Fieldsports Britain – Foxes with airguns

Fieldsports Britain – Foxes with airguns

[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up
Roy Lupton takes the debate about shooting foxes with airguns and knocks it on the head.
Improve your dog. We are out with a gundog training expert from Skinners Petfoods. First
a lad called Stratts has just passed his deer management qualification. We see if he can
put the theory into practice. Mark ‘Stratts’ Stratton is exactly the kind
of person it’s a pleasure to welcome to our sport. He is enthusiastic, keen to learn and
has a sense of humour. After years’ rabbit shooting and air gunning, he wants to start
deerstalking. He seeks advice on the Stalking Directory forum. Not only do they give him
advice, they club together, pay for him to take his deer management qualification the
DCS1 and they even take him out stalking. This is really good. This is encouraging people
to go stalking. Excellent yes because that is what the guys
wanted to do, put something back into stalking basically and it just snow balled from there.
This year I have been out six times. I have managed to shoot my first fallow and muntjac.
I have a lot to owe those guys and the forum itself. We are joining this new trend of introducing
Stratts to stalking and, thanks to the generosity of professional stalkers John Button and Alex
Hinkins, he is going out after an animal today in Suffolk. It’s also thanks to the generosity
of Browning, which is lending him a Browning X-bolt rifle, ammunition and a Zeiss Duralyt
scope. He also has an AimZonic moderator thanks to importer Alan Rhone, one of a range of
AimZonic moderators, which we pick up from one of Stratt’s local gunshops, John Bradshow
near Peterborough. Honestly, the number of people involved in giving Stratts a good time!
It’s like Jim’ll Fix It without the scandal. What do I normally shoot – .243. I am just
on here for the rabbits. I have got a .22 … FAC air as well, but that doesn’t seem
to get used so much these days. I got a .308 recently, but I haven’t had much chance to
use that at the moment. Stratts is using Browning’s new green ammunition.
Here’s Browning’s David Stapley to explain it Traditionally some forms of non lead ammunition
both in shotgun shells and in centre fire ammunition some people could say that it hasn’t
had the density or knock down power so the energy transfer into the animal. With the
E tip this special formula of zinc and copper it is a gilded metal. What we call a gilded
metal alloy of zinc and copper and one of the features of this bullet is that it retains
nearly 100% of its density. So it has the maximum transfer of energy into the animal. Stratts’ target itself is a fine example of
Stalking Directory humour. That one was me pulling it. You are a despicable man. Terrible, terrible
target. It does make us chuckle every time we look
through the scope to be honest. Happily, Stratts is no bum shot. With the
exception of one slightly wandering shot that Stratts asks you to excuse, the target is
showing less than one minute of accuracy, perfect for deerstalking. Here is his DSC1
target, shot from prone, kneeling and standing off sticks. He’s proud of it. We joined Stratts for part of his DSC in Thetford
Forest. He has to walk around a wood with his BASC assessors saying whether or not a
shot is good. He doesn’t know yet that he will pass, so you can see the stress in his
face. Yes, I think I will be alright. I have done
a bit of shooting. Yes I am ok, confident, quietly confident. Which has been the tricky bit so far. The paperwork and the assessments yesterday The written assessments. Yes definitely. What was wrong with that. Just the nervousness. Like being back at school.
The ID’s were the tricky ones for me. But ok, interesting. It has been good. Most of the questions are straightforward.
Will you shoot a deer when there’s another deer behind it? Answer: no. But some of them
catch Stratts out, like this one. He spots the distant deer. It’s the one right next
to it he can’t see. His assessor is happy too. He is a good lad, he is a good lad. We have
just had the safety walk Charlie and we have done that in the style of a simulated stalk.
Mark has indentified five deer in there. He errs on the side of caution, but that is no
bad thing and he has given me some really good reasons why he would or wouldn’t have
shot the deer. We have gone through the questions and very thorough answers and I am really
pleased with him. Back to our day and we meet Jon Button, who
looks after the deer management on thousands of acres of land in Suffolk, and he loves
his job. There is here fallow, roe, muntjac and we
get the occasional red come through, but not resident here at all. So hopefully we will
see one. Now, we have a little game to play today.
So Stratts has got his piece of paper saying he can stalk deer, but how good is he really?
