Fieldsports Britain – Crow shoots crows

Fieldsports Britain – Crow shoots crows

[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up
I am here in the heart of the Birmingham Gun Quarter to talk to a man who wants to restart
the trade. All of them refused to lend the money because
it is gun making. Because what is wrong with gun making where
they are concerned? It is unethical. We have got Hunting Youtube, we have got News
Stump. First now that the shooting is over the legend that is Andy Crow is doing a tidy
up on deer and crows. [Music] We find Crow chillin in preparation for our
evenings stalk. This farm, just like huge swathes of the British
countryside, has been off limits during the driven pheasant and partridge season. Now
there’s work to be done. With plenty of eyeballs on the ground every
week they know just what’s in the area – There are too many roe does for starters and the
crows and jackdaws are amassing in big numbers. And with good reason the maize cover crop
Crow put in this year is looking appetising. We put the cover crops in and end of the season
now, we are just waiting for it to dry out enough so we can get up here and top them
and hope we can get some pigeons on them. Instead of putting pheasant cover maize in
we put grain maize in and it has lasted really well and the plants stood up all the way through
the season. And cobs, we got two cobs on every single one. So when we do top it, or when
we can get on it to top it I think the ground will be yellow with maize. A lot of pigeons
are feeding on them at the moment, but they are not concentrated anywhere so we are having
to get a few topped off and try to get them into one area really. But as you say there
is loads of maize, but every cob is the same. People often say that the monoculture of a
few thousand pheasants does little for the british wildlife – but there’s probably quite
a few animals enjoying corn on the cob here…There are plenty of slots to suggest a recent visit. A set of fallow slots there and two sets of
roe slots and I think we must have disturbed them as we came up the hill. Wind is not right,
but we have got to go round with the wind wrong to come back on them. We are living in hope that Crow might be able
to use the new shooting sticks on test from A1 Decoys as we certainly had call to use
their decoys. This is not a stroll in the park – good pheasant
ground means hills and valleys – which makes a stalk around quite tough going especially
with Crow’s bad leg. It’s also very slippy and noisy under foot making stealth impossible. We have just come stalking through here and
as you can see a lot of branches and a track in here which is like a hogin made of stone,
so it does make a bit of noise. We just came through and there was a 6 wink just trotting
up through. We wouldn’t have been able to shoot him anyway because there was nothing
behind him. So he wouldn’t have got shot anyway. What we are hoping for is we are going to
go down further into the wood and hope they are going to go up and follow the edge of
the pen around. We will go right down to the end and we might have sent them down there. The maize is not the only thing being nibbled
– fallen trees thanks to the high winds present opportunities too. A lot of food here. They have got the maize
and the feed from the pheasant feeder. They probably need a bit of iron, a bit of roughage
I suppose. The odds are truely against us tonight – we
try and second guess where the deer we’re pushing might end up but we’ve been beaten
– We might have more chance with the Corvids. We are just standing watching at the moment,
just watching to see how many are coming in. A few 100 are coming in there so in a moment
we will have a go at them. We rejoin Andy 48 hours later with a break
in the weather – it’s about 4 so we’ve got a couple of hours before the lights will be
out completely. The later it gets the more desperate the bird will be too roost especially
with 3 guns in different woods. Andy’s frustrated that he’s forgotten his
camo net so takes it out on the vegetation – but in a constructive way. We’re about 15 yards from the field margin
with a pheasant pen behind us. Les reckons the birds will filter down through the valley
– So why are the crows such a problem here? They spend a lot of time here, right through
the year, but the main reason they are here is they have the pheasant cover crops, the
maize of course it attracts them here and they stay on that and then they are a pain
