Democrats Face Day 1 Of Winnable Fight For Supreme Court’s Future | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Democrats Face Day 1 Of Winnable Fight For Supreme Court’s Future | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. I am so upset about this issue.
    The Republican party blocked every judge Obama nominated.
    Now they are going to let Trump fill all of the empty seats. Not going to happen.

  2. Winnable fight? Are you insane? I know Rachel is absolutely terrible at predicting elections, which she proved in 2016, but anyone with any political knowledge knows Democrats aren't winning the senate back.

  3. the name of the game is democracy nit dictatorship. let the game begin

  4. I do wish commentators would not refer to the GOP or the Republicans when it is now Trump's party.

  5. Suppose Democrats gain control in the House or Senate or both. Trump will still get to nominate someone to SCOTUS. But then he will know that he can't just ramrod another Gorsuch through Congress. So he'll have to pick someone more moderate. He may have to give up on Roe v Wade. It won't really upset him so much, since it's probably not that big a deal for him. He's just been trying to please his Evangelical Christian base, but now he'll have an excuse for not being able to make them happy. He can just blame the Democrats, (truthfully, this time).
    Bottom line?… Wouldn't it be a hoot if he just went ahead and nominated Merrick Garland!

    One complication to think about, though. What if Trump gets removed from office or dies before the midterms. Pence will be President. You can bet that HE will not give up on Roe v Wade. Maybe we should suffer with Trump a little longer, until he gives in and nominates a moderate justice.

    Fun fact, among all the religious groups in the US, plus atheists and other non-affiliated, the group with the highest rate of teen abortions is… you guessed it… Evangelical Christians! Hey bible-thumpers, if you get Roe v Wade overturned, don't forget to sterilize those coat hangers!

  6. Yes, Trump will probably be most interested in a nominee who will help him if he is subpoenaed by a grand jury. It will be difficult, but his team will eventually come up with someone. It will probably be a wasted effort, though, as I can't see him getting more than two favorable rulings from the SC regarding that or his right to pardon himself. Remember, Nixon's SC ruled against him, 8-0, (plus one recusal). And three of those justices were Nixon appointees.

  7. Democrats = Doormats

  8. Trump is going to announce that he is dissolving the Supreme Court and that in future the highest court will be in Russia. Maddow would have had the story tomorrow but she is on a list to be sent to a gulag in Siberia tomorrow.

  9. There is something UGLY about your Heading, what is it…? Are you pro democracy or AGAINST it and just want to do the bidding of your and your owners MASTER.. SOROS?
    Because that's what it looks like. How much is the Commie paying you all on the side for his DIVIDE and CONQUER of the USA ? It's going to fail because the quiet MAJORITY on both sides of the politcal spectrum are aware of your spreading of HATE AND BILE. Question do you MSNBC approve of ROSEN'THORN and Mule-gestapos KANGAROO COURT?

  10. Pelican Brief ….. time for some liberal show of those ‘2nd Amendmendment’ remedies once we have a DEM Pres and DEM Senate. Knock no ff 3 Republicans at once.

  11. Republicans wil WILL make ALL contraception illegal – they have stated exactly that for years now.

  12. The difference between 2016 and 2018 is that the majority party has the power to dictate terms like "no appointments until after the election." The minority party doesn't have this power. If Democrats were in the majority, I'd agree that they would be fully justified in this. As the minority, they can say whatever they want, but they cannot enforce it.

  13. 'Seekers of the Flame' would be a good movie to watch at this time: Made during a period of undercover fascism in the U.S., movie director, Cukor filled the film with contemporary references, attacking the phenomenon of hero worship, the effects of leaders on youth…" Cukor also directed a movie with Angela Lansbury called 'Gaslight'. Gaslight is about a woman whose husband slowly manipulates her into believing that she is going insane. I think we're seeing similar patterns in the States today. Nazism with the Bund movement and fascism were fought against in the 1930's and 1940's. In fact, an article was written in 1944 called 'The Danger of American Fascism' by then Vice-President Wallace who was asked to write an article about whether there are fascists in America, and what they’re up to.

