Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Special Training with Volleyball Legends [ENG/2016.06.07]

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Special Training with Volleyball Legends [ENG/2016.06.07]

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  1. am i the only one who got hyped when Call Me Baby played in the background? Hahaha

  2. 38:40 that rally though 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  3. 43:37 I just jammed with the music!!!
    BTS everywhere 🙂

  4. so on one team, 5 members of cool kiz and 3 legends, while the other has 3 members of cool kiz and 5 legends.

  5. I can't stop laughing every time dohun would spike and the star wars theme would play in the background😂😂😂

  6. is it just me or does jota looks like g dragon from bigbang…only the cuter version??

  7. Sleepy should've been replaced with hodong he's better

  8. Im Dohun is soo good


  10. Sleepy has so much screen time cheering than playing.kekeke, So funny

  11. Kangnam's mouth versus Hodong's 👄 😬😁

    Both very funny!

  12. I respect all the Legends 🙌
    Specially Coach Jinsik and Coach Dohu.
    The Brown Bomber Vs. The Cannonball .

  13. Jinsik looks like an easy going person like him

  14. highkey upset ryohei isn't getting the recognition he deserves 🙁

  15. I went here for jota on their first episode, but i keep on watching because of the volleyball legends who has been going to the show ❤️ i cant stop watchinggg

  16. Why are there 3 videos set as private for the volleyball series? I want to see the entire series again. TT ^ TT

  17. Did Park Heesang appear on other programs?

  18. lol did i just heard bts fire when dohun doing the spike at the first match??

  19. The pros playing is so exciting einwvnrvnonvrn wont it be cool if they played against Male Volleyball Players (Sungmin, Yohan and others) who appeared before

  20. my babbies in the intro, all my baby daddies… just can't

  21. Even though the teams were not divided fairly I think Sejin’s team showed that a good defense is the greatest offense…that was a great game to watch.

  22. why did kbs private the women atheletes one?? i want to watch it

  23. Diam2 ubi berisi

  24. The only girl senior is very flexible and very attentive…. She's awesome….

  25. Kangnam is so extra.. "Excuse me, Who is this Ahjussi?" OMG I just can't stop laughing

  26. Yeay call me baby 😍

  27. Exo call me baby💖💕😍

  28. I cant see the last episode :< have you seen it? I saw from the comments that it's private, do you know the reason why?

  29. This is the most entertaining volleyball game on cool kiz. Go go Rhoyei!

  30. 43:50 I startet to dance when they played Fire from BTS im the Background xD

  31. tbh, while watching the whole volleyball series, i just cant help but to feel bad for sleepy. why was he even there if he wouldn't play? he was sitting alone in every episode, imagine how much he wanted to play and hone his skills too like the other guys. plus, hodong sometimes do get on my nerves, he tend to be bossy sometimes and get so loud about this and that. and it felt like sometimes ryohei didn't get much recognition he deserved just like how they praise hakjin all the time.

  32. OK, Who In Jung is a fucking babe.

  33. I just like Shin Jin Sik so much. He seems like such a personable guy!

  34. I mean, Park Heesang's legs.

  35. honestly they should've let sleepy play

  36. also hodong looks like a tricycle driver- but yeah good game

  37. wait is it me or when the video started the music in the background playing was MONSTAX-ALL IN

  38. The editors crack me tf up with their shady comments 😂😂😂

  39. I love the Kangmin defends his coach. He's super fast on the uptake.

  40. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaooo the pro gamers are no kidding…. 2019 hands up……..

  41. im clapping hard like crazy

  42. pregnant and elderly women shouldnt watch looool

  43. Seriously??? No one comment about how strong is ryohei’s serve???

  44. Ryohei 👏👏👏👏👏

  45. Is it just me or the camera is always showing hakjin?..I mean im talking from the episodes that ive watched butt i aint complainin ya know *winkwink

  46. Since when did sets end in 21?!that’s lame end it in 15 or 25…do it properly

  47. jinsik is too good wtf and why does he kinda look like my dad lol

  48. jinsik is too good wtf and why does he kinda look like my dad lol

  49. Im Donghun is so handsome. I now know how Yoon Kyunsang will look like when he gets older. 💙

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