Don’t Play (Mind) Games with Thai Bar Girls Part 2 Video 62

Don’t Play (Mind) Games with Thai Bar Girls Part 2  Video 62

hi guys
everybody Simon here again so don’t play games with tied bar girls part 2 e let
me just do it to tear one put a curtain house on the camera different backdrops
are almost I put my Canon G key g7 X on top of my tripod with my selfie stick in
between so it’s like metering a bit off the ground bit wonky BRR yeah not bad
great tripod so now in the previous one we mention about the guys playing the
games with the girls and how the girls reacted when the guys actually spoke
sorry and RIT the girls realized that they weren’t newbies now I said again
I’ve seen this a couple of times happen and it can get a bit more serious we’re
glad he’s go into a bar and I hope you don’t do this because it’s it’s dodgy and clap few drinks there’s a few you
may be and they want a bit of a laugh so they going to go into a bar and they
said right let’s find the ugliest girl and shut her up yeah now you can
remember these girls and the bars are working and when it’s thin on the ground
there’s no customers the yeah and a guy comes in or several guys and if you are
potentially not a pretty girl and you get chatted up thinks things can
go wrong no I saw this firsthand so one of my
girls she wasn’t the prettiest she was quite smart ah excellent you know the
little games they play on the bar thanks to the connect four and Jenga and I
think about seven or eight guys come in and they were they were reasonably drunk
and a couple of them made a beeline for this girl and I thought at the time I
was I was sat at the back of the bar playing ominous music and I only a few
feet away a bucket here and yes there chess in the gala pretending to be
single guy’s looking-for-a-girlfriend partner companion and they asked this
girl how much money it would cost for her companionship let’s say now if you
ask a tie bar girl a price or something like that that girl’s going to assume
wreck quite rightly that great I’ve got a customer there’s some money going to
come in here can buy my food it see where she’s going it builds their hopes
up and it gives them a nice feeling so when the guys turned around and laughed
and said now we’re only joking we’re not interested you can imagine the
disappointment and the reaction nag some girls might not as I said now that it’s
similar another vlog might react to just walk away lose face this girl lost face
because there was no customers in the bar time just this group of lads plus
the other girls sort of were higher up the pecking order than her
ah for her Toulouse facing this way was not good at all really not good um and
she very well controlled she just sort of quietly still didn’t react like that
I would thought she would reacted and just moved away to another table and
turned her back on the boys this pen girl again with the bar bills is not
good so what’s different you go to the point where you talk money it’s going
over the line a bit but the thing is as these guys left the bar this girl decided to go out of the bar I take it
for I thought maybe she’s going to get some food or something and I didn’t
think anything of it just turned around and carried on with
my music until about 40 seconds 30 seconds later suddenly heard a lot of
shouting down the road and the girls in my bar shot out the front and down the
road towards the beach what on earth is happening steps out of the bar and this
girl she didn’t want to lose face in the bar with the other girls she was
actually attacking these guys I think it was with a broom from the bar but
because she’d gone out of the bar she wasn’t okay at these guys all my other
girls had gone out and joined in so they were all taking these poor guys because
of the planer canes in the bar it’s losing face again it’s just you
know you just don’t play those games you have to understand if you’re going to
make someone lose embarrassing someone you wouldn’t like it so don’t ask prices
unless you intend 90% of you in your mind is intending on moving forward with
some sort of partnership don’t go down the price don’t go on prices don’t do it
mmm yeah and instead of me doing another vlog I’m going to add on for this one one thing a lot of guys who live in
Thailand who maybe do the bar scene they learn how to handle girls and things
when the grunion bars now I don’t go into OCR I’m married happy married and
when I go away when I’m in Thailand at my house I will go away for the weekend
I still like going to places like wine and charm Phuket I like going into the
bars because I like have a drink but I’m not there for girls I’m not going there
for girls it no intention now I learned this little trick years ago and it was
people coming in my bar that were regulars or had just been in Thailand a
long time if if you go into a bar and don’t say one word just point at the
barmaid Department of the drink you want don’t speak don’t say anything
poisons ring get the drink go to the corner of the bar or the front what I
tend to do is our whisper to the bar mandelbaum a Heineken whatever and I’ll
go and see I like sitting in some of the bars especially near the beach and
people watching I love it but I want to be left alone
so I’ll whisper too or all points on the drink
and it guys sit in the corner run to the bar wherever I just don’t talk the girls
they don’t know they can’t make their mind up who you are what you are
are you a number one number ten they’ll leave you alone a bit and now just like
sit back and watch and I don’t want to be bothered by the girls I don’t really
want to talk to the bar girls we’re on holiday or if I’m away for the weekend I
just want to be a people watch watching sports peace and quiet fantastic so I
learned this off guys who were living in Thailand or going around the bar if you
don’t speak at all the girls will leave you alone however if they do come up to
you and start quizzing you and talk trying to talk to you they’re trying to
work out what number you are don’t speak just I mean I just saw point to mo I’m
not saying look I’m I’m disabled I can’t speak or anything like this I’m you I’m
just like ya don’t want to talk get a good just go away just and I’ll work
most of the time but sometimes you’ll get that persistent one and if you do
and then you start speaking to her he might they sometimes take it the wrong
way you’ve done nothing wrong I’m there don’t wanna spit now as you’ll come up
to it push push push dig dig at me and I’m like please I
don’t want to speak I want peace and quiet and she I should all say Nene
little but she can’t rare up on you I’ve had a girl rare up on me for that and I
wasn’t playing the game but guys do go into the bar and play the game where
they’re sort of I can’t something out I’ve got a problem or whatever and they
don’t speak and then after 10 minutes or so they start speaking then the girls
reacts again so there’s so many little games that guys try and play have you
got some games that you play in the in the bars have you had a reaction what
happened put the stories underneath so playing
games with the Thai girls I don’t mean the gender that they connect foreign
things I mean their mind games that would have been a better title probably
playing mind games with the girls be careful you can seriously end up in the
hospital if you’re not careful those guys that came into my bar and the girl
went after them with the broom and the other girls joined in it got quite
vicious I mean those guys luckily they ran in the end put when I poked my head
out the front bar and voiceover oh I’ve just lost seven customers and I all I’m
here they’re not going to come back again
so here nine games with the girls don’t do it I bet you’ve got some great
stories sorry I bet that’s ringing a bell with something at what but you’ve
done little tricks and things mmm so top advice if you are asking for price make
sure you have a good reason don’t go playing a game and asking for price
because you could get a broom over your head yeah good job there was nothing
lying around the virus she could have there was an access you might have gone
down there with an accent that would have been hard one to explain hmm anyway
there we go I’m sure that’s the end now of the debar girl scene and the tear and
videos okay maybe I’ll see you next time bye for now

