Download Sports Games Free to Watch on PC for Windows 7 Tutorial

Download Sports Games Free to Watch on PC for Windows 7   Tutorial

Welcome to my tutorial. First, I would like to suggest you to watch
this video from the beginning until the very end. If you follow my instructions, you will be
able to download your favorite sport’s game and watch it anytime you want. My name is Nicola Scanni. With a degree in Multimedia and a passion
for technology, I have a tendency to pass along my knowledge in a very simple way. My platform is Windows 7 but if you have a
different program do not worry the procedure should be pretty much the same. Let us now open our Browser; I will use Google
Chrome, which is by the way recommended. Please, in case you have installed an extension
like Ad Block I suggest you to disable it. Let us navigate now on the page:
as you may read on the un-clickable note on your screen. You may see that are listed Champion League,
Moto GP, Formula 1 and NBA matches. For demonstration, I will click on the soccer
match Dinamo Zagreb – Juventus. On the next page, we scroll down to unveil
the download links. Here you will see we have three different
possibilities. I will only explain the first two methods
leaving the third option for you to discover. Method 1) From Direct Link is the simplest
option. We click on it and, when the next page is
showing we can either click on Get Link or simply wait until the green box that says
Get Link is created. Once we click, a commercial will automatically
start. Once the SKIP option is showing we will click
on it and the download will start. The file will be created and can be seen by
clicking on the download link of Chrome’s settings. Do not go away now, because you may incur
in a problem that I will only explain at the end. Method 2) From Torrent is the option I suggest. If you do not have a torrent installed visit: or visit and install the program. Once installed, we will follow the same procedure. We click on From Torrent we wait until the
green box is created and then we click on Get Link. If we want to help the site, we can click
on the commercial. Once the SKIP option is displayed a torrent
file will be created, and in my case I will find it right on my desktop. We click on the torrent file and the download
will soon start. The download speed is much faster with this
method. Once the download is finished, either if you
have used the first or the second method the file will be compressed in WinRAR. If you do not have this program, visit the
link you see on the screen or copy it from my description. Download and install the program. Once installed, it is important that you make
a copy on your main drive C or D and only then decompress the file with WinRAR. If you decompress it in the same location,
some error may be displayed. If you liked my Tutorial, do not forget to
Subscribe to my Channel. Remember that every first weekend of the month
I upload a new Tutorial online here on YouTube. If you have any question please leave a Message,
I will answer them ASAP. Thank You for Listening and enjoy your free
sport’s download. Ciao.

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