoon is based on the cinderlla book thats almost as shocking that the spider-man cartoon was based on the spider-man comicbook.

  40. I'm in a library. I should stop laughing 😆.

  41. I drop a shoe each time I go in public on principle in case someone sees me and falls in love. I’ve lost a lot of shoes.

  42. I know this one, I think there's a German version. I don't think this one is bad.

  43. god i want that shirt

  44. 18:35 “…All single ladies…” I just want to imagine a version of this story where Cinderella is a married woman who cheats on her husband with the prince.

  45. cant remember how the glass slipper thing was addressed in the original brothers grimm story but i do remember the two step sisters tried hacking off parts of their feet to fit in the slippers


  47. 14:05 I thought it was Cinderella, not Star Wars battlegrounds 2

  48. I can't keep track of all these companies when all their products look the same.

  49. "Wow! These are uncomfortable as fuck!"😆 I mean, they are made of GLASS.

  50. Phelous, for your daily dose of sarcasm…

  51. Movie is missing Wabuu.

  52. Hell, if the prince turned into a pumpkin head and revealed himself to be Samhain, I would definitely say yes and marry him so every day would be Halloween! 💖🎃💖

  53. ​the whole thing with the prince needing the shoe to find cinderella would be easily fixed if a) it was a masquerade ball and the whole point was that the guests are supposed to unmask/reveal their identity at the end so the prince doesn't ask who cinderella is because he assumes she'll stay until the end because it'd be a faux pas to flake out on a royal ball, and b) instead of fitting the shoe on every girl in town he just looks for one that has the other pair.


  55. My question for this movie is, Why would Gentleman fall for such an ugly woman? Is he turned on by her witch face?





  57. 13:45 It's Monsieur Rodent. (*Breaks neck*)

  58. Yay good times 😌🔫

    Where can i get that t-shirt

  59. 21:38 Aww your so cute. I wanna snuggle ya.

  60. The farther sure was a supreme gentleman.

  61. In most tellings of the story, Cinderella's real name is Ella.

  62. If lizards blushing is getting you worked up, then…. hehehe, yeah, stay away from Furaffinity…

  63. I’m so loving that Old Man Shirt.

  64. PRINCE: You're hawt! Let's get married.


    WABU: These people are soooo stuuuuupid!!!

  65. If he hasn’t already I want Phelous to do the goodtimes Leo the Lion so bad. I had the book and audiocassette that I’d listen to all the time, and I remember my mom renting the DVD from blockbuster online and having it come in the mail.

  66. I feel like the shoes should’ve been 100% magic instead of having been something else beforehand and due to the magic it would only be allowed on one foot in the entire kingdom and the fairy godmother had informed the Prince of that but the stepmother bitch figured out who it was and prevented the fairy godmother from revealing anything more

    Okay never mind somebody will complain about the changes I just suggested

  67. Watch me fix two major plot holes: the stepmother somehow not recognizing Cinderella, and the prince also not just looking at Cinderella at the end and remembering she was the one he danced with therefore making the shoe scene a TEENY bit more understandable.
    It's a masquerade party. They wear masks…there.

  68. I wonder if Disney will ever attempt a Rudolph movie… Also the comments section got completely soaked from the mass washings of Old Man shirts. It's completely useless now! /tosses the comments into the dump pile/

  69. Fun Fact: GT Interactive is also responsible for the PC ports of Mortal Kombat 3 & Mortal Kombat Trilogy + the Sega Saturn PAL port of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. the only other fighting game by Midway that GT Interactive is credited into porting to the PC was War Gods.

  70. Another Fun Fact: GT Interactive's most critical claim to fame is being the official publishers of both id Software's Doom II: Hell On Earth & Quake 1.

  71. 16:05 my eardrums explode AND THERE WENT MY HEARING!! I should be sad but i'm just glad i don't have to listen to this movie anymore…ah that's nice… medic from TF2 heals my ears NO!!!!!!!!!

