freekickerz vs Buffon – Ultimate Football Challenges

freekickerz vs Buffon – Ultimate Football Challenges

Hey guys and welcome to a new video on freekickerz. Today, we are in Turin with help from Puma and Intersport in order to test the new Puma One.. ..with living legend Gigi Buffon! Okay Karol, let’s go! Show us something! Let’s go, dude! Boy, what a strong throw! One last hit please! Top left! That one’s in, I called it! I should’ve let that one in for that compliment! That was brutal! The worst that can happen to a keeper! Jan, strong stuff there! It was great fun to challenge such a legend! Okay guys, great to kick with Gigi for the FIT FAST FEEL campaign. We have to admit that he totally destroyed us though…
No, no, no… You, you, me…he destroyed the whole team! You make me nervous with your ball there!
Okay that one as well! So, if you want to check out the shoe, go to If you look closely, you will see that you can also win a signed pair of shoes from Gigi Buffon! Awesome, right? I would do it!
So, thanks for watching, we’re out. We’ll play a little more here in Turin. Enjoying life! Bye!

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  2. Chi è italiano mette like👇

  3. Du bist der coolste

  4. alt yazı olması süper olmuş. adamlar bizim işsiz olduğumuzu biliyor onun için mutlaka izleyecez 😀😀

  5. I think buffoon is not only good at goal Kepler but he could be mid

  6. Bro counter: 1.000.000

  7. Soy el único que me dio cringe bufón

  8. Iae galera q gosta de futebol se inscrevam lá no meu canal irá ter diversos desafios,com muita fé iremos alcançar nossos objetivos.SE INSCREVAM LÁ POR FAVOR

  9. Buffon is really Buffon

  10. Türkçe altyazı yapanın amk

  11. Türkçe biliyomusunuz

  12. Min 1:38 nooooooooooo più 8 minuti di tagli per imprecazioni contro ogni santo del paradiso, con gesù che è sceso per fargli causa😂

  13. Grande Gianluigi BUFGON


  15. Carol enzo o toplardan bi tane gonderirseniz sevinirim

  16. Se los paso por el pico jajajaj 😂

  17. Dai raga 4.42 nessuno ha sentito il bestemmione che stava per partire da Buffon😂

  18. Bufon çok sempatik amk

  19. Mo je faccio er pallonetto… ^__^

  20. Chi è italiano metta mi piace (i'm italian)

  21. Gigi Buffon a man ..a legend

  22. Öj.. war das zum Schluss der Antoine in der Mitte ??

  23. Buffon ma siłę

  24. Porca di quellaaaaa

  25. Üüübel bodenständig!

  26. Buffon is so sympathisch ne 😂

  27. Omg yall sucks like mtfr and idk how you guys got famous

  28. GG BUFFON Perfecto ♥♥

  29. Buffon er diferente pega muito fiii

  30. ブッフォンかっこいい

  31. La siz turkmusunuz


  33. drink a shot for every handshake or fistbump and you'll be completely wasted by the first half of the video

  34. Love Gigi's passion & energy!

  35. Freestyle new Video!!

  36. Bufon ist 💕👍👍👍

  37. Bufon tipini sikim

  38. Gigi sei immenso

  39. Спасибо за русские субтитры….

  40. Việt Nam hello

  41. Samet ve İlhan teşekkürler

  42. Chi è italiano metta like

  43. Buffon🇮🇹🔝

  44. ゲーム性悪すぎやろ

  45. Italia ovunque raga

  46. A gigio che me combini

  47. Se sei 🇮🇹 metti like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. What is anyone saying

  49. Buffon is the best goalkeapper

  50. たのしそーに笑

  51. Per fortuna Buffon essendo italiano lo dimostra infatti quando ha sbagliato il tiro ha detto porca puttana😂grande gigi

  52. Like si eres mexicano no entendiste

  53. Forte Ginaluigi Buffon

  54. dropkick is different from a volley, bro

  55. Кто русский лайк

  56. Чё их эвонеон заразил?

  57. Pooorca di queeeella

  58. ดีค้าบมีคนไทยมั้ย

  59. Buffon every time winner

  60. Wow very good video nice l arapi

  61. Buffon…living legend..
    And super Nice guy

  62. I Didn t hear a porco d.o

  63. Кто русский лайк

  64. ブッフォン絶対いい人

  65. Titolo ingannevold

  66. Лайк кто из Рашки)

  67. türkler nurada mı

  68. 3:04 is the same shot

  69. Daje giggione spolliciate

  70. رائع.. استمر في هذه الفديوهات

  71. U came together with Buffon and didnt make him GK… not stonks

  72. Ad yg dari indonesia

  73. Mi aspettavo hello Gianluigi Lui: ciao porcodio

  74. Did that dude really said thank u bro to Buffon*

  75. i’d rather the f2

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