How to make Football Penalty Game ⚽

How to make Football Penalty Game ⚽

Simple Penalty Shoot game for kids Make the playing arena Use wooden sticks as goal posts Let’s make the shooting mechanism Paste the cardboard pieces as shown Use pencils for shooting the ball Make markings on the pencils Drill holes in the pencil Make sure one hole is vertical and other is horizontal Insert wooden sticks in the holes as shown Pierce wooden sticks as shown Use rubber bands Your shooting mechanism is ready Make holes in the mechanism and arena Paste the striker on the mechanism Make a long rod Place it through the goal post Paste the goal keeper Make the net Enjoy playing the FIFA Penalty Game Like and Subscribe to DIY Ocean

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  1. Я что единственный русский???

  2. Como hicistes los muñecos

  3. I would put ronaldinho and buffon

  4. One thing where did you got that balls and men

  5. how to make this players( Gk and messi

  6. 10+argentina=messi :O

  7. I have already made it thanks diy ocean

  8. The Q level 👍👍👍👍👍

  9. Awesome my came out good

  10. you can help me make a ball

  11. I’m not a soccer fan but—— this was really fun to watch lol

  12. hi can you show me how to make the characters

  13. plz answer im in a hurry

  14. can you just post a video on how to make it today

  15. btw you are the best at crafting and etc.

  16. i need it at least by 2 hours

  17. plz respond thank you

  18. What we do to make this wood or card board

  19. How to make the football player?

  20. What about player ronaldo keeper de gea pick keeper: de gea courtois navas or buffon pick one

  21. Good video but ronaldo is the best



  23. good choose on messi

  24. Wait where I will get the audience paper

  25. but how can we make the players

  26. really cool but really complicated

  27. Americans, don't get smart. The foot ball you (and I) have is DIFFERENT than the football everywhere else in the world.

  28. My favourite player is Messi 😆

  29. Cool! Messi is awesome! Great project and I am going to recreate it! 😀

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  32. A king is king it is cr-7 I love him

  33. Plzz add material description and measurements in video description

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  35. cricket ka create kro

  36. I’d probably play this once then toss it in the garbage

  37. Cool toy and😊😊😊😊😊
    Messi wins 😎😎😎😎😎

  38. How to make a player? Tell me please! This is great funny with a friends.

  39. To complicated dude make it easier


  41. Plz teach to make a cricket game with card board and basic needs

  42. How you get biiiiiig box?

  43. Hey i see videos with this i think the just stole is from you. HOW RUDE

  44. Can you sell this game at store???

  45. What are the materials

  46. Como se hacceN los personajes

  47. I've been waiting for entertainment
    It has arrived

  48. How do you make the goalie????

  49. How do you make that messi

  50. You should make it with Neymar j.r

  51. awesome!!!!!!my son is trying to make this game

  52. how did you make the 2 wooden players?

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  55. Hi plz tell me th card boardsize 125 cm is so big

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  57. Game football funny very good

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  60. THANKS for making it. IT helps me a lot in my project

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  66. now.. I'm sure I have some cardboard lying around…

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  69. how do you create characters i,e messi..

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