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  1. In Mexico the bar girls are very possessive. What we would do if we wanted to see a good cat fight was we would sit with one girl for a little bit. Then when she would go to the bathroom we would have another girl come and sit in her seat. Then when she would return just sit back and enjoy the show because there was going to be a cat fight. That was many years ago in my younger years. lol

  2. I agree with this video don't make fun of them so u will see what ever ur trying prove… I'm not a Thai but I could say they were nice people I even have a respect on them,. My husband and I went to Thailand coz we like having fun,. Went to bar and looking for a Thai girl that want to join us from Bangkok to Pattaya we can't find a girl in bar that would want to join us,.. the girls just tell me no coz were partner,. Even I keep pushing and we will pay bar fine and good tips,.so we give up and just enjoy Thailand.

  3. Most the bar girls wear stilettos too.

  4. If you give tips to a bar girl does she get to keep it or will it go into a pot and be shared with the other girls? Great vids thanks.

  5. Simon, how do you find a real thai girl for long term dating or marriage.

  6. just got back on monday from my 4th trip this year and im seeing the same girl who i met plating connect 4 she lost her job when i left after my 2nd visit due to not going with customers due to waiting for me to come back and now she takes great pleasure in going back to the bar with me every time im over there,its like a reverse of what you have been saying Simon and ive got 2 more trips planned this year so far….thanks for the great vids mate

  7. It's not nice to make fun of anyone or to bust anyone's chops who is just trying to make a few dollars for their family. I just subscribed!

  8. If I want them to leave me alone I wai to them but do it in absurd way like a Japanese bow. it confuses the shit out of them. I do it with everyone who comes at me after I order a drink. They usually think I'm crazy. their reaction is worth watching so it doesn't bother me to act like a weirdo in a place that isn't all that kosher to begin with. if or when I see something I like, then I just tell the waitress to send over to sit down.

