Highest Paid Mafia Boss Tells the TRUTH About the Life

Highest Paid Mafia Boss Tells the TRUTH About the Life

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  1. By far, one of my favorite interviews I’ve done. So many different elements to this interview.

    Michael is a great example of how drastically one can DECIDE to change their lives. Much love and respect to Michael for doing this interview.

    I want to hear your thoughts about the interview. What’s your biggest takeaway?

    Also, be sure to get his book 📚. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur or in sales.

  2. 3:35 who are those guys, why do they wear badges they are cops?

  3. Damn, is he 66? He looks MAX 50… Good looking guy! Don´t say crime doen´t pay off. Look at the government biggest legal criminal family!

  4. Whose really sensationalizing ? I could care less about the mafias life. Their culture holds significantimportance in regard to The United States of America. Example, fbi released previously classified documents that have since been release since the airing of this video. Eugene, false shell for an oil company in and out of Louisiana and Los Angeles . Mr. Eugene was apprehended by the Dallas Sheriff department on suspicious behavior immediately after John Kennedy was murdered. I read the entire release of the documents. Eugene was the the Grassy Knoll shooter. He was released and later investigated by a private detective. 1 man provided more evidence with one murder and one SERIOUS FUCK UP on behalf of law enforcement at the time In Dallas. This story im listening too…. its shit

  5. Surprised that Patrick Bet-David failed to notice he was in a shoes off house.

  6. Was it only me that thought the guy in the blue in the thumbnail was the mafia boss?

  7. This guy wasnt a boss he was a rat

  8. *Not Self Made, Had Shit Fuckin Handed To Him.

  9. Everyone dreams of being a boss or mob talking about the real thing aka family.until that laser beam is on their chest n don't see a person in sight but just tall hotels n building under construction.they don't hear me thou

  10. When the mob interview the mob.everyone stay sane n safe.its not for everyone

  11. why is this guy playing with his nails and cuticles while doing an interview?

  12. I bet he was mad your photographer for keeping those ferns behind his head

  13. I can’t even watch this because of you’re loud ass shit background music

  14. The gas scheme was going on since the 30s they tried to grab my great grandpas station. New Yorker here.

  15. Is that who I think it is at 1:01?

  16. Definitely arrange a sit down between the 3 of you! Rudi Juliani!

  17. What I've been saying for years. The government followed these guys around for decades only to use basically all their tactics against the US population. It's laughable that even sports betting is now legal.

  18. There’s a pattern of energy, frequency vibration, his father betrayed him creating the law of attraction for his other son to eventually betray him, the only reason he survived was because he followed his higher power.

  19. Fredo Cuomo brought me here!

  20. That interviewer is a mooch. I couldn't help punch him in the sniffer!


  22. Michael Franzese, the real lvl 100 Boss

  23. The Rothschilds are actually the 2nd after the 13 royal papal bloodlines

  24. Highest Paid Union Leader.

    There, fixed it.

  25. Highest paid mafia boss, LOL! Mr Gore says; Hold my beer and watch this…

  26. He looks like a young Michael jackson

  27. I lost 20 IQ from this but I gained 20 Life points.

  28. Is he just in his socks.

  29. government is the biggest mafia we still have left, nobody dies from their hand but they can have all the money want by printing more money. The police today aren't the law they are policy enforcers or the ones who closest resemble mobsters by extracting money through unjust money making policies (laws). Our Gov is really an entity we let domesticate us into serfdom and fed reserve act of 1913 kicked it off.

  30. Can you interview Joe Pesci next?

  31. Of the interviewer riches his finger one more time – I will break them — I can not believe Mike did not tell him to stop

  32. "capiche paisano"

  33. Yup if you do it against the bad guys they will do it against the good guys the court system is FUCKED

  34. How he talks about his father is beautiful. The impact a father has on their child truly is astonishing.

  35. Mr Francese, you would think the OBAMAS and the Clintons would be the highest paid mafia members, but hell no, that honor goes out to MR GORE!

  36. Huh If the government is the biggest mafia than why not Bring back The unions There were more or almost power as the government

  37. What was the quote he said?

  38. Never show your weakness?

  39. Btw. Fuck that mayor he defended. He’s a corrupt fucking dumbass and always has been he just makes it look like he wasn’t and was awarded hella stuff during 9/11.

