How Do I Hand Score Card Stock With A Bone Folder?

How Do I Hand Score Card Stock With A Bone Folder?

Hi, Iím Kristen, and today Iím going to
talk about a simple tool you can use to score your own card stock at home. So what is a
score line you might ask? A score line is a professionally made crease that we apply
to some of our papers so that you can get a crisp, accurate fold every time. So why
would you want to score your own cards at home? Well, we donít recommend folding any
of our card stocks without first scoring them, and let me show you why. Now Iím going to
fold this very heavy 113 pound cover stockóGmund Reactionóto show you what happens. Just line
it up hereÖ And you can see Iím already having trouble getting it to stay aligned
and getting it to fold in a nice, crisp manner. And although it is folded, if you zoom in
here, you can see how the card stock is all cracked which doesnít look very nice at all.
So as I mentioned, the benefit of a score line is that you can get a crisp, accurate
fold, even with very heavy card stock like this. So let me show you how to do this. Here
I have a bone folder which you can get at any local craft store. Theyíre really affordableóusually
under ten dollars or soóand Iím going to use a ruler to get a nice straight line and
a pencil to mark where I want to put the line. So I will just measure where I want to make
the score. In this case, I want to fold this 8 Ω by 11 sheet of paper in half so Iíll
score it 5 Ω. And Iíll just make a mark on both the top and the bottom to make sure
Iím getting a straight line. 5 Ω here, 5 Ω on the bottomÖ So I will just hold my
ruler up to them using it as a straight edge. Now, I just have to guide my bone folder along
the straight edge of the ruler. You might want to go over this a few times to make sure
the score lineís really there. And thatís it. As you can see, I made a nice, crisp score
line. So now when I go to fold it, the score line will give me a nice, accurate fold. It
also sort of guides you on its own. See, much nicer than the folder that was made without
a score line. Now you know how to score your own card stock at home. If you have any questions
about the process that I just showed you, leave a comment. Weíd be happy to hear from

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  1. When you make the score line. Do you fold the paper so the score line is on the inside of the paper or the outside of the paper?

  2. The bump side of the score line should be on the inside of the paper when folded.

  3. Thanks, that was very helpful. I make a lot of cards on my computer and when I fold the cardstock paper by hand, I get wrinkles. I going to get me a bone folder asap. (:

  4. Not gonna lie, you just saved my butt! I was about to throw out my card stocks and just get my programs professionally done hahaha

  5. I definetly need a bone folder!

  6. Thank YOU!! SO HELPFUL!!!

  7. Thank you, exactly what I wanted to know

  8. But what do you mean by "the bump side"? I did a google search specifically to find out which side of the page you PLACE the score line on … and this did video did not address that.

  9. See the video description. We added another link to a video that may better explain your question.

  10. when you score the paper the side you press down on gets an indent, the other side gets a bump. The bump goes inside the fold.

  11. Thanks! Now my life's complete.

  12. You would look like Britney Spears if you dyed your hair and put some makeup on!!

  13. Do you score card stock before or after put in the printer pc ?

  14. pfft, im still using my fingers to score my paper i dont care if its "crisp"

  15. It would make more sense to do it after it comes out of the printer just so everything is aligned correctly. But it shouldn't really matter

  16. That's exacly what I was looking for. Thanks.

  17. Can I buy it from staples a bone folder please reply me has possible has you can

  18. LCI, how do I score for quarter fold? I'm thinking use the tool down the 11" side of the stock, but NOT through the original score?

  19. where can I get those kind of cards? I couldn't find a perfect one so far.

  20. Thank you. I was not sure what side to keep inside or outside. Now I know.

  21. we find bone folders don't really give a professional score. You need straight metal edge and compression to deliver desired results.

  22. You should also run down the folded outer edge of the card with the bone folder to further sharpen that crease.

  23. what I find best is instead of a bone folder, use the tips of an rca cable (the yellow, white red cables to plug into TVs, dvds etc). The little metal tips make perfect creases and do not tear or smudge the cardstock even if its already pre printed.

  24. Thank you for sharing! This method will help much.

  25. Hi! I was wondering if it would be the same process if you were folding, say, 10 pages at once? To make something like a small pamphlet? Thanks for the video by the way!

  26. do you fold the already scored paper away from the score, or into it?

  27. Great video……Thank you!

  28. with the heavier down you gotta bone down hard

  29. I could see a "thumbs down" for a stupid video about road rage or something, but what is there to "thumbs down" about this? Lol! I'm sending a "thumbs up" just to spite those weirdos.

  30. use a glass cutter. has a metal wheel that wont push around ink like a bone folder

  31. Thanks. Wish I could afford a scoring board. So expensive in South Africa

  32. hey you look beautiful

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