  9. I made the mistake of telling a girl she was boring once………………

  10. Lads on a 'Pull a Pig' night can get into serious trouble in any country, but I'd expect it to be a foregone conclusion that it'll turn out badly in Thailand…

  11. What I do is buy them a drink when they invest time in me but also make it clear I am not looking for a barfine.

  12. The biggest danger isnt falling in love with a bargirl but the most dangerous is if a bargirl fall in love for u…. i mean real love not fake. If u even look at another woman u can be stabed, punched yes anything…… Best is to not get into any of those sittuations i guess.

  13. If something is for sale, you should be able to ask what the price is and then decide. I think that girl overreacted.

  14. If I don't want a Thai girl I just say:
    1. No I am looking Nok
    2. No honey I have no power, I just had 2 girls
    3. Honey I have small money

    No. 3 is the most powerful hahahaha

  15. So funny.. great stories mate.

  16. I think it is reasonable to ask how much because you don't want to go back to the room and she quotes you a ridiculous price afterwards but I would be discrete so no one else hears.

  17. last year I met a Thai woman in GoGo Bar… fined her sweet ass for 7 days straight…. treated her with utter most respect , promised her I would come back to her this year and I will spend 2 weeks with her……..yeah I know she works in a bar , not in a church choir , so nothing new !
    She treats me like a KING and I treat her as my QUEEN !
    Ohhh yes and S E X with her is like a never ending fucking marathon ! ! !
    I am not in love with her but I do like her a lot…..
    bottom line is whenever I promised her something ……..I kept my word

    cheers from Chicago
    hello L.O.S. very soon

  18. Well done the girls should beat the crap out of those losers.

  19. You are wrong Simon. If I don't ask prices and how do I know how much it gonna cost me.

  20. I've never had any real problems with bar girls . I'm 100% honest with them . Sometimes I just want their company when sat in the bar. Other times I might want more and I tell them what I want .
    Never had any fights with them , they seem really fair

  21. What kind of heartless bastards would do such a thing? Serves them right. I hope they each got a good crack in the head with a broom.

  22. Great videos. I’ll be taking my first trip in a couple of weeks and, thanks to informative videos like your own, I don’t feel like I’m making that first trip as a naive newbie. Granted, I do plan on playing up the newbie thing simply because I want the attention, but now I know when to cease acting and allow my good sense to take over! Thanks!

  23. I don't play games with women period because I don't want to get stabbed in the neck -LOL

  24. I was in pattaya to look at real estate for retirement, went into a bar for a screwdriver/drink
    an amazing tall brunette started walking over , I held up my hand in a stop motion.
    She froze turned and when back to the side walk entrance. I had my drink because it was bloody hot. but on the way out took a 500 bt note and slipped it into her hand she hugged me kissed my cheek as I left. DO NO BE A CHEAP CHARLIE ITS ONLY MONEY.

  25. Speaking Issan/Laos to the girls keeps them away. It means you have an Issan wife which is usually one of their own. Works for me.

  26. I'm currently living in Korea and the bar girls are mostly from the Philippines. Korean bar prices for LD's are ridiculously expensive; ($20.00-$30.00); and the girls will not go outside the bar with you. They only suck your money from your wallet as fast as they can. If you want to be left alone tell them you go to the Philippines once every six months and they announce it to the rest of the girls in Tagalog immediately. No one will bother you after that.

  27. I like you Simon. You are a very sincere guy. I bet you were idiolised by your girls. Love your videos, could watch them all night. PS I've never been to Thailand. Sounds fantastic experience though.

  28. Don't call them poor guys Simon, they freaking deserved worse.

  29. I just tell them, "Thank you for talk with me but tonight i do not want a girlfriend and i want to be alone" never had any issues. 99% of the time I think they appreciate the honesty and that they dont have to keep working on me . The very rare one will say "can i just sit here with you " i then say "if my girlfriend knows this she will kill me and you".

  30. Excuse me… but I think most men dont play games, but as thai people may lose face in a way western people dont understand…. really, it is not about the farang. But the guys that play games have to blame them selfes.

