FOOTBALL: Virginia Tech Highlights

FOOTBALL: Virginia Tech Highlights

Well pressure on Perkins,
being chased by Walker, and somehow finding
Hasise Dubois for a catch inside the 45. Handoff to Ellis. Ellis up the middle this time–
he breaks a couple of tackles and rumbles along
that left hash park ahead for a first down
inside the 30 to the 29 on a 10-yard gain. Snap being high. Here comes the blitz. Perkins steps up,
gets hit as he throws. As Reed reaches
over the shoulder, he made the catch with one hand! Touchdown, Virginia! Joe Reed with a marvelous
catch over the shoulder. –will take the
snap on first down. It’s a play-action pass. He slings it to the far side. Reed breaks the tackle,
sheds a defender, racing at the numbers
of the 40, high-steps past another defender. He’s outside the
numbers to the 30 to the 25, 20, 15, 10, five– touchdown, Virginia! Joe Reed– 75
yards to the house. He’s done it again! –takes the snap,
fakes the handoff, and he’s got room to run. Up the middle, he’s going
across the 40 to the 45, across to the 50, and finally
brought down from behind, ahead to the Hokie 46. The snap and the
handoff to Ellis. Ellis bounces it to the outside. He’s at the 10, now cuts
it inside, weaves his way through defenders. He’s into the end zone–
touchdown, Virginia! Jordan Ellis, from 13
yards out, finds his way to paydirt for the
ninth time this season, and Virginia is
back in business. It’s 24-20. Steps tall in the pocket,
lobbing down the near sideline. He’s got a man open. It’s caught! What a catch by
Olamide Zaccheaus, reaching over the shoulder
and making the catch, all the way to the 50! Perkins takes the
snap, blitz is on. He throws over the
middle– it’s caught. Dubois makes the catch. He’s off and
running to the five. He’s in! Touchdown, Virginia! The Cavaliers with
their first lead of the night on a
29-yard catch-and-run from Hasise Dubois. Pressure coming from Mack, and
Jordan Mack makes the play. There’s the snap. They’ll send four. Quick pass is blocked
and intercepted! Charles Snowden bats
it high and in the air and comes away with it! Kick us up. It’s on the way. It is up, and it is good. On the way, and he delivers. Fakes the handoff, and
he pays the price, as the ball’s on the deck,
and the Hokies have it. Words can’t describe the
heartache in Charlottesville, Virginia tonight.

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  1. Players played their hearts out in the second half. It's a real shame to see the conservative play calling in the last 5ish minutes from the offense, especially when the defense gave them the ball in the red zone. Always a fan and love my Hoos, but the coaches have got to keep their feet on opponents throats when they've got them beat. Conservative playing calling won't do, especially in close games.

  2. class act…Our coach (VT) goes over and taks to UVA QB at the end……Nice job coach……….15 YEARS IN A ROW!!!!

  3. Go back to BYU, Bronco, and take the rest of this bum coaching staff with you.

  4. With ALL that went down the game still could’ve been won by a Brenton Nelson fumble recovery in the end zone, Charles Snowden sack in OT or the going for the gusto in regulation after the pick by Snowden!!!! SMH!!!!!

  5. Coaches lost this game! Playing to conservative at key moments!

  6. Classic UVA choke. Is it really a rivalry when one team wins 15 in a row?

  7. 5,109 days and counting! GO HOKIES!!!

  8. This game did for me, I'm done it's over. I don't care about basketball season now. I just don't care.

  9. 15 years baby! 😂

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