  40. How is Al Sharpton Not locked up?

  41. Danny Green helped fuck yall up too! Lmfao
    Son of a bitch himself still a pos. But those of the Lord will be graced. Amen. Sorry you had to go through that life but if you're sincere happy to hear you now see Holy truth

  42. Absolutely love this interview!

  43. This has been one of the most interesting interviews I have seen in years! I knew nothing about Michael before, but am now very impressed that he has turned away from a life of crime to a life of Faith!

  44. "Highest paid," and "Biggest earner" are not the same thing. Please learn how to write.

  45. shut up already with the REALLYYY, SERIOUSLYYY…WOW..i get it, it's impressive but you make it sound like its a joke.

  46. this dude's nuthin but a punk snitch bitch !!!

  47. top 3 mob bosses all named Anthony

  48. yeah lets all jerk off over a morally bankrupt murdering sociopath

  49. He looks like Charles Bronson

  50. Love the guy story truly impress with his life experiences got to say this,when God is 4u who can be against you?truly love this documentary.

  51. A blood oath with 6 people entering a room individually…. Sounds super satanic…

  52. I saw a guy who looks just like him he was in a full suit driving a brand new all black Ford Explorer came in and stopped for cigarette. Really wanted to ask but I didn’t.

  53. Highest paid yeah right ,, he’s not even Hispanic lol

  54. Glad he is sharing his faith about GOD, Jesus is Real and has a good plan for your life…

  55. Whats the name of the background music ?

  56. This guy admires this piece of shit. This scum. An absolutely disgusting individual.

  57. this guy is like a fully evolved Neil McCauley from Heat. Super cool

  58. Interviewer is really bad.

  59. Tu amigo i hermano en cristo jesus le pide a nuestro señor dios que bendiga a este ex mafioso de la mafia . Dios lo usara en grande para el bien i no el mal.

  60. I'm disappointed that Patrick didn't ask him if he ever killed someone.

  61. Patrick didnt take off his shoes.

  62. Mob boss does interview in his socks. Respect the home. Nice

  63. Very loveable guy. Now I understand why so many gangsters want to work with me. I share almost every ethic this guy has. But I will never do dark businesses and it does not mean either that it´s the wrong path for them. It´s just a result out of circumstances and life is university everyone has it´s task even the bum over there on the next corner.

  64. i am the big mafia

  65. The music is a bit much, this guy is a real guy and seems non dramatic. I don’t think he would appreciate the music getting all emotional

  66. 6-8 million in a day? Damn teach me your ways 😫

  67. To the pureflix commercials /Pureflix is simply pure (WHTS "racist and "favoritism"BLKS)so selfishly…that you's would love$) to forget all about the THE LARGEST HISPANIC and native americans MINORITYS to even be shared INto these Christian FILMS…NO IS ABOUT HOW God Bless 90% of the whites n Blacks all across the board of popularity fames n fortunes and governments n power sharing here in the USA ect..ect…i still yet to see where in the Bible that says the world will evolve around the blacks and whites..!? Pureflix is Purehypocrisy

  68. This guy is a grade A con artist. The comment section is barking mad. Let's not forget that his history is one of parasitical endeavour backed up by murder.

  69. No friends in that life….you don't earn enough you get whacked, you earn too much you get questioned!! Those fucking bosses fat fucks who sit on there asses waiting for hand outs!!!Greedy fucks who never show any appreciation!!

  70. Italians rule everything

  71. Michael is the real deal. A gangster and yet a gentleman. And he gave it all up to know and serve God.
    Compare him to our Thug in Chief who has ties to the building trades which the Mafia (Sammy the Bull Gravano and others). Plus he shows complete disrespect to the world and has no regard for others.
    Michael Franzese for President!!

  72. Much better looking older man than younger guy .

  73. this dude is great I love him

  74. This guy is the real deal. Gouvernement ain’t got nothing on him. Father figure. Thx🤝

  75. Gotti didn't understand the biz🙏🤭

  76. the VLad interview is so much better… it's a lot more detailed… and no "dramatic" music in the background…

  77. I like that if you warrant a made man or the Pope you are a sucker ,,, ha,,,🇮🇪

  78. Does he knows what happened to Jimmy 2 Times?

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  81. All you delusional people saying "SEE WHAT GOD DID" Well then he allowed the Mob life and killings too then. Wake up to reality!

  82. Very informative, however, Patrick, stop picking at your fingernails.  Not good while interviewing.

  83. with his shoes off and sit just like a boss

  84. great interview mate, but please get rid of the background music next time.

  85. Get rid of the music

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