John and I have agreed not to say what species he is likely to see today. First up, this deer bounces out of the wood. What deer is that? Fallow. Sure? John spots that it has a fawn hidden away
in the undergrowth next to us, so we walk slowly past it. Next, we spot this animal What is that? Roe doe. Positive? I am positive. Jon reckons it is high-stepping this way to
place its feet carefully in between the sharp stubbles. Later on, Jon shows us some of the
heads he has had off his ground, including this monster he is in the middle of bleaching. Here are two nice sized ones we have shot
from round here, from this ground. Quite good size. Both thick quite heavy. Gold? Sorry? I am not sure … We have got some
interesting ones here from fighting. This one here is a small one. You can see this
hole in the side which isn’t a bullet, which I am pretty sure, possibly from fighting during
the rut with an antler into it. And he survived. And he survived, yes, but he didn’t when he
met me. Back to our stalk and John spots a herd of
– what are they Stratts? There’s a pricket in the middle, an ideal
cull animal. We stalk carefully up to the side of the wood. And… well let’s pick up
the story after the event. Jon and Stratts are sitting on the back of the vehicle to
give us the post mortem. I felt comfortable. I felt good on the shot
and I just pulled the shot and I am pretty sure, we are all pretty sure that I shot straight
underneath it. So I am gutted absolutely gutted. Far better you are than the deer is. Yes. It is just one of those things. I am
sure if I carry on stalking I am going to have other moments like this. At least it was completely missed and not
a wounded animal we haven’t recovered. Yes. So that is one good thing. … out stalking. Do you think you will come
round to that point of view? Me? Oh yes, that will only take a few minutes.
Get a rough night’s sleep out of the way tonight and I will be fine in the morning. It is not
going to stop me obviously. Never mind, mate. We’ve even seen George Digweed
put in a second shot. Not often, but we’ve seen it. And all you Stalking Directory lot
– when you get Stratts online after you have seen this – play nicely! Well we have made loads of films about much
more successful stalking and if you want to watch some of them click on the link that
is appearing up there behind me. Now from one unhappy stalker to the world of human
misery. It is David on the Fieldsports Channel News Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Britain News. The pilot badger cull in Somerset is proving
more scary for the antis than the cullers. A local man who rides his bicycle to the pub,
shouted at a couple of farm dogs that usually run out to chase him, causing a group of badger-cull
protestors hiding in a nearby hedge to scream in fear. The cull itself is “proceeding to
plan” and organisers are “pleased with progress to date”, according to the Government. Our destruction test Zeiss binoculars have
raised a few pounds for charity. After 39 bids the Ebay auction winner paid £360 for
the slightly bruised Conquest HD binos. All the money will be donated to Safari Club International
and their work for the world forum on shooting sports. Staying with good deeds and generosity here
is a shout out to the guys on the stalking directory forum. Fellow member Brian Murphy
of Lanarkshire was desperately in need of help to find the funds to build a downstairs
bedroom and wetroom for his 18 year old daughter Leigh who has cerebral palsy. Within hours
of mentioning it to a fellow stalker, the lads on the forum had set up an auction to
raise the cash. In all £5,000 was raised. Brian and his family just wanted to say thank
you. Back to the ridiculous stuff. The Mississippi alligator record was broken
not once but twice during the opening weekend of the season. Beth Trammell of Madison and
her team of five broke the previous record of 697.5 pounds early Saturday morning by
reeling in a 723.5 pounder. Her record was defeated two hours later by Dustin Bockman,
another amateur who managed to wrangle in a 272-pound male, his very first catch. Antis in California have come up with an ingenious
way of banning hunting. The California government is looking at banning all hunting with lead
bullets, arguing that hunters could use lead alternatives. However, the Federal government
has classed lead-alternative bullets as ‘armour piercing’ and has banned them. So no bullets
– no hunting. A gang caught poaching peacocks in India face
between three and seven years in prison. In a midnight operation, a Forest Protection
Squad arrested three people for poaching seven peacocks and three peahens at a village in
the south of the country. What do you do if you have an airport, a pest
problem and you don’t like guns. An airport in Pennsylvania, USA, has solved the problem
by allowing bow hunting on its 2,000-acre site. If you would like to apply, visit A match angler has broken the record for weight
of fish caught in a single competition. Lee Kerry caught 513lb of carp in five hours,
