Daz Watches Worst Bullying Film Ever

Daz Watches Worst Bullying Film Ever

How’s it going Dazzlers, welcome back to Daz games! And another Daz watches Guys, before we get into today’s video, I just wanted to say Another sketch has been uploaded to the amazing channel that is Daz Black You can go there now the link is in the description below It’s a sketch about Jurassic Park so if you guys like dinosaurs and Daz Black It’s like a double whammy Today guys another thing I wanted to say was before we get into todays video i’d just like to say, bullying is a very serious topic and it’s not something that I make fun of. As a victim of bullying myself growing up like I said it’s not to be made fun of. Todays video touches on the subject, but in a really bad way. A lot of you guys have been asking me to react to this short film that apparently is really poorly acted, cheesy kind of just doesn’t hit the mark. It’s a short film about anti-bullying, but the problem is that it’s done so badly that people just can’t help but laugh. So we’re going to remove the subject of bullying from this video, so we can make fun of it. No i’m joking, like we’re not going to be focusing on real life bullying, we’re focusing on the video itself, okay so i’m not making fun of bullying or these peoples attempts to bring light to the act of bullying. So yeah let’s watch! Okay Alright (Tense Music) Apparently Hans Zimmer did the soundtrack. “Oh, nice job man!” Okay first of all who the fuck was this Who’s that? Who’s that?! What’s she … what’s she doing? like just watching there that’s creepy (laughs) Second of all, I can’t help but notice that they missed that high five after putting this girl in the bin. There she goes look Set her down “Nice job man!’ Yeah, I think they missed that high five. “Like fricking bomb!” “Yeah!” Okay look, I don’t mean to be a bully but if you’re going to edit the video make sure the text sits in the actual frame, because like, half of it’s been cut out. “Yo” Were they ping pong balls? Yeah, they were fucking ping pong balls Who walks around with a ping pong ball in their pocket? (laughs) What?! Just got back from ping pong practice Forgot they had them in their pockets and thought “ahh these would be good to throw at them” “Why you staring?” “Yeah like honestly just turn around” Man I’d punch them so hard in the tits they wouldn’t breathe for a week Now we’ve got the text actually in frame “Where are we anyway?” “I have no idea” “Wait, isn’t that McCow’s house?” (laughs) “Yeah” Sorry (laughs) Oh my god where are we?! We’re stranded in a land I’ve never seen before! Where are we?! Wait! Is that our friends house? (laughs) So you do know where you are then … man. Hans Zimmer may have done the soundtrack but it was not Chris Nolan who wrote the script “Wait, wait” “I have an idea” (confused laughter) She’s just like “I have an idea” and her friends like (recreates confused laughter) She’s like excited but she doesn’t know why (laughs) “I have an idea” (confused laughter) “Sweet” When you receive a nude for the first time and you’re not sure whether it’s male or female: (confused laughter) (laughs) I’m not sure if that made sense What is this?! Come on! Jesus! The fuck happened there? Did time freeze? Apparently this house has a fucking force field around it watch when they hit it Guess when they hit the force field Bayaum Bullies Detected (robot voice) step back from the house Why did they just stop like that? (rings doorbell) They’re like Beavis and Butthead (dopey laugh) Beavis Beavis (dopey laugh) Yeah, ring the doorbell (dopey laugh) It’s ADORABLE (gasp) “McCow!” “Moo!” “Moo!!” To be honest if they threw that at me I’d actually be like greatful because you know That’s like having McDonald’s delivered to your house (girly laughter) The fuck happened there? Did they not see eachother … at that distance?! Oh! Shit I’m sorry! I didn’t see you … There (laughs) “Hey Cassie” “Who’s your McCrew?” “Ooh that was a good one” (laughs) Ah shit (laughs) ah shit “Come on Cassie say something!” “You can’t let them keep bothering you like this” “Umm … I can’t” “She can’t because she’s a McLoser” “Yeah you’re the ‘Mc’ in ‘Egg McMuffin'” Why are these girls walking round with fucking ping pong balls and chicken eggs in their pocket?! What sort of bullies are they? (all three girls) “what?” “What … don’t you get it?” What … what? Who is she? Is she like a ninja that can’t afford clothes? Look at those jeans! I mean some holes are quite stylish I imagine But those It’s like “I want stylish jeans, mum where’s the lawn mower and my jeans” “Grab her!” “Get out of here , you’re nothing, you’re nothing!” “Never was” “As for you” “Ready?” “Yeah” (screams) “Yo let’s bounce!” “Yo man” Yo let’s bounce? I don’t know what happened in that scene What happened? (screams) “Yo let’s bounce!” “Yo man” She’s dead She’s clearly dead She’s not