How to Download Paid Apps Games For Free on Android

Hello guys wellcome back to another video, in this video i am going to show you How to get paid games or apps for free. You do not need to root your android device You don not need any freedom app. You do not need to patch the google play store by lucky patcher. First let me make you understand the logic and common sense behind it. Actually many people search how to hack google play store and google play lucky patcher etc. But the fact is you can not hack google play store by some third party lucky patcher or freedom app. Do you think google is stupid wasting millions of money for its security so how we can get those paid games or apps for free. Now understand if someone purchase those paid apps or games and reupload with free of cost then only we can get those paid apps and games for free. There are many websites they actually purchase paid games and apps and then uploaded to their website with free of cost. Anyways i’m going to show you how to get the paid games for free. You can see this is Need for speed “Most Wanted” and if i want to download this game, i have to pay 105 rupees but as i told you this videos is about how to get paid apps or games for free. Now what you have to do is go to your browser and search Now after searching you can see a website is showing. Go to that website. So actually this website almost purchase every paid games or apps and then uploaded with free of cost. Do not worry, i will show you how to download paid games and apps from here with step by step. So what you have to do is search the paid games or app by its name. I am going to search need for speed Most wanted After searching you can see the game is here, Now i am going to click on it. Ok here is the description and game and download button. Click on download Here are the download links of APK files and data files of the game. Always select the latest version to download. If you download old version then the game will ask you to update. So keep that in mind. So i am going to download 1.3.69 Click on Download After download the APK file under the Game cache You have to downlaod its data files according to APK files of same version. So i am going to select the data file version of v 1.3.69 Click on download After downloading go to file manager. You can see clearly i have downloaded both APK file and data file. Now follow the video and install the APK file and after that we have to put the data file, let first install the APK file of the game We have to click on the Unknown resources in Settings Click here And install the APK file Now the APK file is successfully installed. Now go to the back file manager. As you can see this is the zip file. So data file is compressed in about 600mb in zip file. We have to decompress or extract to get original data files and move to a specific folder. Now extract the data files to OBB sub-folder of Android folder if obb folder is not present on android folder then make folder obb. Please watch this carefully. This game is installed in my internal memory So i am selecting internal memory If your game is installed in external card then select external card after that select android and then obb folder. Now extract data files to here. Now you can see its extracting Here it will take some time to decompress or extract so let me tell you again if you did not put the data files in the obb folder correctly then the game will not play Keep that in mind Zip file is extracted successfully. Now lets check the data file is placed in obb folder or not. So you can see here is the original data files of the game. This data file is originally 2 GB. Now its almost done. Now open the game and it will ask to you download some files. Now need for speed requires approximately 600 MB to download the files and almost requires 2 Gb free space in your device. Click on download a downloading will start and here it will take 10 to 15 minutes After downloading now you can see its playing. Enjoy! Now we go back to play store and check the game is properly installed or not You can see here the game is installed So friends this is the demo video how to get paid games or apps for free I hope you will like this video, Click on the Red Subscribe button for more videos Comment down below if you have any question, Share this informative video with your friends & i will see you in the next one.

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