  31. I guess when you say "Ugly" you mean like Mary Ann compared to Ginger Ugly? I don't think I've seen a "Ugly" Girl (Or especially a Ladyboy) in any video I watched.
    It's fascinating that the Girls actually have like a "Bushido" type code where they can lose Face in front of each other.
    Up until now I've kind of viewed the guys who Directly blow off the Girls as "Rude" but actually they are doing them a favor I guess ?

  32. I too enjoy people watching while in Thailand, and when I 1st enter a Bar, I never speak Thai, even though phom put Thai la Un grit nid noi 5555. I talk the broadest Aussie accent in the beginning, because I like to hear whether or not they're saying good or bad things about me. If I notice they're not treating me right, I will start responding to their questions in Thai, which automatically throws them out. I then realize my score has shifted from 2 – 3 down to 6 – 7, this'll be when I get asked the questions, "Do you have a Thai girlfriend/wife", obviously my response is mai chai…yang mai mii pu-ying, tii dii dii, nai hao jai, chop sawt = NO I'm Single. After my response my score quickly moves to 9 – 10, which really doesn't bother me. That's my favorite way to stop being pestered by Bargirls

  33. So then you dont reccomend a foreigner fall in love with a bargirl

  34. they're young kids with dreams of possibly having a better life . you'd have to be a real jerk to do what those guys did .

  35. In 1999, I was at Camp Mobile, South Korea. About forty seconds flight time for an artillery shell from the border. At a lovely village called Tongduchon (or Tongdujong, same same). There are three BIG bases there and one little one: Casey, Hovey, Giant, and Mobile. In Korea, prostitution is legal. The girls would stand on the avenue between the base entrances and chant like a chorus of crickets: "Long time short time, twenty dollah". Also "Buy me drink?" drinking girls in all the bars. My buddy from Benning was at Casey and he was a twenty-one year old virgin pentecostal lad from New England off to see the world, and serve his country. He fell in love with a drinking girl who was so beautiful I used to stare at her and wonder if she could be real. TEN out of ten for beauty. She was 5'8" slender, athletic and graceful, like a volleyball girl maybe. Long straight black hair, dazzling smile. The perfect face, eyes, nose lips. She was buxom for an Asian girl. Gorgeous. And selling it. My buddy came to see me to announce that he was going to marry this girl, and I wished them well. I expressed my admiration for her beauty, etc. He said that she asked him for $5000 so her father could have a surgery. This happens to be the exact sum for which Dear Father sold his young angel into sex slavery. I told my friend that his beloved was a whore, and he didn't like it. I said "My bad, out of aaaall the drinking girls on the continent of Asia, she's the ONLY one not selling it". He said his mind was made up so what did I think about that? I said to him that he should f*ck her every chance he gets, so that she complaines about the frequency and ferocity of the f*cking. This way, when he gave her the money and she vanished like smoke at least he'd have happy memories for his $5000. So, he went to her apartment unannounced and discovered a sergeant that he knew and his beloved in flagrante delicte. In the act. He said to her "You really are selling it, aren't you?" And she said: "Are you gonna give me money or not?" Such was the end of that romance. Anyong gaseyo!

  36. seriously, if guy really wont to be left alone then why he/you guys have problem to dress like "nr 10" and even then if some girl aprouth you then you said "i'm pooor, i dont have money, i dont have job etc" .. why you can said that?

  37. I've not been to Thailand. But I don't understand why people feel the need to be cruel to someone; especially at their job. In the States, going to a strip club means for a few hours of your life you get to feel attractive or desirable as a man to a roomful of women. Without the money, this wouldn't happen. But it's not going to happen in your real life anyways. But for a brief moment, you are the pursued rather than the other way around. I don't think I could be cruel to someone who's just wanting to help me live my fantasy for a brief while. I'm not an ugly or unattractive guy. But we do live in a world where men do 99% of the pursuing and experience 99% of the rejection.

