Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – The 11th Sport, Volleyball (2016.03.22)

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – The 11th Sport, Volleyball (2016.03.22)

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  1. This was when I first knew Hak Jin. He was probably the most unknown Ace introduced by Cool Kiz. He is going to be become bigger from now on. Well done Hak Jin!

  2. this is my first time watching this show, i actually came here for juta, but now i will probably watch other episodes as well! i really like it so far, the cast is great too ^_^

  3. Omg i just discovered this volleyball part of the show and jaeyoon is the guy from another oh hae young!!! Also i love and know all the members on the team!! Time to binge watch!!

  4. I LOVE YOU, JOTA!!!

  5. Am I the only one who doesn't care for anyone apart from Ryohei? 😁

  6. 46.30 when the play black veil brides😱

  7. in my country 2 of new video in this playlist wasn't able to played,because the uploader not making available in my country

  8. Please bring back the old KBS in Youtube where we can watch the whole episode. You have so many fans here in the Philippines. Please. 😥😥😥

  9. It's nice to revisit how Hak Jin started. He has grown so much. He is more confident now.

  10. Jota ~ Jeayoon ~ <3

  11. I know this isn't judo anymore and the coaches are busy preparing the contenders but can we get coach cho and Lee in this as a guest so the team will be kind of complete? Lol even idpf they might know nothing about volleyball? Uggghh still stuck on judo… Btw Jota and jaeyoon <3

  12. reality shows in korea is no joke.. wow..

  13. Hodong in the beginning 💕. 8:37 I remember his love for John park.

  14. I don't like to play or watch volleyball, but I came to support Jota💪. Jota and Madtown, fighting💕🙏!!!!
    Does Jota also appear in Wrestling?

  15. 엔강이 안보이넹 그만뒀나?

  16. I will have to say that out of all the Cool Kiz on the Block Team, this is by far my favorite. I LOVE ALL OF THEM. They each have their own funny and cute characteristics in them. Wishing JOTA of MADTOWN the best. He has so much to give to the entertainment business. I also love their team spirit. Not a single one of them look and/or act arrogant… thinking that they are better than the next person. ALL ARE VERY HUMBLE. Wishing all of them a HUGE SUCCESS in the business. GO GO GO VOLLEYBALL TEAM. FIGHTHING!!!

  17. OH MY GOD DID I JUST HEAR FLYFF RIGHT THERE 36:45 oh gosh i love that game

  18. manseok looks like john park

  19. Jae Yoon, Hakjin and Jota are just so handsome (but Jaeyoon is just…damn <3)

  20. the coach looks like korea version of kylo ren.. (im getting bit teary when jota told that he slept on the floor..

  21. can it be volleyball with coach Lee and Cho…uhhh i miss judo already though i like this volleyball team as well

  22. Rien qu'avec la façon de cuisiner je savais que c'était Jota. Il est bon à marier. Je suis jalouse de sa future compagne….. Sexy, athlétique, il cuisine, chante, danse et en plus il est sympathique….

  23. watching this as soon as season 3 of haikyuu starts

  24. Everyone is talking about Jota and I'm just here drooling over Jaeyoon. He's too handsome and too hot =o

  25. they should invite kwangsoo when it comes to jumping HAHAHAHA

  26. I hope kangnam will have a comeback soon and show us his amazing voice.

  27. season 3 of haikyuu ended and i still can't move i decided to watch this TT___TT look at those real life blocks and spikes ♡♡

  28. I love kangnam's humor haha

  29. Did Jaeyoon give the other chocolate to Jota??? Huhuhuhu

  30. Is Hakjin's board already cut in half? 59:12


  32. Aww, Jaeyoon gave Jota the other chocolate bar he took down! Cute 💕

  33. 38:33 rYOHEI LOOKS SO GOOD HERE. he needs to add more meat now xD

  34. i watch JOTA in WGM with JINKYUNG and i really like them there, ,and now all his sports in cool kiz i want to watch, ,I've fall in love with JOTA and also at madtown 😉😊😊

  35. jota tapped out on jae yoon's groin… how to be him?? haahahah

  36. I definitely saw the ball that is going to hit the 4th gourd did not hit until but it did???????

  37. I'm so jealous Jota'wife.😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣
    I ship Hak jin and Jota.😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😄😄😄😄😄

  38. Lol not everyone even hit the gourd and it opened anyway for show

  39. Tbh it's more amazing if they're short and can jump that high to grab the banana


  41. At 59:13, it looks like the boards at the back are already broken… or is that just me???

  42. Ryohei is so handsome, strong kind smart and sweet … lucky the girl who is able to marry him……… 🙁

  43. It would have been so cool if got7 mark was on it since he played volleyball in school too


  45. I was hoping when Jaeyoon went for the second chocolate he'd give one to Jota and just saw Jota taking a bite! Ah, love these two!!

  46. Jaeyeon is Kim Jong Kook of Kol Kiz. but Jong Kook is funnier kekeke


  48. That's kind of unfair cause ryohei played volleyball for who knows how long 😂

  49. came here for jota❤❤❤ and found kangnam so funny whenever he open his mouth 😅😅😅

  50. is suikoden 2 song at the beginning?