when we top the maize off and ploughing they are still in the area, they tend to go on
the grass fields and as soon as you put the maize in the next crop they just work their
way down the row and start digging it up. So they are a problem here. They are pretty
clever, they soon wise up to it after you have shot them a few times. They leave it
later and later until they come into roost at night. We did have a bit of a go last week
and shot a few, but I think a couple of the guns went home early and of course the part
of the wood that wasn’t covered they went straight to it. But tonight we have got three
other guns out in this particular wood so hopefully they will keep them moving. Crow nabs a pigeon in quick time – and we’re
hoping the woodies might provide some sport before the crows start thinking about heading
home. Open it up before it gets dark and then we
can see what has been eaten. These bits are off the ash trees, bits that come down in
the wind just got some seeds in there look off the ash. The rest is just maize and a
snail. Crow reckons the pigeons are following the
shore above us, so he move and it’s a good one. There are a few pigeons following the top
shore along. We couldn’t get on them. Thought we would move up here when we got here. There
has been a few come through. There are a couple. Will get a double on them in a minute. We
have shot a few pigeons until the crows start coming. Time is getting on a bit now. Time
is just after five. We had a few pigeons early on and now it is the odd crow starting to
move through. Crows and jackdaws. Just had quite a long shot through there. Got that
one. Pretty soon they will be coming through. We get about a dozen pigeons and soon the
crows and jackdaws are following them in… They’re very high and their lumbering flight
is tricky to read but Crow does nab a few –
it’s now getting very dark and we switch to
a bit of night vision. It’s not powerful enough to pick up the birds but Andy is getting some
sport. If you know where they are coming in to roost,
if you can keep them out of the wood long enough. They will come back. They do flock,
here is one coming. Watch for it David. Like I was saying if you can keep them out of the
wood long enough they will come back and roost. It is just if you can see them you can shoot
them. With a little bit of white cloud and the moon, it is spot on. You can really pick
them out then. Bit like wild fowling really. I have got a bit of picking up to do. I know
that. Plenty of cartridges and birds, we need to pick up most of them tonight. Like I said
I don’t like my dog picking crows and jackdaws up. I tend to pick them It’s been a fun couple of hours with all the
guns getting some shooting – now all we need to do is get Ruby working to retrieve the
pigeons. Well thank you very much Mr Crow and if you
would like to see more from him and especially his big day with George Digweed, click on
the screen that has mysteriously up there behind there. Now for our own dark menace
it is David on the Fieldsports Channel News Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Channel News. Charlie hit a nerve with the antis this week
when he appeared on BBC1. The BBC asked him on to its debate programme,
The Big Questions with Nicky Campbell to defend elephant hunting. As a result he received
more than half a dozen death threats on Twitter. Isn’t it odd how it’s always the anti’s threatening
violence. Another person of a posh persuasion in the
firing line from well-balanced antis is Prince William. He went on a driven deer and wildboar
shoot in Spain a day before launching a wildlife appeal. The trip t coincided with the high-profile
appeal to stop the illegal hunting of wildlife. The whole affair has once again angered animal
rights activists. In the broadcast, Prince William and his father Prince Charles make
appeals in languages including Mandarin, Arabic and Swahili to stop the illegal wildlife trade. George Digweed has got off to a flying start
to the clayshooting season with a win in South Africa. George won the FITASC Sporting African
Championships in Cape Town with a score of 193 – he then took bronze in the Pan African
Compak with our own Mike Marshall taking gold. Congratulations to them both. Deer represent the biggest threat to Scotland’s
native woodlands, according to an eight-year study. However, deer managers see this as
a clear signal that the Scottish Government wants to send in its own shooters using its
hated system of ‘control orders’ in order to wipe out large numbers of deer in Scotland.
