College Football ”Alabama vs Wisconsin” Sep 5, 2015

College Football ”Alabama vs Wisconsin” Sep 5, 2015

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  1. Fantastic video! Thanks for the upload!

  2. Thanks for the upload! Roll Tide

  3. Great quality! And nice and early too, you da real MVP

  4. Roll Tide……
    Alabama Is Loaded Again!

  5. 16:46 Alabama Derrick Henry Busted through the Wisconsin defense for first TD!  47:00 Alabama Foster Alabama second TD! 1:12:33 Alabama Derrick Henry busted through the middle for a 3rd TD!  1:31:04 Henry 4th TD! 1:59:21 Drake TD!

  6. It's a shame the second half wasn't as good as the first half.
    Best of luck the rest of the year.

  7. thannnnnnnk yooooouuuu for the upload

  8. great quality video..RTR

  9. Thanks for the fast upload, awesome quality, please keep posting,, Bama Jim (Thailand)

  10. I Am So Happy Alabama Win The One I Want?

  11. Great start to the season. Best of luck to you rest of season Wisconsin. ROLLTIDEROLL!!!!!

  12. Roll Tide from way out west in California. Thanks for the upload.

  13. Man, I've uploaded a few Wisconsin videos and gotten nothing from Badgers fans. I upload one Alabama game and all their fans are thanking me and telling me I'm the man. You guys are alright with me. Please go on and beat Ohio State, I know I should be rooting for the Big Ten and all, but their fans (OSU) are a bunch of jerks. You guys deserve it more.

  14. I couldn't watch the game, but I watched the video thx man

  15. WVU played way better against Alabama last year. The Little 10 in down to the Little 2. Ohio State or Michigan State. There are only two good solid teams in the Little 10 now.

  16. Thanks for the upload!!  I missed the game, but you brought back !! Good job !!! Roll Tide Roll !!!!!!

  17. Thanks man for the upload. As an Australian gridiron fan you tube is were I get my fix

  18. Thank you so much for posting. I'm a bama fan and had to get my cable shutoff (Can't afford it anymore) I'm now relying on Youtube to watch the games. I subscribed. I'll watch the Wisonsin games you post too

  19. Working in Guam. Thank you for the upload. #ROLLTIDE

  20. it's not easy to watch college football in germany, so thank you very much for the upload and also the great quality!

  21. Amazing upload. 720p at 60fps is probably the best quality I've ever seen for a football game. 1080p would be GODLY. Subbed, hopefully you keep putting these out.

  22. 10 seconds in and I had to post a comment – WOAH!! AWESOMELY EPIC quality mate! Cheers!!

  23. Roll Tide!! Thanks for uploading.

  24. Sadly with such a new bunch, i think we(bama) are gonna have a hard time winning a championship. We've had us a pretty good stretch, but as new players come and old players go you see lulls in any team.

  25. Hawaii number 11 was too busy trying to steal the ball, instead of making tackles.

  26. I am a UGA fan and this is one of the best quality uploads I have seen. I hope you record UGA vs BAMA

  27. Roll Tide Roll 😍😘💋🌊🐘🏈❤️

  28. Hey !! Thanks for loading this up. I'm a Badger fan stuck in MN, and they never show games here, even the Sat. night game was preempted by a goofy movie. The local channels do that to the Packers too. I can see the NFL games on GamePass, but Big10 games….never. Many thanks – I really enjoyed watching this game.

  29. Please tell me ppl Still haven't given up on UT

  30. One question 🙂 are u allowed to pull the ball out of the enemys team hands? im from europe so how the hell do i know 🙂

  31. Roll Tide and thanks for posting. The Badgers will be back in 2016.

  32. they got beat 59_0 dumb ass

  33. should thought that

  34. Derrick Henry looks real nice at AT&T stadium he well be looking even better when he is playing for the DALLAS COWBOYS wearing #22 holding down the tradition Bob Hayes and Emmitt Smith Started!!!

  35. i respect all of the big ten fans except ohio state's-their fans are jerks

  36. Can someone please explain to me why I'm not enjoying American football? I'm not american I came to the US few years ago and I just wanted to learn the rule and watch a match and see what it's all about and this was my first match to watch but the problem is for a soccer fan like myself I find this very disrupptive.. they play few seconds and then stop then play few more seconds crashing into eachother and then stopping I find the lack in continuity due to the nature of the game is just less compelling.. All other sport games have more continuity to it that makes it more fun to watch.. Anyone knows if I'm missing something and can explain it to me? Please understand im not trying to be offensive and I know it's very popular here in the US but what am I missing that I'm not enjoying it?

  37. thanks for the upload…missed game …thanks again….rtr

  38. as a tide fan i did not know wisonsin had such a great season….this being the first game i didn't think much about it…but looking at wisconsin's final tally i see they lost only a couple and close at that…dang….great team….gonna make me look at their other games….good team….great game

  39. Hey Tide fans, I think I speak for most of Badger nation when I say we like you guys because you beat that punk Bielema and Arkansas every year… unlike those losers at Auburn. Keep it up and shut that guy's mouth. Yeah, I'll admit it, still bitter.

  40. Thanks for the upload Kdavis508! According to Ben Jacox we have no class act!? Mr. Ben! I just told Mr.Kdavis508 thank you. I wonder how stupid you feel now? Where is a fact that I talk bad or trash about Wisconsin? Where is my classless act towards anybody on this channel? You talk trash & know nothing about Alabama that is your stupidity down fall.

  41. thanks for uploading this! never caught this game and it's a good way to pass the time! sorry about taking your DC lol. See you guys in Green Bay at the start of this season!

  42. yea had to watch the game again….wondering who were wisconsin's fans cheering for the national champ game

  43. yea i had to watch again….wanted to see our qb for next yr…..think i need to get a life…

  44. Well, so much for Wisconsin having an undefeated season

  45. I went to that game

  46. Capuito got hit hard all i gotta say

  47. WWE saint anthony school in everett

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