Game Theory: We’ve Been Hiding Something From You…

Game Theory: We’ve Been Hiding Something From You…

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  1. GT: We've been hiding something from you
    Me: SANS ISN'T NESS?!?!??!?!
    GT: What? No
    GT: What are you talki-

  2. I have no access to computers or any time to attempt this and it makes me so sad that I can’t join in on this

  3. Yellow sector in the logo bois

  4. I always thought the red 1/4 of the logo was just an easter egg about Film Theory. Guess not.

  5. why do I still watch tbis

  6. 11:30 O OH YEAH YEAH

  7. It was pretty entertaining to watch, don't have time to do that, but it seems very fun and not that hard, challenging, but not that hard, so yeah great job for making something fun and original (for a yt channel) ! Keep up the great work

  8. Wow, Game Theory intros are getting worse

  9. I'll just sit here with my blue pills and enjoy the videos knowing that there's a clue hidden in here.

  10. please do a video on shovel knight

  11. I personally dislike Matt's content.

  12. You should do a theory on Sigma from Overwatch

  13. Noooo Labor Day weekend I’m going to a place with no connection

  14. Where do I play it??

  15. Matpat, your crazy boi XD

  16. This video has a clue in it

  17. I love ARGs and I love Game Theory… how did I not hear about this!?

  18. Cicada 3301: Am I a joke to you?

  19. Your new game reminds me of Ready Player One

  20. That's my bday lol


  21. 7:05 I love this reference thank you

  22. Wait so do you actually have to go a physical location for this?

  23. First one told me I was wrong


    never mind I just put it in wrong


  25. Actually what about key 3C? you didnt feature that one.

  26. 14:10 it’s probably another clue

  27. login into this game was the hardest its ever been for any account ever

  28. I want a terraria theory

  29. 23:00 look at hand

  30. Thank you Matpat for these puzzles♥️

  31. Ya know you can make a video that isn’t two or three parts

  32. Me : sees SpiderMan when he says Marvel
    Also me : Oh no .. he doesn’t know

  33. 7:06 Pitch meeting references are TIGHT!

  34. 7:06 yees, a Ryan George reference.

  35. 4:48 I LOVE THAT SHOW TOO!

  36. Does he have pacheone sorry for type you

  37. Oh no there's test here too noo it just tells you every education thing has a test

  38. no joke at the age of 2 my dad literaly droped me in a pool and said swim…

    i drowend

  39. The fact that you had to announce that you had an ARG going just means it never got traction and it sucks

  40. What is the yellow?

  41. Neat note: the chaos theory logo resembles the game lab logo just red.

  42. Pretty sure the speed for the overworld theme key actually needs to be quartered, not quadrupled. I was so pissed when I realized following the clue wasn't getting me anywhere.

  43. “It should be easy enough”

    Are you assuming my intelligence?

  44. Holy shoot this puzzle hard

  45. The masked magician is on Netflix my sister loves this show

  46. I love to watch magics biggest secrets finally revealed with my mom!!!!

  47. i saw on the screen showing the decoded character names that the doki doki logo is missing doki doki and there’s no character names there, but instead a cryptic message. well played mat pat, you’ve fooled many of us, but not all of us.

  48. MattPat is legitimately running out of ideas. "I have no ideas for a game theory, so I'm going to make a game to theorize about myself!"

  49. My prediction: Matpat will release the second video on 31th august and that video will be the start of the final gate.

  50. From now on i am going to look frame by frame for hints for the further , turning up brightness and stuff. And Sound graphs , and revers and watching videos , ect.

  51. Oh you've always been. Secretly game theory hq is in Scott cawthons house

  52. This is like Roblox tower of hell expect game theory version

  53. If any one finds clues for gate seven please reply to my comment to help everyone


  55. Super easy barely an inconvenience

  56. sweet boy sweet u will make me cry its soooo sweet bro

  57. 4:13.

    And… That's all I've to say

  58. What happened to player four…
    Pause at 22:36, it’s gray not green.

  59. im using this whenever i give up on a key.

  60. is it just me or does the last key for gate 2 not work

  61. Metro Series or Metro Exodus game theory would be awesome

  62. When is part 2 coming out? 26th? 29th? 31st?

  63. My OCD instantly noticed the Yellow on the intro of this vid… before matpat said

  64. Can you make a theory on the new little nightmares game coming out in 2020

  65. *claps at matpat's performance

  66. It's on my birthday

  67. Does mat have a book

  68. Ha. I’m too stupid to do any riddles or anything like that. I’m sorry ;-;

  69. I need that Theory stone as a lamp anybody with me?

  70. I JUST WANT TO SAYYYY! Like if you agree! Mat pat should create an app for theorists and fans where literally any thing with fans who like it and support it. Theory’s fan art fun talk about said things fan lore anything about topics where people can talk, think, and debate….. and best of all it will be all game and film theory related. Sound cool idk

  71. I really respect you guys team theorist. You guys do really cool stuff and love your fans. On another note I tried to start the arg awhile back and oh man the wall of text in that discord had me hoping back out quick. I mean there was so much info I couldn’t even find the starting line so I’m glad I have a spot to start at least now. Maybe I’ll give gate 7 a shot on my long weekend

  72. Oohhyayamp! Is the actual answer

  73. Next thing you kn w there’s co eing in th Com ents

  74. Ive been watching you for about 3 and a half years and I didn't even get past the first puzzle… Thats just sad

  75. I did gate one following the video
    Then i decided to do gate two by myself and i was stumped with the links that i gave up i forgot to check the file names! No shiz i was stuck ahggg qwq

  76. in the new opening you can see isaac from the binding of isaac does that mean there will be more isaac theories?

  77. Matpat has a game… Huh well the more you know

  78. im impressed that sounds cool

  79. The opening before this one was better but i guess you had to do one for clues’ sake

  80. HA! Jokes on you, I didn't even know this existed!

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