filling 13 keep nets at Worcestershire’s Cob House Fisheries. He had to put out so many
keep nets, he had trouble finding anywhere to fish. And finally, ever wondered what it must be
like to be eaten by a bear? Here is some footage of a black bear in Northern Saskatchewan chewing
up a GoPro camera. Thanks to Guy Baxendale for sending in the link. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. [Music] Thank you David. Savage hair cut. Now let’s
see if airguns can do more than part the hair on foxes heads. It is pellet power and performance. [Music] Big-bore FAC air rifles are controversial
and the ownership complicated. Many people hate them, especially on the Continent where
in countries such as Germany you can’t even shoot a rat with a plinker, but these guns
do have a big following in the USA and Netherlands where you don’t need a licence, and the larger
calibres are becoming increasingly popular here in the UK. There has been a woods-worth of negative press
thanks to air gunners shooting larger and larger game prompting the question: just because
you can, does it mean you should? Well today we’re going to try and at least partly address
that issue. Will Roy feel confident enough to shoot a fox with this .30-calibre FX Boss? Before Roy points the FX at anything with
a heart beat we want to make sure there’s no doubt about its accuracy. Then we’ll look
at its ability to kill animals outright. To help us through today’s experiments we’ve
invited along Phill Price, technical editor of Airgun World and Airgunner magazines to
give us some specialist input and some air. The whole purpose of today is to see one the
accuracy and two if it is an air rifle you can feasibly use in the field to shoot something
and we were thinking along the lines of possibly a fox. Personally I have got my doubts using
FAC air rifles with animals up to the size of foxes. What are your thoughts on it.It
is spectacularly accurate I would say that. We tested it up to 100 yards. It is probably
shooting at about an inch and a quarter. I have never seen an airgun that accurate. However,
you have always got the trajectory to consider, but it does shoot huge heavy 50 grain pellets,
huge amounts of energy and it is accurate. I think you have just got to be careful how
far you go with it. Would you confidently shoot a fox with an
FAC air rifle. With this I would. Yes, up to about 50 yards.
No doubt it would have pretty much the same terminal affect as a rim fire. I wouldn’t
want to go any further than that. Before Roy points the FX at anything with
a heart beat, we want to make sure there is no doubt about its accuracy. Then we will
look at its ability to kill animals out right. We are going to kick off at around 50 yards
which is about the maximum range I am happy to shoot foxes at with a .22 rimfire. We are
going to get them both zeroed there. We are then going to drop the target back a little
bit and just see what the drop off is. At 50 yards the rimfire and the FX have no
problem hitting the centre of the target. At 60 yards, without holdover, it’s a different
story.. So then we have moved back out to 60 and we
have got a hell of a drop off there. So just within the ten yards we have just got two
and a half, three inches of drop, so that really has fallen away quite a lot. So if
we move back up to the rimfire. So first shot just flipping on the 10 there then at 50 we
have dropped about an inch. So if we had a fox coming up you just bring it up a little
bit and aim at the top of his head. Whereas you have got a lot more margin for error using
the .30 calibre air rifle. Right – time to move onto the fox heads and
Phill thinks the FX is going to deliver. At the right distance I am confident it will
penetrate the foxes skull. Clearly we know the rimfires work. Enough people use them.
We have all done it. We know it is an effective round. I think at short range the Boss is
going to give a good run for its money. We are going to try some with skin on, some
with skin off. We are going to be shooting them all with different calibres. At 50 yards
we are going to do the sub 12ft/lb air rifle at 50 just to show how inefficient a sub 12ft/lb
air rifle would be at a fox. Just to show it is not something we recommend. We are going
to shoot the FAC air rifle which is pumping out at about 77ft/lbs. So hopefully we are
going to get a full penetration. If it is lodged in there we will try and have a delve
about and see what we can find. We will start off with a couple without skin on and then
we will leave a couple with skin on as well. We’re going to start with the Webley Raider
airgun in .22. The reason for using a sub 12 ft/lb air rifle is to show its weaknesses
not its strengths. It’s a fantastic tool but it’s not accurate enough or powerful enough
to kill a fox and certainly not at 50 yards. Roy has three shots at the target. One misses
the fox head completely but the other two find the head. One shot has gone in near the eye. The other