  38. Ok are you saying,you can't discuss a price without being committed?

  39. These guys deserved what they got – they where lucky they didn’t get worse- you need to treat everyone with respect

  40. Great video. The lesson must be: Don`t play mind games with the Girls 🙂

  41. I had just landed in Bkk with my mates and headed down to nana, ended up chatting with a girl from a bar, all night I made it clear to her friend whose was already with my mate that I wasn’t looking to take anyone but I’ll come have a goodnight at her bar, after a few hours of knocking the beers back I was telling this girl that once songkran was over I’d return to nana meet my friend and her friend an we would go around together, I was pissed and had completely forgot about the “girl/friend” I was meeting the next day 🤦🏻‍♂️ wait it gets better, after 2weeks with the “missis” we returned to bkk as a stopover on route to surin, now where did we stay? You guessed it right opposite the fucking bar on soi nana. It didn’t take long to get noticed by the girl even more so she made a point of crossing the road to walk to the 711 and threw the most evil looks at me, like if looks could kill I’d of dropped dead right there on the spot,😅 but who else noticed these looks yup you got it again the missis who the persisted to ask “for what she look at you like this”? I came clean with her about having a few drinks etc with my friends, obviously not the promises I made, long story short the i unintentionally made this girl loose face and to make it worse the one I was with wanted to go drink in her bar after the exchange of looks in the street, was a lot of drama that now I laugh about but at the time it wasn’t funny. Ps great video Simon

  42. Simon, your presentation regarding "Everything Thai" is an absolute essential for "Newbies" to Thai Bar Girls and their complexities. I have been travelling to Thailand for over 10 years and finally in a position to purchase a Condo and guess where Pattaya or the surrounding provinces. I reiterate my appreciation of your wise suggestions and observations. Your presentations are by far the most comprehensive and the best

  43. Stuff them,thats a prick of a thing to do.
    The girls are their for business,not to have their time wasted by drunken idiots.

  44. And I have seen some videos where the girls get really nasty and attack in numbers.
    They should also be pulled into line.

  45. Was waiting for a friend in your old Soi 7 bar one afternoon Simon. I used the tactic I always use. Take a Kindle or small book in your shorts pocket. Make sure you have it on display when you order and read it, or pretend to read it.

  46. For me best works to be honest. I often go to a bar to play pool only and when girls approaching me i'll tell them right away that i'm a number one. 555 I'm a cheap Charly at these moments and will only drink 1 or 2 beers, I talk Thai, i live and work here many years already and now i just want to play pool. Nothing else. And if she wants she can play a game of pool with me. That's it. I'm a friendly guy and often it's great fun that way. And the girls know that i'm not their customer and if they are bored they can play pool with me. If not i know how to spend the time by myself very well. Very often this is much appreciated from the girls. I'm not a customer, i will not pay lady drinks but we can have a relaxed time playing pool.

  47. 9:54 The Persistent one, are you sure they aren't doing that as a challenge. Maybe the girls get into a conversation of: "Just leave him alone he's to hard to crack". But then there's always that one that thinks she can do it. I'm a corner of the bar sitting kind of guy myself. Love these videos though life time of experience you're giving.

  48. I've watched a few of your videos. And you give some great advice. I visit Pattaya often and I've never had any issues apart from them trying to get too attached. But I'm not one for playing mind games. Like you said in one of your other videos. Let them know if your gonna be taking a few different ones from the same bar. And most the girls are happy if you tell them straight away…

  49. What if her price was to high?

  50. Having dated Thai, Korean, Cambodian and Chinese women, I can 100% attest that Asian girls overall are not afraid of you. They will fight you like a damn man would fight you. Keep that in mind if you plan on pissing one off. Lol.

  51. Its normally quite noisy at the bars.So I just put earplugs in, and when the girls approach me for lady drinks,I tell them I cannot hear what they are saying. So they go away and leave me alone.

  52. the best thing to do is when you ask for drink in bar pay for it there and then. the girls then no you not buying any drinks.

  53. I stay out of bars… too many near-death experiences in/around them.

  54. Good for her!! F those Aholes!! Jackass is as Jackass does!!

  55. its almost two years ago when this incident happen to me
    i was sitting at a bar and suddenly a bar girl behind me touched my head
    of course i was wondering why she did this and thought she wanted just some attention or did it for fun
    later i figured out that this was a disrespectful behavior in thailand
    im still wondering why she did this, there was no point or reason at all

  56. I wouldn't call this playing games, it's more of an example of not taking into consideration face. I was in Pattaya, on Walking Street, and was approached by a freelancer. Her friends were hanging back in their original location and she was walking beside me chatting on and pointing at a short time hotel. I wasn't interested, and when she asked me if I just didn't want a girl for the night I just blurted out the truth, that it wasn't that I didn't want a girl, I just didn't want her.