  14. These rats aren't Republicans , they're Koch Suckers and Nazis hiding behind the Flag

  15. Reps. are not for America, how much more proof do we need?

  16. And Kile Killinsky trashes her a lot here.

  17. GO TRUMP

  18. LIAR.

  19. I do not think these women have the guts or the conscious to treat other women like they are human beings.

  20. Democrats haven't even left trump FiLL his cabinet
    Dems are a door STOP to americans

  21. Dems need to "Read: The Constitution
    Because we are not rewriting it for democrats sorry but thanks for playing

  22. If Rachel started to repeat herself 3 times , she would be the perfect brainwashing mouthpiece. msnbc is all about forgiveness if you're a tribe member…smh

  23. Every democrat leader knows that the new nominee will be appointed. They are just protesting to win in November. They all know there's nothing they can do to stop the nominee.

  24. Thumbscrews….watchout!

  25. President Trump will become the first president to have his face put on Mt Rushmore……

  26. If the Democrats can get two Republican senators to switch either to Democrat or Independent, the Senate would not be in McConnell's greasy little paws. I can imagine Jeff Flake, John McCain, and others, being promised to remain in their current positions of power for their changing of party affiliation.

  27. Interesting that today msnbc is saying the fight is not winnable. We have a fascist takeover almost complete.

  28. #clintonisarapist

  29. In ur face McConnell. See God doesn't like ugly.And God often use our own rules
    to teach us lessons

  30. I believe The American people as a whole should be the ones who decides/votes on who gets to be a Supreme Court justice, and that the Supreme Court should in all cases have strict term limits for justices.

  31. The entire argument here is presented in a very confident manner, but makes no mistake… this is very much threading a needle, and I am hard pressed to believe that Democrats have the political competency to stage this coup, they have given me no reason to believe they are able to this past 2 years. Heck, justice nominee doesn't get much more extreme than Gorsuch, yet 3 democrats voted to confirm him… and this time they will be doing it months before the election with Joe Manchin running for reelection in a trump state.

    I really hope they can halt the confirmation of whoever candidate Trump is appointing, unless he nominate Garland, of course.

  32. I know that is how an Issue becomes an Issue, by repetition… but she repeats waaaaayyyyy too much the same things.
    And all they get is "I said it first and insisted on it"

  33. Alabama'a mistakes should give those voters a heads up with regard to their support for this illegitimate president and the criminal congressional coalition of enablers that are looking the other way at every brazen act and crime that Trump commits.

  34. Always consider the voice of the people, should be the battle cry.

  35. But how do you force the turkey neck? Thaks for the suggestion.

  36. Kamala Harris is not a 'rising star', just the preference of the clueless DNC.

  37. I love Madcow's smugness.

  38. False hopes. Republicans won, let's face it. Welcome to Gilead (I mean, forcing women to have babies and all), get your passports ready!

  39. Other democratic countries like Canada and Sweden do not allow politicians to appoint judges. That is corrupt! Justice should never be political.

  40. Fun fact: "Big Luther Strange" is also the nickname for Rachel Maddow's neck.

  41. They dont even have to vote based on the Garland precedent. Just say they feel POTUS should not be able to nominate a judge that will oversee his case against Meuller

  42. Run Comey for the Justice job. YES! And he would be also a great choice. HE WANTS a Circus,we will give T a Circus. I have confidence in Comey,as a lawyer, justified, and a gentleman. YES, Comey,direct from Righteousness.

  43. Old rich white men will destroy us all!

  44. Rachel, this is why we are replacing the roll-over spineless dems (since Reagan) with new elected officials who already have a strategy and not a bend over to the RepubliKKKlans. Time for them to go! anti-American anti-democrat RepubliKKKlans are going to do what they want because they like their SupremeLeader, HATE US.

  45. As a strict conservative I actually agree on the fundamental basis of the precedent, not the politically hacky part. The people "should" have an opportunity to be heard and it should remain that way. No president should be able to appoint a justice in my humble opinion (though I know they always will). People > Politics

  46. Elena Kagan was confirmed on a mid-term election year. The blocking of Garland's was 8 months before a presidential election.