  51. Jota, i'm an interior designer… marry me. HAHAHA just kidding.

  52. Jota is so talented he deserved better I swear

  53. Hakjin’s voice sound like jisoo

  54. When ryohei spike I suddenly remembered roommate when he show them a spike but the punishment was to get spike by Ryohei hahah

  55. It's 2018, and I decided to watch this show again. :')

  56. Because of this show I'm more interested in watching korean team this coming winter olympics.

  57. I'm watching the judo and volleyball segments again. I miss this show so much huhuhuuh. Please bring this show back! This international fan is begging you, KBS. 😢

  58. That is not 3m 30cm even some professionals struggle to reach that height and even me as a volleyball player never reached 3m 30cm my highest reach point is 3m 10cm and i jump way higher and reach atleast a head above all of them.

  59. 59:12 is it me or two of the boards are already broken?

  60. LMAO Kangnam and his connection 😂

  61. Lee Jaeyoon is so sweet.

  62. please protect hakjin huhu he is so cute <3 luv luv

  63. Nice to see you again, Jota…

  64. Omg!! Kenapa baru tau acara ini!!! 😆😆😆

  65. Jota in black i cant believe it how can he be that beautiful?! Answermeeee! Im losing my mind!🙈😚❣🙄💓

  66. When Jota was eating the banana while smilling and looking at the camera I MELTED! WAAAAAHHH BABY SARANGHAE!😲😗😗😗🙈😚😚😚😙😙😙💓💓💗💜🔥❣

  67. You guys often use jota as bait!!😁😂🤣😘

  68. Wait, If a basketball rim is 3m height? (What i've read), then that means most of these guys can easily grab it or dunk in basketball?

  69. I’m just so happy to see jota for this game too. I’m a few years late and I found him through this show but as of now madtown disbanded a while back and he has been inactive. He was just on law of the jungle I think but I haven’t watched it yet and he has no social media accounts or nothing so there is literally never any news about him. Makes me so sad lol so at least I can watch him here play volleyball for now.

  70. I screamed when jaeyoon helped jota up after the little grappling match. So cuuute. What a good man

  71. Actually watching the intro for jota and seeing their dorm breaks my heart cause it shows that they don’t get the right budget they need…madtown it so talented they deserve more attention

  72. Go Jota my love!!!! As a first timer, you almost cut the board in half. Good job ♥️

  73. Can join a volleyball im a lebero

  74. Can i just say Hakjin is so good looking and probably if he doesn't have that injuries he would be playin in the pro league. I just feel bad it's not easy to throw away that 10 years of experience especially as an athlete

  75. 내 이름은 피비이고 나는 미국 출신이다. 나는 당신이 만드는 비디오를 보는 재미를 가지고있다. 내가 한국에서 입양했기 때문에 나는 한국어를 말할 수 없기 때문에 자막이있는 비디오를 본다. 나는 당신과 함께 배구를 할 수 있었으면 좋겠다. 중학교 팀이 친구들에게 내 꿈을 꾸는 것이 재미있을 것이다. 그러나 메신저에서 누군가와 어쨌든 famus 있습니다. 이 일은 결코 일어나지 않을 것입니다. 그러나 만약 당신이 이것을 볼 수 있다면 팀에게 다음 팀과의 행운을 말해주고 학진에게 내가 좋아하는 미안한 요타 인 좋은 일을 계속하도록 말하십시오. 어쨌든 위대한 비디오와 웃음을 만들어 주셔서 감사합니다. 피비

  76. Kangnam! so funny, cute and good looking I'm really enjoying this program coz the volleyball legend is giving tips to the celebs who have experience in playing volleyball..I like OTani!!

  77. 48:35 Haikyuu fans will understand hahahah

  78. kangnam is so cute

  79. 12:00 song title please….

  80. @59:13 I’m not sure what happened and you can correct me if I’m wrong but you can kinda tell one or two of the boards are already broken before Hakjin even spikes soooo…

  81. 1:01:45 my heartu boom boom

  82. ive officially fallen head over heels for hakjin TT

  83. I'll watch this again and again and again and again… hakjin and ryohei is just 😍

  84. can someone confirm for me lmao bc i think im hearing a song by black veil brides at 46:35???

  85. First of all, I am turkish and seriously I was watching the judo matches and
    I felt sorry for the end of the program because I like watching Jota. Buuuuutttt I will be able to watch him again. :))))) <3 <3 <3 He is really awsome. And
    I know this program was published 3 years ago, but I'm watching now. I'm excited for Jota's volleyball tournaments. 나는 너를 매일 만나고 싶다. <3 <3 🙂 There is a Turkish saying. Sometimes,Young people use this sentence. ……<3
    I want to bite you in your smile. 🙂 <3 …… This means is your smile is very pretty ever and I want to see you smile all the time. 🙂 I know you didn't read this comment never but again I want to tell 🙂 Take care yourself, please. 🙂

  86. Aish Lee Jae Yoon seriously not appropriate for my brain 😭

  87. im falling in love with otani. omg

  88. KBS please cast lee Jae Yoon in dramas! He really needs drama of his own!

  89. 23:15 you can see kang nam is not laughing.. maybe because he can understand and see the struggles in Jota's dorm


  91. Madtown has been scammed by their agency. Tsk tsk They doing well. 🙁 Its sad thay they are not active now.

  92. I watch this because i miss jota, madtown deserve better, seriously. That company really ruined all of them.

  93. Jaeyoon our ace😍.. Omo… Omo

  94. Madtown really deserved more attention 🙁 I'm watching this in 2019 and they already disbanded I'm so sad

  95. If Ryohei and Hakjin bitch slaps you'll definitely get a dislocated jaw injury 😂😂😂

  96. 42:50 so easy for them… I can't even reach the net cuz I'm tiny TT

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