responding Nah she’s alive (laughs) “I didn’t ask for any of this” “It’s not my fault” “You know what, you’re not worth this!” “Why do WE get egged?” “GUYS!” “GUYS!” “GUYS!” “GUYS!” “COME BACK!” “GUYS!” “NO!” “STOP!” “NO!” (laughs) GUYS! GUYS! GUYS! This is fucking me when I wanna go to Wagamama’s and no one else wants to come When you want a KFC and your friends don’t and they start walking to McDonalds’s: “GUYS!” “GUYS!” “GUYS!” “GUYS!” “COME BACK!” “GUYS!” “NO!” (laughs) When you wanna go to the strip club and your friends don’t because they’re too scared: “GUYS!” “GUYS!” “GUYS!” “GUYS!” “COME BACK!” “GUYS!” (laughs) When you’re round your friends house and you hear one of their parents having sex and you’re really disturbed and like mentally ill and actually want to listen but then your friends don’t want to listen: “GUYS!” “GUYS!” “GUYS!” “GUYS!” “COME BACK!” (laughs) That’s enough (laughs) That’s enough (laughs) Oh fuck my chair broke (laughs) “GUYS NO!” “STOP!” “NO!” “COME BACK!” “COME BACK!” “AHHH!” “GUYS!” (scream) “no…” (screeching) Fuck me did she lie down on a vowel Oh my god Ahh that went right through that squeak went right through my fucking head set I’m not even joking My balls went up inside me for a second there (crying) (music) Is it bad that I’m actually more invested in this than the new season of walking dead Oh shit “Hey Cassie!” “Um … we’re not done with you” “Yeah moo!” “Do it!” “Moo!” (scream) Ahh! Damn! That was a brutal hit Did you see how much of her face connected with that fist? “Yeah moo!” Because they’re bullies you know they need to go back to the shop and get more ping pong balls and eggs You know, they can’t bully without them “Do it!” “Moo!” (scream) Ahh! Christopher Nolan’s new stunt coordinator is insane (gasp) “Wait! Hold on one second!” (scream) She dead? Is she dead now? (music) That’s very true I will say this, even though the film is very bad I really do appreciate these girls efforts to try and raise a sort of like, some sort of awareness and the facts are very true so I will say that much (music) Hey cow face be ready we are gonna be beating you up everyday because you deserve it for being such a fat slut Bitch I hope the fuck you do I get a text like that I’m in the car I’m in the car, me and the girls we’re getting the razor blades out we ain’t taking this shit (music) Oh Acting Acting “She’s a McLoser!” Oh shit is this when she turns into spider man and joins the fucking avengers It’s getting good I don’t think you die that quick But you know, it usually takes a little while Are those like insta kill tablets? It’s not a call of duty perk Okay umm Okay I, I um I just decided to censor that bit out because I feel it was umm It was unnecessary and the young girls who made this video I don’t think they fully understand The impact of what they just made Umm, by doing that If Because I’ve censored it out She carved into her arm “I am a victim” It’s I get what they’re trying to do But it’s very naive of them of the way they went about doing that bit I’m just gonna say you know, self harm is not something that you promote in an artistic way like it’s not a point to get a message across and people who are suffering with self harm it’s very um It could be very damaging for them to see it without any warnings and such, you know You’re playing with fire, you know when you bring in like self harm etc. into a video, especially something that didn’t really need it to begin with and, having the message carved into her arm Ahh It’s not a good idea at all Very naive on their part This was obviously made by like um students at a school or something as a project or whatever Umm It was done so badly it was funny (laughs) Obviously the real subject of bullying is not funny we’re not here making fun of bullying or the video really itself I’m just reacting to it I think how everyone else has acted to it The problem is is like I say with the end part with the self harm bit Umm and you know carving “I am a victim” after taking tablets It’s just sending out It just shows how young people perceive mental illness you know They think that someone gets bullied for a little bit and they just automatically go BANG I am going to commit suicide I appreciate that they were trying to get a message out throughout the video and good on them you know! Despite how bad it was and how funny the acting and the scenarios were very strange But at least they were trying to raise like some sort of awareness for bullying you know, which is more than most people do Guys! Thank you so much for recommending me this on twitter! Like, love, caress my channel And on a serious note if you are being bullied in real life Please talk to as many people as you can On a serious note, do that, trust me, it helps. I will see you in the next video Stay Dazzling! HA

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