looks like it might have bounced off the top of the skull. This is quite soft here and it has entered
the socket behind the eye, but I am not quite sure how far it has gone in. So we will open
that up and have a look.You can see here I am not sure whether it has penetrated here
or just skimmed the skull. So we will just take back the first layer of muscle here and
we can actually see that the pellet has just punched a small hole here. Obviously it hasn’t
gone anywhere else. I will just open that up and see how far the pellet has gone in.
That really has surprised me from a .22. I am not overly happy as I would not want to
shoot a fox with a .22 like that. So I will just open it up and see where these pellets
have tracked to. Here we go, look if we had shot here on the fox, you can see the pellet
has gone in here just tracked along into the soft tissue bearing in mind that is the weakest
part of the foxes skull. Just on the side of the muzzle here, just in front of the eye
socket. All that pellet would have done is to really upset the fox, blinded it in the
right eye, but it certainly wouldn’t have killed it.
That fox would have been running around in a lot of pain and a lot of agony. Again that
just confirms I really would not want to shoot a fox with a sub 12ft/lb air rifle at that
sort of range. We will just have a look inside and see if we can see where the other pellet
has gone in here. Where are we, there we go there is a shard of lead there. Yes, so what
the pellet has actually done it has broken up. It has hit the foxes skull and the pellet
is actually split so just a shard of the pellet has gone into the skull, but not penetrated
that deeply. It would have probably just gone in and upset him a little bit. Although it
would have been writhing around again I would not be confident that that would be an all
out kill shot. So that coupled with the inaccuracy at that sort of range because the pellets
are being very affected very heavily by all the external factors such as wind really just
goes to confirm I would not want to shoot a fox morally or ethically with a sub 1
2ft/lb air rifle. Time for the FX boss. It does exactly what
Phill predicts – the skull has received a devastating blow and the guys are impressed. The 77 ft/lb muzzle that is a lot of energy
at 50 yards that is still carrying a hell of a lot of … I am really impressed just
how hard that hit. That is a humane kill. Without a shadow of doubt. You can’t really
question that. Huge difference between the little .22 12ft/lb and you can feel here the
rest of the skull is absolutely shattered from the impact and the energy transferred
through the skull. It is broken all the way across here. So there is no way that fox would
be going anywhere. Finally let’s see what the .22 rimfire has
to offer. It again does the job efficiently and there’s not much to separate the last
two rifles. There are some who wouldn’t use a .22 rimfire on a fox at 50 yards. So comparibly to the sort of wind channel
we got from the air rifle it is pretty much on a par really. Roy is convinced that with accurate range
finding , he would be happy to shoot a fox with the FX out to 50 yards. I still can’t summarise from my own perspective
quite where it fits in because if you have got a rimfire you would probably use the rimfire
over using this. But there are people out there who just love
airguns, have got a slot on their ticket, would want one. Who wouldn’t want a .30 calibre
air gun. It is a tremendous thing, is it better than a rimfire? No. But as you say a fantastic piece of engineering
and works incredibly well. If you have any thoughts on FAC air rifles
please let us now and we’ll read out some of the clean ones next week and if you want
to find out more information about the FX Boss go to Well our pellet, power and performance series
has been on the cutting edge of airgunning and if you want to see more of them click
on the link on the screen behind me. Now from a foxes head to another bunch of mugs. It’s
Hallo Charlie. [Music] Here is what the world is up to this week. Hallo Charlie. I am Ryan and I came out this
eveing and saw a rat in my turkey shed. I got my air rifle and this was the outcome. Hallo Charlie. Damion here from Surrey. 7
o’clock in the morning I have just landed a very nice cat fish. Hallo Charlie. We come from South Africa.
We just shot a … buck. We are busy processing it in our kitchen and we are going to go hunting
pretty soon for some more. Cheers Charlie. Hallo Charlie. I am Dan and I am Dan and we
are currently building a pigeon hide. Hallo Charlie. This is Joe and Aaron from
Kent we have just been out doing a spot of foxing and this is what we have got. Hallo Charlie. Send us your own Hallo Charlie. Film yourself
on your mobile phone, just a sentence saying Hallo Charlie who you are and what you are
up to.Then share it or email it via Youtube, Facebook, Dropbox or Yousendit, Younameit