  47. History shows that Empires fall when corruption rules
    Russia will have its revenge very soon with its Man in the White House doing its bidding for them

  48. Why does MSNBC keep lying to their viewers? Just like they said he couldn't be president ! How that work out for you. He does not need a filibuster to vote in a nominee, Democrats cant
    stop President Trump from filling the seat. Please stop spreading fake news and get people all hyped up for nothing. Come back here in the fall and see how that worked out for ya.

  49. Rachael I sure hope you are right. Come on Democrats GROW A SPINE ! Stand up to these people.

  50. Rechal should receive a noble certificate for a GREAT journalist!

  51. The only choice they could have as a judge right now, is Obama's pick.

  52. The Democrats have no chance as long as they don't use the same propaganda techniques as King Donald's handlers did. So, a good start would be to use the rallying cry: "Lock him up!" Nothing else, just like that. Can be used for people like Gowdy and Connelly, too. Simple but effective. It is what the population thinks about politicians. Trump never anticipated he himself would be the subject of the lines he was handed to scream from the stump. Investigation & withch hunt? Shout : "Publish the tapes!" on the streets. It is as simple as that. Unfortunately, Dems tend to be too arrogant, too haughty, consider themselves too smart, too educated for that. Well, the consequence is that they will continue to lose elections to morons, environmental criminals, greedy money-grabbers, destructive business interests and selfish blind men like the Mercers and the Kochs, and what have you. The criminal and propagandist can only be fought with means they cannot resist. Rational talk and TV hosts are easy to resist. That is not the route to take IF they want to have a blue wave.

  53. So many swamp people, so little time.

  54. but seems karma doesnt work for Trump

  55. Republicans want to drag women back into the Cave, for REAL, people you better vote !!

  56. We need Frank Underwood. Or Claire Underwood.

  57. Kennedy needs to be held accountable for his decision to retire prior to the election. It is blatantly political, enabling Trump's attempt to subvert the Supreme Court. This decision fundamentally undermines Kennedy's primary charge as caretaker of American justice. It undermines every decision and every opinion Kennedy made on the Supreme Court, including Citizens United.

  58. Jew News…for the brain washed idiots

  59. Sounds like Roberts was paid off?

  60. Of course the Democrats are saying this… but what can I do? I live in a Democratic state. So how is my opinion important to Maine or Alaskan representatives?

  61. President Trump is not looking at Political Ideology like all Liberals do he is looking for People that are strict constructionist Judges and Justices that will not try making Law from the bench but will make law on the words in the Constitution of the United States. Not made up words like "The Separation of Church and State" Sorry these words are not part of the Constitution of the United States. Don't believe me look it up and while your at it you may want to look at where the words came from so look up Thomas Jefferson. Will President Trump change the make up pf the Court YES but not to the Right or the Left or even the Middle
    but back to being true to the Constitution.

  62. One-third of the Senate is up for re-election in four months. Some are retiring. Others will lose their bid to be reelected. In effect, these senators are lame ducks, same as Obama was.

  63. It's bad enough that conservatives are always holding us back but now they are going to take us back. This crap is getting old.

  64. I don't feel that those right-wingers will care if they are hypocritically operating here….

  65. But they are doormats. The Shooms and Pay-go Pelosi will be told by their donors to cave and they will.

  66. What's exciting about this? It's still a repub dominated congress … and one that is now a Cult 45er.

  67. Try to imagine where we would be if Hillary had won. Two far left Supreme Court judges would mean commies like Kagan and Ginsburg would find the US Constitution “unconstitutional”. I thank God for President Trump!!

  68. Thanks for giving me hope Rachel. I was a wreck when I found out that 45 will choose another supreme court justice.

  69. I believe Kennedy has been paid to step down at this time…

  70. Dems grow a backbone? You're lost, America.When "they" go low, we go high. They'll take the high road and lose. Just like Obama did when he didn't challenge the super-filibuster of the Repubs.

  71. I wonder how many abortions Donald Trump has paid for..? I'm betting it's more than one.

  72. It would take 2 GOP senators to vote against otherwise Pense can break a 50/50 tie. The only thing that matters is winning the house and the senate in 2018. VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE LAST BEST CHANCE TO TURN THIS THING AROUND VOTE!!!!!