    Yeah, pretty dumb, I know. I just didn't think. The result was that she followed me for almost a hundred meters, yelling about me having a 'black mouth'. At least the rest of Walking Street got a kick out of the show.

  57. How about English..instead of waving them off? Seems less offensive..

  58. If a girl starts to angry thete migjt be things tou can try to calm her doen for example. "It would be silly of me to play such games on someone dmart as you. Your knowledge of this area is very fascinating to me."" Or how about this compliment
    ""You speak that language so well if love to learn it from you."" Perhaps a joke might also help but it couldn't be a gareenty then again humor just mught be helpful to avoiding confrontations. You could teach her stress relief technecs that you look at on videos. make her blush ask if she has certain food she like recomend a nice place to eat. whatever it takes getting the stress to decline before it escalates onto anger. just make sure these things won't fule her anger because rhat can be a nightmare I know what I'm talking about. Yes guys it's good to be cautious. but also good to be dating as well. so use these ideas wisely never to insult or ways to play games with her if she doesn't like it.

  59. Well what you describe are pure evil people. Most men are not like that. Really, they are not. But most feminists are and most women in western countries are feminists even if they say they are not they are so indoctrinated into feminism they don't even know….so these men are going to other countries behaving like feminists behave in western world countries? Why? Just very strange.
    I think that respect any person is working to support oneself and maybe pay for others who can't work for money, like children for example. No matter what thst job is, you should show respect because that person is not living off the tax money you pay to the government.

  60. These women lost face the day they became bargirls. Farang bar owners lost face the day they bought a bar and accepted barfines. Its strange how living in Thailand/Pattaya changes or makes acceptable what we all know is right and wrong.

  61. Awesome.
    I am from THAILAND but work in AMERICA for a long time.
    I am planning to THAILAND next year in April 17,2019.
    Wish me luck.

  62. But what if they ask too much? And you refuse and walk away?

  63. This girl who was not suey and the fallangs, "I hope they were not British but feel they were" had more strength of characteristic and inner beauty than those 2 week millionaire morons. !!! who probably live in council houses and have trouble in reciting the alphabet.

  64. Slmon; your advice videos are priceless. Thank you for the lessons.

  65. what if you want to chat but dont want a lot of girls bugging you for girl drinks and stuff

  66. Cant you pickup a girl from the Bar paying the bar fine and pay for the girl without buying lady drinks , is it a rule that you need to get lady drinks before you pick a girl to take out ?

  67. Question if you go into a bar and a girl escorts you in but you are not interested in her but in another girl how do you handle this situation?

  68. I win every single time..i have my own method..NEVER FAILS! Hers is a free one on me..if you want a drink from the bar and you get
    approached, just tell that Thai HO, you just got finished with a few girls earlier, are sexually spent and are just thirsty.

  69. "mee fi lao " always gets ris of them

  70. That's nothing I've heard of girls putting broken up glass in your food or drinks after s*** like that I've heard of girls getting guys on the street to knife you and kill you this guy is being super sweet about it but being stupid in Thailand will cost you your life

  71. This was a really mean thing to do with this girl. These guys need a lesson!

  72. I enjoy Bargirls. There fun. Youve got to let them know in the beginning youre not looking to have one for the night, Play pool with them, buy one a drink,etc. They will leave you alone once they realize your not interested. Those idiots who played with the girl to the point of her losing face are fools. Lucky they didnt get a knife in the gut>It happens.Its there country not yours, Respect the wretched life theyve been thrown into, usually by there mothers.

  73. its simple if u dont want to u just say sry but i need to stay alone today…
    the problem is when the bomb of bargirl arrives and u want this 1 and mo the 1 that came to you…. here is the real game !!!!

  74. I don't play games like that. When I go to a bar, I am going to talk to girls, especially if they talk to me. I will be polite, but I'm not a sucker. People can be very mean today and I don't want to be that person. If I don't like something, I excuse myself and leave.