to [email protected] Now here is the latest from Max Hunt who is
heading eastwards towards Kazakhstan through the Czech Republic. Hallo this is heaven on earth. I am still
in Czech Republic and I had a perfect night. Me shooting a very nice fallow deer and a
gold medal … The plan now is to go roe deer hunting and maybe if we are lucky we will
get one of those as well. Gun dogs next. How to make your mutt magnificent
with Skinners Petfoods. Some people blow their dog whistles more than
motorists hit the horn in downtown Manhattan. For top gundog trainer Ricky Moloney, whistling
your dogs is a language. The whistle is an over used tool in the dog
owners armoury. What I have got is I have got a stop whistle which is one long blow,
I have got a recall whistle which is a series of peep, peeps. When I am working the spaniel
I have got a turn whistle so when the spaniel goes so far I give him a little gentle peep,
peep, softer peep, peep to turn him and hunt him back towards me. I only increase volume
over distance. If the dog is trained on the whistle, when I am working a dog close by
… should be more than enough. When I have got the dog a long way out I increase the
volume. If the dog is not listening to that soft whistle at that distance you can blow
as loud as you like he is not going to listen to you. What I do even before I introduce
the whistle is I make sure the dog understands my verbal commands so when I start introducing
the stop whistle the dog already knows sit. So as the dog sits at the side of me and I
say sit the dog has already started to sit I blow my stop whistle. What I also do as
well, w hen I am training the dog to go back or to
go left or to go right I blow a stop whistle the dog is sat looking at me. So what that
stop whistle means if you look at me I am going to give you a command. That is more
positive than throwing a dummy for the dog, sending the dog for the dummy and stopping
it half way. So that stop whistle is actually positive as the dog know after that stop whistle
it will get the command to get the reward i.e. the dummy. Ricky Moloney runs Ribblesdale Labradors.
This series on gundog training tips is brought to you by Skinners Petfoods, maker of the
Field & Trial range of gundog feeds. Visit Http:// So if your dog training needs a full MOT service
and oil change, we put all the Skinners training tips on the Skinners Petfoods Youtube channel
and you can click on the screen just up there to go through to that. From dogs to the wider
world of hunting, shooting and fishing on Youtube it is Hunting Youtube. This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. I have always liked Sergio Couto’s films and
he is getting better and better. My Glorious 12 – Grouse Shooting in Scotlandwhos his first
shots on driven grouse in Scotland. That’s not the only bird season getting underway.
With the wildfowling, goose and duckshooting going strong in the UK, here is some good
gooseshooting from Sweden via GoPro, with a glam rock track. Another season that’s opening is the state
of Virginia squirrel season, starts 14th September and runs until the end of January. And there
are officially 80,000 squirrel shooters in Virginia, making it the second most popular
shooting sport in the state after the 179,000 who go whitetail buck hunting. Well this is
a comedy Virginia squirrel-huntin’ video by two lads who are nearly quite funny when they
mean to be and even funnier when they don’t. On to fishing: I have featured him before
and I will gladly feature him again – partly because I got his home country wrong last
time. Cillian Farrell does not live in the USA but in Cork in Ireland, and has done all
his life. Here he is with friend Dan Gill tackling conger on a kayak in Cork Harbour. Flukemaster has a following in the USA. This
is his film about how to catch bass under a bridge, which applies to lots of fish you
can find under bridges. I can think of a few. Viewer GuyBaxendale has the new iScope from
Highland Outdors, which allows you to record what you see through your riflescope on your
iPhone. Here is his film iScoping Scottish bunnies. Viewer Jim Powell from New Zealand likes this
about quail shooting on North Island. He calls it ‘An interesting bit of filming and dog
work’ – and the bag is 19 birds. Finally, it looks a bit vain plugging one
of our own shows in Hunting YouTube but here is Schools Challenge TV which we run for organiser
David Florent and he is ever so proud of this show, all about Abbey Burton, which came out
just two days after she won the Universal Trench world championship in Slovenia. 2016
here she comes. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight,
send it in via YouTube, or email me the link [email protected] Well we are back next week and if you are
watching this on Youtube please don’t hesitate to hit the subscribe button that is around
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that is out 7pm every Wednesday UK time. This has been Fieldsports Britain.