  73. There is absolutely not going to be a fight. Them Democrats are weak, really weak. I am Independent and would never vote Republican. But these Corp. Democrats will do pretty much anything just to remain in power. Just like how they were going to "fight" for DACA, they did. But they absolutely did not fight for DACA, it was in the end about themselves.

  74. The consistency is a presidential election

  75. We do not need the rich to control government. If the people want fairness in government GO BLUE!!

  76. BTW, Doug Jones has voted a straight Republican slate. His only function is to push the majority chances by one seat.

  77. LOL hey MSNBC kinda obvious bias No wonder no one watches other than the sheep who allow you to tell them what they think. The brainless, useless, preaching to the same. No way on earth you will stop this supreme court pick. Oh, now the dems are headed to outright Socialism where do you stand??? Never seen such pathetic journalism other than at CNN.

  78. Please use language with precision. Rowe vs. Wade made abortion legal for poor people. Abortion has always been available and 'legal' for rich people and will continue to be so regardless of the Court's decision. The goal behind denying abortion to poor people is to continue to keep them poor.

  79. South Indian food the best when it’s extra extra spicy spicy

  80. On the one hand it's heartening to know that Dems only have to peel off one senator to stop the appointment. On the other hand, I'm not holding my breath that Trump isn't going to just appoint a justice regardless of the advise and consent rule.


  82. Sen. Schumer isaTrump Lackey both are Zionist so Schumer will rollover to Trump

  83. Go Trump. Give America what it deserves

  84. Women must stay boss over their own bodies. Period.
    I do not know why I am writing this, it is maybe not even relevant to this conversation. I am confused 😂

  85. Great show, Rachel … as usual! Thanks! 🌺

  86. The problem with Republicans is that they are shameless hypocrites and they don't even care anymore. Yes, the absolutely expect Dems to be doormats and just roll over. No, they do not want to have to hold themselves to their own rule of no new Justices in an election year. They refuse to fight fair because they are attempting to completely take over this country. If Dems don't stop fighting with one arm behind their backs they will keep losing. Being nice and civil about it isn't going to bring the right back to the middle. They are way too far gone and have no intentions on ever meeting in the middle again. This is a fight for the very soul of our country now against a force of nationalist fascists intent on seizing power for their own monetary gains.

  87. They misunderstand. Mitch McConnell's rule is that there are no rules. Changing the super-majority requirement during a confirmation was the same as changing the wild card during a hand of poker. When the Dems have congress, what's to stop them saying only 40% of the majority party is required to confirm a supreme court justice? It's just as invalid and just as unprecedented. What's clear is that money not the adherence to law now rules this country.

    I say dems change the supreme court to a dozen seats and appoint 30 year old judges to repair the damage McConnell has done.

  88. Yeah, appealing to the Republican's sense of fair play will work. Sure.

  89. Rachel Maddow….get to the point when you tell your news stories instead of rambling on. Your good at what you do, but why does it take you 25 minutes (in this case) to tell a news story that can be told in 10 minutes or less. Your other news stories are the same – longer than they need to be. You need a good editor to cut down the time.


  91. A president who has so many people who ran his campaign under indictment, and who was not truly elected in #JimCrowElection2016, See #TrumpingDemocracy and #BillionairesandBallotBandits, 2 documentaries explainig how Election2016 was STOLEN, has no right to choose a judge for SCOTUS. No right at all. Fake President Trump was not elected by the majority of Americans andor even truly by the electoral college and his policies are against the majority of Americans. The entire GOP is not the party of far less than half of America and only wins election by stealing and skullduggery.. And Pence is an insane AntiChrist and a Fake Christian. He was part of the illegal stolen election.

  92. It is now safe to say we will see the last of these Conservative Clowns in office and their over 60 rhetoric of being classless thugs to the American People/Public.

  93. All this "we should hold the Repubs accountable for the McConnell no vote" Well I personally like the Obama rule- ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES !!!!!! MIC DROP!!!!!!!!

  94. Trump will offer these two Senators, Collins and Murkowski whatever they desire to confirm his appointee. They are Senators who do seem to care about their constituents and the good of the country so this fight will not be easy for them.

  95. Sessions' seat is held by a DINO.

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