E-MAXX(3908) 배드민턴장에서 주행 IN MG Badminton court DRIVING

E-MAXX(3908) 배드민턴장에서 주행 IN MG Badminton court DRIVING

Badminton court Driving Badminton court run 😀

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  1. 시원하게 잘 달리네여 ㅎ
    모터 기어 소리만 들어도 기분이좋네요 ㅎㅎ

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  3. Thats a good place for driving my friend.Well done.

  4. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. nice run my friend have fun RCing

  6. Супер!!!Лайк Друзьям

  7. Awesome video friend have a wonderful weekend full watched thanks

  8. very nice broo!!thumbs up !

  9. Like the slow motion slides!! Good show

  10. Another great video😎, thanks! for sharing, IN MG 👍

  11. Pretty stable rig. Looks good.

  12. Hi friend, 👋, Well Done, very fast, good job cheers from Spain 😀😎😉👍👍👏👏🚗💨👌💨💨💨🇪🇸

  13. It looks like big Fun.Nice Video

  14. Great speed run !! Nice video !!

  15. Great Emaxx bash!!

  16. fun place for RC!!!~~

  17. That RC is super fast!

  18. wonderful work. very interesting. Thank you for not forgetting us, too. come to us with a return visit

  19. 트라이얼만 굴렸더니… 저도 이제 빠른차가 땡기네요^^ 즐감했습니다~ㅎㅎㅎ

  20. Cool driving time!

  21. wow amazing!!! what a drive!!!! awesome!

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  24. Very cool!!! BIG like

  25. 역시 마구 마구 달리기 딱 좋은곳 같아요~~~

  26. WOW.. so cool!!! it goes so FAST!!!!!!! WOW

  27. Very nice run bud.. Looks good out there.. 😛

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  29. great one dude! 👍👍 ! thanks for sharing olwais great videos with all us, send a greeting and my big like in here

  30. wow. super fast! Like from friend!

  31. I really need to get my Emaxx out! Thanks for the vid.

  32. great driving! cool video! like!

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