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  48. nuuuuuu what dus the fox say?!? x.x

  49. This is PC gone mad all farm deer by the look try hunting deer in new zealand

  50. Is hunting really that regulated in the UK?

  51. Sorry but I dont think you should shoot foxes with an air rifle no matter what the caliber and I would not use a shotgun or a .22 rifle. I like to know if I shoot something its going down the 1st time if I shot straight but thats just me.

  52. Posh idiots! Shooting is not a sport! Stop taking lives away for no reason!

  53. That is horrible  and nasty.Poor animals 

  54. You don't need a rimfire or a .30 cal. air rifle to kill a fox at fifty yards; now obviously you can't use a sub-12 fpe airgun, but a .25 cal. airforce condor ss will do it, the condor will for sure do the trick. The condor ss produces 55 fpe and the condor 70 fpe, only 7 fpe less than the fx boss.

  55. boring product placement …lets get back to hunting …FFS

  56. How the fuck is this a sport?! And I swear down this was banned in the uk and some posh arses wanted to bring fox shooting back so I guess your one of those stupid bastards.

  57. More crap,hey just my opinion …….

  58. If you do not like HUNTING then you need to stop looking for hunting videos on here and grow up and look for a nice kitten video.

  59. That presenter is an oddball.

  60. Lets Play TWISTER!

  61. Now test with a 12ft pound .177 air rifle at 30yrd between the eyes! .22 are useless…

  62. His obviously had to pay..I have a friend who passed deer managment n all that and now works in a bar!

  63. I fucking hate the pathetic advert! Why should I be forced to waste 29sec of my data on shit I don't want?

    Could you give me the brand and model scope which use in .22 ?

  65. didn't want to show the top of the skull when shot with the air gun .the cunt has dickie hips or summit he is all over place

  66. Sign this epetition to get higher powered air rifles and pistols

  67. It's dark, your out spot lighting.  Is that fox 50 or 60 yards, or maybe 40 yards.  What if it refuses to come in closer than 75 yards?  I have more confidence with a 22lr. 

    I've dropped a fox at 100 yards with high velocity 22lr with a zero at 75 and a hold over of 4" and it dropped the fox on the spot. It refused to come in closer, just sat and watched me call.  I do choose to use my new 22 mag for all foxing now, however, my air riffle is purely for much closer and smaller rodents. 

    cool air riffle though, just don't have a need for one.

  68. Also, showing skinning a fox skull, you blokes have got balls.  love to stir myself.

  69. they killing wild pigs with a gamo 22cal try one

  70. this is not a fair representation of 12 fpe, they should have used 177 not 22. a 177 12fpe will kill a fox with a head shot, I've done it a at least 10 times

  71. Revenue for death.

    It's vile people like in the video that helped shape the UK into the pathetic wildlife lacking cesspit it really is.

    People like that want every inch of the country under their control and make as much profit through misery as they can.

    I hope a gun backfires and blows their head off, dickheads.

  72. What about foxing with a 12 fp at 25 yards

  73. I got a fox with a sub 12fps about an inch above the eyes dead centre between the eyes at 30 yards

  74. Nice to see another VW loving guy with a good eye for shooting as well as a good eye for a classic vehicle.

  75. Would it take out a muntjac?

  76. I hunt for food, if I hunted for fun and to make my pecker twitch like the sadistic losers on this channel I'd go see a shrink!

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  78. 10:03 Jeez is there ANYTHING you don't kill?

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  80. This guy talking sounds like the announcer from Scot Sterling!!!

  81. This is so fucking tasteless

  82. I love foxes 😢

  83. Got a Walther Varmint R8 , ive dun two foxes with it , its a 12,ft pounder in .22, first fox 20feet head shot dropped it , but heard a loud clap , next one tonight 4,30 head shot 30 metres , dropped ding a mad jig so put another in head stopped soon as, with a 12pounder .22 youve got to give head shot fore head , seems to work but had the mad shake rattle jumpered up ran away , Iike it coz we have a big fox COMMUNITY , I have a CHWAWAA to scared to let her out on her own , lady few doors down let her dog out same mine it screaming but its jaw hanging off, next a women she woke up locked on her arm a fox in her bedroom , her boyfriend hit with a pillow it ran off , they think the patio doors open , any way ran away, me I shoot them hate them

  84. I can defo back the FX boss up. I have one in the UK and have fox control on my ticket. I have dropped a fox at 56 yards with the boss but using jsb exact pellets 45 grains. Fox dropped and never moved with head shot. Highly recommend

  85. Must be clickbait as i dont see no fox with an air gun

  86. Leave the foxes alone you murdering bastards. No wonder why a lot of wildlife are in decline cause of the likes of you. Rats and mice are vermin not foxes.

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  90. Devil😈👎🚫uk

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