  75. Pointing to your mouth and not speaking ??? and that is not meant to be a game ? How about some manners ? Manners cost nothing!!! just say hello, I'm here to sit and drink by myself, and smile! that's so much nicer than pointing at a mouth that works, but a person that's not prepared to offer small pleasantries whilst in the bar, people watching

  76. It's one thing to ask a price but it's another thing to laugh at them and imply that they are ugly. Girls did right to attack them. It's a dick move to insult people's appearences unprovoked.

  77. I think she gave them what they deserved.

  78. I feel bad for that girl

  79. Funny story – glad the girl went out and beat those guys up, and good of the other girls to help her out. What a bunch of assholes.

  80. Do you still live in Thailand?

  81. Never ever play around with a woman's emotions. These girls in the bars are human beings too.

  82. I used to go to same bar never take any of the girls just for drink and a chat and after few times visiting over different years they thought I was gay 😂 I said na just like to chill here 😂

  83. Tee hee that would be funny to see 🙂

  84. I finally found out what the G spot in a girl stands for .it stands for GOOEY

  85. This "friend" ended up making it on to his flight to Aus, as they were taxing he saw 10~15 "lads" running through the airport looking to stop him, for "Whatever" reason.

  86. Very funny. Killed me. Best policy is be honest, respectful and don't be nasty, think before you talk.

  87. Treat ever person you meet in Thailand like a potential friend and watch the entire world open up for you…

    Ladyboy grabs your wrist in the street, say "you are very lovely but I am going home and dont want company tonight"
    A girl you are not attracted to hits on you in the bar, say no thank you. Or buy the lady drink and enjoy your conversation.

    Never try to haggle on her price, if 1500 baht is too much, just go to the next girl.
    If its a working girl, take her for a drink or by a food vendor and ask if she is hungry. Walk her back downstairs afterwards. Offer her a drink or a snack from your room.

    I had nothing but an amazing time in Thailand. Short time girls in all but one case stayed much longer than asked and one until the next morning. They are trying to provide for their families. You may look at them as though they are dirty, but perhaps they dont look at scrubbing a toilet for slave wages as more respectable than sex work.

  88. That's a good way to get your ass kicked in Thailand….no class

  89. I would always generally just go in to a quiet corner to myself and not really talk to any other girls and I would get that curious reaction there would always be one or two that would push like you said Simon and push and push and if I was in the mood then of course I would find one that I like if not move on but I've never really been into the bar girls I now have a nice tie girlfriend yeah I've been with for 3 years and hope to be with her for much longer cheers mate

  90. That’s what BG do is play games

  91. 5 Lady drinks is 1000 baht…and I have spent at least 5k baht on lady drinks while I was drunk….bar girls are the best sales people

  92. I usually prefer more unattractive girl. I find they usually have good personality.

  93. You can also say… i don't have any money… I'm sure the bar girls will leave you alone.

  94. I live in Pattaya. The main reason is I also speak Russian. Often I will not speak English But speak Russian only. to see what reaction I get. Its a veriation of the game pay. Speak another language. or speak English with a Euopean accent. Mot girls are upfront about the scene, One girl I "dated" was very upfront end talkative about what goes on on the street. It is refreshing and i find most are honest in an unexpected way.

  95. What I like to do is play like I am unconsciously stricken by her appearance. Not easy to play but she will not leave you alone anymore. I don't do Thai women as they are lousy in bed. But I like to play this game a few times each year. Another one is smile at her all the time while she is on stage. And I mean really smile all the time. She will not take no for an answer for a long time. I never had any trouble with the girls as I drink a lot. I am a cash cow to the club. Girls will take care with me.

  96. I always go into the bars with my wife & that sorts it out…🙏🏻😂❤️

  97. Thais have a 'wolfpack' mentality, they do not go mano-a-mano, they attack in groups when beating the crap out of a Farang. Do NOT piss off a Thai, you may not live to regret it. Despite the "Land Of Smiles" campaign, Thais (outside the sex/tourist industry) hold a low opinion of outsiders, specifically Americans.

  98. That is some cruel stuff. It reminds me of high school

  99. didnt think was playin mind games and yes had a thai girl try to chew my ear off over a game of pool…. i was shocked to me it was just a banter (so i thought) i won the drink bet over the pool game and well i still have my ear lol…. but jeez thai girls ….hell hath no fury over a misunderstanding on my part.

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