Free PS4/PS3/Vita PlayStation Plus Games For February 2019 Announced

It’s just about February, and that means we’re
in for a change with PlayStation Plus: this is the last month for free PS3 and Vita games. We’ll talk more about that later. For now, here’s what you can look forward
to this month. First up on PS4 is Hitman: The Complete First
Season. This 2016 game was a big leap for the Hitman
series, sending Agent 47 all around the globe to take out his targets with new toys and
assassination opportunities. It even made our list of the best games of
that year. Also on PS4 is the melee combat game For Honor. This game is all about warring factions: vikings,
knights, and samurai, letting you battle it out across a bunch of tightly designed maps. You’ll have to master a special directional-based
melee system if you want to win. The first of the final PS3 games is Metal
Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. This is the conclusion of Solid Snake’s story,
and just like Hitman, it’ll send you around the world taking down major military threats. PS3 owners can also dive into Divekick. This fighting game is all about the “easy
to pick up, difficult to master” philosophy, as every character can only dive and kick. You can master the game’s nuances on Vita
as well, thanks to cross-buy. Speaking of Vita, the first of its last games
is Gunhouse, which is part puzzle, part tower defense, and it offers infinite levels for
you to set up your defenses and blast away at oncoming invaders. And thanks to cross-buy, you can take them
on on PS4 as well. You can also cross-buy the final Vita game,
Rogue Aces. This roguelike switches things up every time
you play, so you’ll never battle the same wave of airborne enemies twice. It also manages to serve up the action with
zero loading screens. And those are your free PS Plus games for
February. The PS4 titles will be available from February
5th until March 5th. The PS3 and Vita games go live the same day,
but you’ll have until March 8th to grab them. That’s because this is the last month PS Plus
includes games for those platforms–but as long as you’re a subscriber, you can still
redownload and play any games you’ve already added to your library. Stay tuned to GameSpot as we report on the
PlayStation Plus lineup every month.

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