How to get fit with Galaxy Watch

How to get fit with Galaxy Watch

How to get fit with Galaxy Watch. Wear the watch firmly around your wrist. Turn the bezel right… …till you reach Workout Shortcuts. Tap to launch the app… …and pick from 39+ various workouts. Tap to choose up to 4 workouts that you love… …then tap ‘Done’ to proceed. When you’re ready, tap ‘Start’ to begin the workout. When you’re done… …press the Back button and tap ‘Finish’. Game for another one? Tap ‘Next Workout’… …to pick another exercise. Press the Back button and tap ‘Finish’ to end the session… …then tap the check to view your workout report.

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  1. This is the super powerful watch

  2. nice…but the cost aslo too high

  3. Why videos in 240p?

  4. I will buy a smart watch when its battery lasts more than 10 days, otherwise, a smart band or a normal watch is the choice.

  5. I just bought it and I'm really impressed how good it is:)

  6. Good watch
    But not in price

  7. Samsung you are the first company in earth
    And the no.1 in my heart😍😍

  8. Why doesn't this track open water swimming?

  9. Ilove the videos Samsung

  10. I just heard the Tizen OS doesn’t support Google Maps. Is that true?

  11. Becomes the Samsung Watch the EKG Future from the Apple Watch 4 too?

  12. What's the name of this galaxy watch

  13. I will probably still be sitting around all day if I got it.

  14. Mi celu no we apaga LA pantalla prende y apaga

  15. Si, eres un hombre que siempre lleva las de ganar….¡ genial!

  16. No me lleve por la tangente, no escribo su nombre por respeto a su persona.

  17. Estoy hablando seriamente , nada que ver con Galaxy Sansung

  18. Fix yout heartbeat sensor when running. Don't work at all


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