  72. I don't understand why the father is still alive and well. But is still a neglectful dumbass to not be aware of his daughter's enslavement! 💢

  73. 4:06 "His life was filled with beauty"…….."Awkward….."
    Also, there are so many quotes to list them all XD
    This is one of the funniest videos ever

  74. "so the current incarnation of Atari has goodtimes entertainment connections." now im just imagining old man in atari's ET game.
    old man: drops into one of those random pits
    old man: well, it looks like I was expected!!!

  75. Wouldn't this story make more sense if it were a masquerade ball?

  76. What was Cinderella real name?

  77. As a fellow GENTLEMAN, I also exhibit proper behaviour at all times, for when I walk past homeless individuals on the street, I make sure to properly kick them in the bollocks. THAT is what it TAKES to be a GENTLEMAN!

  78. Can someone please tell me the proper name &/or location of the 'actually' song?

  79. This adaptation really doesn't even try to convince us that there is anything beyond external beauty that motivates our two leads to hook up… At least they're being upfront about it, I guess?

  80. ever get the feeling he just wants to make a youtube poop

  81. I remember my cousin had this movie along with Snow White. And it was her favorite VHS tape. And she played the video and replayed it so many times (I can't remember, I think 12). Years later I had very faint memories of these two films and I thought I was going crazy and made them up. Glad to know I wasn't crazy.

  82. Or like the anime tv series version, her father is overseas through most if not all of the series and therefore doesn't know what's going on(I think he comes back at the end of the series when Cinderella is already marrying the prince and her sisters and stepmother have reconciled with her)

  83. He did a good job tearing this movie apart, which must have been pretty hard since this is the most bland version of Cinderella ever. Not laughably bad, just forgettable

  84. does anyone know where the actually theme came from 20:11 onwards to 20:16

  85. This video is all meme material and I love it.

  86. 🤣 That t-shirt

  87. I had this one when I was younger ! I watched thiswhen you first posted this. And then when we were moving in to our apartment I found my vhs in storage ! So now I’m watching your video again because I can’t believe I had this ! My gram got it for me when I got my first bus tv . The little old black ones with a built in vhs player . I just wanted to tell you because it’s cool knowing I have one of theses . When I found it in storage I was like what was I thinking when I was 9 . Watching your video of this was nostalgic and ya this movie is crap but it entertained me when I was little now though I see it’s crap . I also had Snow White . Thanks for making awesome vids and I enjoy reliving my childhood memories with a cool friend 🙂

  88. I may be a minority here, but as dumb and hokey Good Times adaptations were, I always though that their versions of Cinderella and Esmeralda looked hotter than their Disney counterparts. Those designs by Japanese animators belong in better products.

  89. "blessed with the most attractive daughter"
    Does it sounds creepy just for me?

  90. I wonder, from what this "actually actually actuaaallyy" fragment? I tried shazam it, google it, but no use. There is searches "actually actually actually song" but they show nothing related to this fragment.
    Ok, i made my homework, and music motive is "Hava nagila", but still can't find actually version XD

  91. My parents bought me a box set of these goodtime nock offs when I was a little kid

  92. Where can I get a t-shirt like yours? XD

  93. My father put his new wife ahead of his daughter. The bitch hounded me until I was so stressed it caused a seizure and then I was kicked out of the house. So… Yeah…

  94. Lol i can relate Cinderella. I can.

  95. If you do drugs you go to hell before you die

  96. Hey phelous, you're always reviewing Disney rip offs, why not review an official one?
    Cinderella 3 seems to be made by the tom and Jerry willy Wonka movie people, and it retcons the first 2 movies out of existence and replaces it with a nonsensical mess of a "story" (canonically in Disney's Cinderella, she doesn't marry the prince because of the glass shoe anymore, it's sooooo much dumber and overcomplicated)

    I think reviewing actual Disney stuff would be very refreshing
    And I'd like to see you mention if the originals were remade for Blu Ray or not, I heard the art was entirely remade digitally

  97. For some reason, the song that Cinderella and the prince sing during that dream sequence has been playing on my mind for some time.

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