Dimitrij Ovtcharov Table Tennis Backhand Tutorial Part 2 (Vietsub)

Dimitrij Ovtcharov Table Tennis Backhand Tutorial Part 2 (Vietsub)

Oracle Exadata well I fell from the young age but I can play a lot better beckoned if I if I keep the blade in there in a bacon holding grip I felt like my back in the Salafist I could create a lot of more speed and spin of course to hold the racket that way will be quite tough to play forward so the shape of my handle is pretty round so it’s very easy and smooth for me to change to the forehand and to the back to the backhand side of course it’s about reputation and practice over years but into account I mean I think we have examples of players who who do like me top players who were changing their grip but some players proved it to keep it in the same way the blade is also working out just figure out what is best for you and go ahead the fat work beautiful shot inside out Latisse needs to get to that point a lot faster though in the future cannot afford it’s don’t stabilize even Samson of Hamas Dalia budget surface motive Aurora we are too well I mean I do balance practice about three four times a week I think it’s very important because now the top guys they push your region difficut position it’s very important even if you are not in a perfect position to play a shot that you’re still able to make a great hit a great shot so well that’s one of the things what I knew is to make balanced practice but again I do a lot of multi ball practice where especially practice this kind of shot short for hand I play the flick and then the partner plays very fast even faster than image faster my back end and I have to come back and play this one and this I do about hundred times 200 times every day so you’re learning how to move you’re learning how to control the the speed of your opponent and yeah you will get the feeling at the beginning it was or do Kakuta auctioneers Tarkus be a file is easy Cormac a mouse the post has to be in front of your body this is the optimal shot like the flick you should play here like right in front and played out and you have to be able to come as fast as possible back in this position so you hitting it again forward the head the hand has to be up the wrist has to be up and you play in front don’t if you are late you will play this way and then you get no quality and the ball will be so it’s important than the hand is up and you no oh and he does it comes all the way back hey guys so hope you’ll join my advices yeah keep following me and yeah keep practicing you’ll make it stay in touch

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  1. Thanks for the video. Really nice technically. Dima is a nice guy.

  2. DIMA – you have one of the greatest BH player's in the game – Keep Rockin' -Appreciate your videos and please make more detailed demos:)! I remember meeting you and seeing you play live in Shuzhou-2011 Harmony Open-Glad you are one of the best TT player's now-you are a great sportsman like your teammate Timo-Cheers:)!

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