How to Play Volleyball : Types of Sets in Volleyball

How to Play Volleyball : Types of Sets in Volleyball

Hello, my name is Keith Sewell on behalf of
Expert Village. In this clip, we’re going to look at the types of sets in volleyball.
A one set is a set one or two feet above the net and hit as the ball is still rising, usually
set to the middle hitter. This is a great way to beat the other team’s block and catch
them off guard. Because it’s set so low, the play’s going to be run real quick and the
middle hitter needs to be approaching even before the setter has touched the ball. He
needs to be anticipating where the set will be and in the air, ready to swing as the setter
touches the ball and the ball will just go barely above the net and the hitter will be
ready to hit it. A two set is set three to four feet above the net usually for the middle
hitter, but it can be for the outside or the right side hitters if they approach closer
to the middle of the net. A four set is a set to the outside hitter. A five set is a
set backward to the right side hitter. A shoot is a set about two feet above the net to the
outside hitter at a fast speed. It’s got to be fast if it needs to stay that low for that
long. This is a very difficult set for the setter and the hitter to time each other.
Similar to the one set for the middle hitter, the outside hitter needs to be approaching
before the ball even hits the setter’s hands.

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