Ending sport hunting shooting on estates. The state of New York has sparked controversy
with proposals to kill or resettle 2,000 mute swans by 2025. Apparently they pose a threat
to wildlife, people and passenger aircraft. State official says the birds have been responsible
for attacking people, destroying vegetation and polluting the water. It was a flock of
geese colliding with a US Airways flight in 2009 that caused it to crash on the Hudson
river. Since then the US Department of Agriculture has carried out an annual cull on Canadian
geese and wants to extend this to include swans. A quick shout out for a new group on Facebook,
designed to help kids get started in hunting, shooting and fishing, search for ‘Next Generation
Fieldsports’ And finally, shooters saved two deer when
they fell into a frozen river in north-western Poland. The animals were were trying to cross
a frozen river of Parseta while running away from dogs. However, the ice broke and the
animals fell into the river. Both deer survived and the hunters let them go. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Channel
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. [Music] Now let’s see what the rest of you have been
up to. It is Hallo Charlie. [Music] Here is what the world is up to this week. Hallo Charlie. It is Alan and Malcolm from
Country Pursuits TV and we are out flying our new Hexicopter at the local leisure centre
and this happened. Hallo Charlie. Casey Towman from Colchester
Essex shooting on the last inland day of duck shooting in a flooded field. I have shot my
very first mallard with my new Browning Maxis Premium Grade 3. Hallo Charlie. Louis here in Old Bexley. The
Mrs has sent me out to fix all the fences so the horses don’t keep getting loose. Instead
I am hiding out the back in the bushes with my AirArms S400 Classic. I have got a seven
shot Rowan Engineering adaptor on now. Treating me really well. Cheers Charlie. You and the
boys have a good time on the next shoot. Send us your own Hallo Charlie. Film yourself
on your own mobile phone and just a sentence saying Hallo Charlie who you are and what
you are up to. Then share it or email it via Youtube, Facebook, Dropbox or Yousendit, Younameit
to [email protected] Now we are not outside the Gunmakers Arms
for fun. I am off to see a man who wants to put jobs and industry back into the Birmingham
Gun Quarter. In it’s day the Birmingham Gun Quarter would
have sounded a bit like this – and it probably looked a bit like this. [Music] Unfortunately even in Belgian the gentle tapping
of the engravers doesn’t resonate quite so loudly through the streets of Liege anymore,
but some, back home in Brum, are trying to reverse the trend. One man who wants to try and stop the rot
and reinvigorate the quarter is Steve Horton. He has gunmaking in his blood and his soul
which is why he’s given up a good job as an accountant to try and set up shop as a gunsmith
in this historical part of Birmingham. It was made for the Earl of Strathmore and
Kinghorne, the Queen’s maternal grandfather. So you have got as a Horton gun making in
your blood haven’t you? Yes I have. But there’s a bit hurdle – The banks don’t
like guns. All of them refused to lend the money because
it is gun making. What is wrong with gun making as far as they
are concerned? It is unethical. Gun making is unethical? Gun making is unethical. Making shot guns for sporting purposes or
rifles for sporting purposes. Any weapons at all including game shotguns
or anything to do with weapons carte blanche, no. There’s more than one way to skin a cat – and
these days funds can be raised from community investors through the internet. However, they
too think gun-making is a business that needs a wide berth. So how historically important is this area? Some fantastic inventions such as the revolver
with William Tranter didn’t do a lot with it, and Colt did far more with it, but it
was invented in Birmingham. A lot of ejector mechanisms, Anton and Daly for example which
is world renowned and used on most sporting guns now. Webley & Scott is originally a Birmingham
company, and BSA stands for Birmingham Small Arms Company, founded by 14 independent gunmakers
in 1861. At its height in the 19th and early 20th century the quarter made a million guns
and other items for the East India Company, it proofed 4 million barrels for the Crimean
War, exported 800,000 guns to both sides in the American Civil War and employed several
thousand people. Now it’s only about 40. It could be 41, 42 or 43, as this is the shop
that Steve wants to invest in and create employment. Yes, well I have signed the lease so I just
need that investment to make it happen. What I would really like is a number of competitors.
It needs to be a retail destination for people who are interested in field sports not just
shooting, fishing, equestrian all of that, it would be lovely. In 2011, Birmingham City Council wanted to
scrap the name Birmingham Gun Quarter altogether, but local opposition changed their minds.
