Giant Ping Pong 2

Giant Ping Pong 2

Hello everybody! We are Pongfinity. It’s time for some giant ping pong! Today It’s me versus Miikka he’s gonna have no chance. We’ll see. Yes! Aah I had him! Is it coming? Almost! I’m not even going to try… What!? Good! It’s still in play! I can’t give you a spot like that Come back! That was close! Thanks, good match! Well, that was as easy as expected. Remember to subscribe here And check out our previous videos there. Until next time!

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  1. Next time Otto vs Emil?

  2. 02:06🤔🤨🤐

  3. Guys otto practice tennis or table tenis

  4. Time to get philosophical.
    Is it giant table tennis or miniature tennis?

  5. これ部活でやった‪w‪w‪w‪w

  6. You zhould get bigger rackets

  7. More giant table games!!

  8. David Beckham och det har

  9. Next do bigger paddles and a bigger ball.

    …Oh wait, that’s tennis

  10. 한국사람👋

  11. You should now try with a giant ball and giant rackets

  12. 2:18 I think this is tow bounds

  13. Prata svenska förfan

  14. be so hard to go back to tiny table ….would quickly ruin muscle memory


  16. 저렇게 치면 재밌겠다

  17. Otto's very cool 😆😆😆😆😆

  18. Otto is the blast ohohoh 😊😊

  19. a few times, ball hit twice in Otto's part of the table

  20. Do the introduction in spanish

  21. considered as tennis

  22. play tt with a soccer ball.

  23. Do Tennis Court ping pong

  24. RIP ping pong balls lol

  25. Why did you realize this giant ping pong??? I'm dreaming it for years, now I've seen and I'm totally addicted, dreaming in the nights

  26. As a tennis player you guys should really work on your footwork

  27. Giant table tennis trick shots

  28. Ik bet you cant beat me

  29. Малой вообще легко отлетел)

  30. デブは力があるな

  31. This is spectacullar
    So, Make more video like this

  32. oh sorry i thought this was small tennis

  33. 1:27 did the serve not bounce twice?

  34. Man the yellow shirt guy back hand is a fucking hammer. How does it get it so damn fast

  35. Is walking on the table legal ? I wonder.

  36. 1:25 three bounces??

  37. Iam i the only one who found it disturbing?

  38. am i the only who is wondering how they got a giant net?

  39. This is practically tennis?

  40. Why is the title italian

  41. すごい!!🏓🙌

  42. Thats lovely shot

  43. JAJAJA…guys, you are SO crazy !!!. Great channel.

  44. My sons want …you cut a ball with a knife, like the banana video. Please!!. Greetings from Chile!

  45. Miikka win bro!!

  46. Otto always win!

  47. This is awesome!

  48. C'est plus du ping ping c'est du tennis

  49. This is just ”small tennis”

  50. Run Miikka Run 😂

  51. Otto was shaving points! Seen a couple double bounces on his side. Unless that’s part of the game

  52. テニスやんけ

  53. 00:25 bắn tiếng việt 😂😂😂

  54. Otto is the best player in le world

  55. I think Otto is the best out of Emil and mikka

  56. I don't understand why at 1:55 the point was assigned at Miikka, if the ball does 2 touch on opponent's field it isn't point?

  57. Giant man – Giant ping pong… (Otto) :))

  58. Otto is so confident about defeating Miika when he says "He is not gonna have a chance " . Amazing confidence in Otto.

  59. When Miika slipped @1:23 , there should have been a re-point.

  60. I like you so much mikka you are god in ping pong! And Otto,Emil si so pro!

  61. At 2:07 the ball hit the platform twice on ottos side, and he got the point? 😑🤷‍♂️

  62. السلام عليكم

  63. It is tennis right?

  64. Shave Otto's beard and see how he looks.

  65. It will eventually become a new sport …

  66. otto dont need to run to the corner because he's control whole the game hahah ..salute also to mikaa ! And that made me feel want to meet otto and beat him once in that game !

  67. Hit 100 around the net shorts back to back ….. See who wins☺️☺️

  68. Isn’t this just tennis

  69. Sottotitoli in Italiano

  70. 1:21 Novak Djokovic -esque slip. lol

  71. I asked my tabletennis teacher if he knew who you guys are, he said yes. I asked him if he's seen this video, and he said yes on that question too! So i asked if we could do that and we actually did, it was ALOT of fun! 🙂

  72. İf i shot of you (just one) i will be champion in school tournement

  73. OMG this is my fantasy!

  74. minute 1:24 the ball touch the table three times at the serve.
    Two times is allowed.

    In Minute 1:24 berührte der Ball dreimal die Platte beim Aufschlag. Er darf aber nur zweimal aufkommen.

  75. There is very good come back of mikka

  76. 44 seconds that is the time I saw otto move yes actually move

  77. In this video otto goes were no otto has gone before 2 feet away from were he was stood

  78. Might as well play Tennis

  79. Fala galera do brasil

  80. Love your videos! This is by far my favorite yt channel

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