Steve thinks the quarter is worth backing – and he also wants other gun makers to come
back to their roots and make the Birmingham Gun Quarter a retail destination for gun lovers
from all over the world. The average age of most gunsmiths is around
mid 50’s. So we have got really 15 to 20 years left until we have got no gun trade left in
Birmingham at all which is a great shame. If you want to see the sort of effort that
goes into making a bespoke shotgun click on the link for our browning factory film. For
more on Steve’s shop, visit There now let’s go to the wider world of hunting,
shooting and fishing. It is Hunting YouTube. [Music] This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting and shooting videos that YouTube has to offer. Sergio Couto sends in his latest – ‘High birds
at Coul Farm’. He was invited up to a shoot weekend with a friend in Scotland. Heavy on
the music but filmed with great Couto joy. ClassicBowHunts offered me a cracker a few
weeks ago – a tiger hunt from days gone by. Now it has Moments of Truth, the Complete
Documentary from Bill Negley in his own words, an hour long, on traditional archery hunting
of dangerous game. Watch it and get judgmental if you dare. If you are wondering where Mark Gilchrist
is, he makes a fleeting appearance here. Actually, he is now in France, having survived the questionable
gun safety in this film, which was shot in Norway – but it is still fascinating to see
capercaillie shooting in action, and with our old friend Kristoffer Clausen LeatherwoodOutdoors is out after squirrels
in Pennsylvania. ‘Small Game Hunting Squirrel Grouse and Pheasant’ is a well put-together
tail of how Americas rough shoot, as we Brits call it. Higher up the food chain, certainly from the
eaters’ point of view, is New Mexico Elk Hunt in one of the most desirable places for elk
in the USA, the Gila National Forest, and with one of the most popular YouTube channels. Back to sunnier days in the UK, Angleterre
Midlands Pigeon shows an English pigeon decoying outing from a French point of view. The French
remain in awe of British pigeon shootng, even though many of the birds we shoot here were
hatched there. Now to Africa and ‘Zebra hunt with Rosedale
Safaris’. Not much ore to say than that description. They are in the Eastern Cape of South Africa
and they get the zebra. Finally, what are they hunting in the Sudan?
Well, Fawaz Al-saqercan tell you. Here he is – and he assures us his shooting party
ate everything that was not shipped home to Kuwait You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you are missing the fishing films and the airgun films, watch our new shows,
AirHeads and Fishing Britain. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in
to the weekly top eight, send it in via YouTube or email me the link [email protected] Well we are reaching the end of Fieldsports
Britain and there are a number of shows you ought to be watching next. One of them is
Fishing Britain. [Music] This week we test if trout can smell in crystal
clear water and if it makes a difference to your fishing. We announce the winner of the
huge HM Fly Fishing Bundle and Jan Porter takes Hywel Morgan out on his punt to lure
a killer up from the depths. They are pike fishing at Bigwell in Warwickshire. We have
Fishing Britain News and Hooked on YouTube… it’s another packed programme. On AirHeads, it’s even more packed. In the
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is testing out the quietest airguns on the market. James Marchington also has a rat problem.
There is so many they are out in daylight. He knows what to do. And David is on the News
Stump and I am rounding up the best of airgunning on YouTube. Finally, it’s Schools Challenge TV this week.
We’re learning how to buy a gun in a gunshop from the Oxford Gun Company, with top tips
from Commonwealth Games double trap gld medallist Steven Walton on the right guns for sporting
and for trap shooting. We see the new Rizzini shotgun out in the UK and tere’s news about
the £45,000-worth of prizes on offer in Schools Challenge events in 2014. Well we are back next week and if you are
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at 7pm UK time every Wednesday. This has been Fieldsports Britain. Good bye, good hunting,
good shooting and good fishing.

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